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Braces with self-ligating metal brackets

Metal self-ligating braces

Metal self-ligating braces are an orthodontic treatment that has been advanced compared to traditional ones. Many advantages of this treatment are made patient choose them: no elastics, shorter duration, easy to clean and more aesthetics

What are metal self-ligating braces ?

Traditional metal braces use the bracket, archwire, and elastic to keep the archwire in the bracket. This method is effective, but in the process of wearing brackets, it is easy to break the elastic band, lose the archwire, so it is necessary to go to the clinic frequently to adjust. To overcome those disadvantages, self-ligating metal braces were invented by replacing the elastic band system with automatic latches/ self-ligating.

Metal self-ligating braces

Is metal self-ligating braces effective ?

There are some aspects that need to be considered to assess metal self-ligating braces’s effectiveness. Here is pros and cons of metal self-ligating braces:


Beauty: Without rubber band, patient’s teeth won’t be darken, help patient more confident in communication

Shorter duration: Thanks to the automatic locking system, the arch wire slides freely in the bracket, the teeth come in evenly and stably. Teeth move continuously, so braces time is less than traditional methods.

Minimizing archwire loss: Thanks to the automatic latch, there is no need for an elastic band, there is no situation of the archwire slipping due to the expansion of the archwire

Niềng răng không đau, giá hợp lý tại BeDentalPainless braces with affordable prices at BeDental

Easy to clean: The base is designed with smooth rounded edges, no corners help limit the oral mucosa from being scratched. In addition, the feeling of comfort when eating, not being entangled, makes oral hygiene easier.

Reducing friction on the arch wires in brackets and the traction of teeth moving, helping people with braces minimize pain and discomfort when wearing brackets

No need to go to the dentist repeatedly: The bracket moves automatically, so you don’t have to go to the clinic as often to adjust the wire.


Although the automatic bracket overcomes the disadvantage of the traditional bracket elastic band of easy removal, it still has the following disadvantages:

  • Braces are visible clearly so in compare with Invisalign and ceramic braces, this method is considered to be less aesthetic
  • Higher price than traditional method

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Duration of self-ligating metal braces

Compared to traditional braces, self-ligating metal braces will help you reduce the time of braces from 4-6 months. The exact time to wear braces will depend on how the brackets are worn, the condition of your teeth and the age of the person wearing the brackets. The sooner the braces are placed, the faster your braces will be. On average, braces time will last from 12-24 months.

At BeDental, our dentist will help patient brace and don’t have to do tooth extraction with the support of Damon and F.A.C.E method

Where can you get the services ?

For highly effective braces , you need to choose a dental clinic that is trusted and reputable.

lựa chọn nha khoa bedental để niềng răng mắc càiDoing braces at BeDental

With the best dental professionals in Vietnam, BeDental is a popular address for providing dental services and a leader of the dentistry field with the support of advanced technology. Bedental confidently commits to help you have a beautiful, bright smile.


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