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Braces with ceramic brackets

Braces with ceramic brackets

Is ceramic braces good? Can I do ceramic braces? There are many questions about ceramic braces. How can you know it is appropriate for you ? Let’s find out with BeDental !

What is a ceramic brace ?

Ceramic brace is known as clear brace. Like other braces, this method also pulls the teeth into the right position, giving you a beautiful smile. Ceramic braces have the same color as your teeth, so it is much more aesthetic than metal braces.


Are clear braces good? As good as metal braces or lingual braces? This is something that many of you worry about before using this brace . However, you don’t have to worry about that, because ceramic braces are highly appreciated by orthodontists not only for their aesthetics but also for many outstanding benefits such as effectiveness and non-irritating.

High effectiveness

Ceramic braces have the same design and operating principle as metal braces, so the effectiveness of these two methods is the same.

Orthodontics by using this brace can restore protruding, underbite, and misaligned teeth,… in the most effective way, give you aesthetic teeth, standard bite, improve chewing function


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Ceramic braces are good at aesthetics for people with braces. Because those braces have the same color as the teeth, they will ensure high aesthetics, not as exposed as metal braces. The method of clear braces is really suitable for people with jobs that often have to communicate a lot such as managers, sales, sellers, receptionists, etc.

Niềng răng mắc cài sứCeramic braces


Ceramic braces use brackets made of high-quality pure porcelain, so it is very benign, does not irritate lips and gums. Limit the situation of scratching your lips and gums, ensuring your safety during the braces process.


Who can use this ?

  • Uneven teeth, diastema teeth, underbite, overbite,etc., răng thưa, răng hô vẩu, răng móm
  • Malocclusion
  • Misaligned teeth
  • This method is really suitable for people with jobs that often have to communicate confidently a lot such as managers, sales, sellers, receptionists, etc.

Categorizes of Braces with ceramic brackets

Traditional ceramic braces

This is the most basic solution in the process of braces with the same principle as metal braces. Using elastic to keep the arch wire in the brackets from moving against the teeth.

This bracket has the drawback that there is no elasticity and uncertainty, easy to fall off during braces.

Mắc cài sứ truyền thốngTraditional ceramic braces

Self-ligating ceramic braces

Self-ligating ceramic braces were invented by replacing the elastic band system with automatic latches/ self-ligating, make it easier to slide on archwire, relief the pain as much as possible, easy to keep oral hygiene and no snap bracket

niềng răng mắc cài sứ tự buộc

Self-ligating ceramic braces

There are 2 types:

  • Metal archwire:Having strength and rigidity, creating strong traction orthodontics. But this arch wire is visible on the teeth, making it less confident when communicating, affecting the general aesthetics.
  • Clear niken archwire:This type of archwire is the best solution for those who care about aesthetics. With the advantage that the white color, similar to the color of teeth, will not be exposed during our communication. This improvement will make braces almost invisible.

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Compared to traditional braces, self-ligating metal braces will help you reduce the time of braces from 4-6 months. The exact time to wear braces will depend on how the brackets are worn, the condition of your teeth and the age of the person wearing the brackets. The sooner the braces are placed, the faster your braces will be. On average, braces time will last from 12-24 months.


Simply because metal is more sturdy than ceramic, ceramic braces are far less durable than metal braces. A 2016 studyTrusted Source discovered that even with regular contact from biting down, ceramic braces are more than twice as likely to break than metal braces.

Here are some additional things to know about the durability of ceramic braces:

  1. Ceramic braces are generally considered to be durable and strong enough to withstand the forces of orthodontic treatment. They are made from a high-grade ceramic material that is resistant to wear and tear.
  2. Ceramic braces are also less prone to breakage than other types of clear aligners or removable appliances.
  3. However, ceramic braces are not completely indestructible, and they can still break or chip under certain circumstances, such as if they are hit or knocked during physical activities.
  4. Ceramic braces require proper care and maintenance to ensure their durability. Patients should avoid hard or sticky foods, and follow their orthodontist’s instructions for proper oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing.
  5. In some cases, ceramic braces may require more frequent adjustments than metal braces, which can increase the risk of breakage or damage. Patients should follow their orthodontist’s recommendations for regular check-ups and adjustments.
  6. The durability of ceramic braces can also depend on the individual patient’s oral health and habits, such as teeth grinding or clenching. Patients with these habits may require additional protective measures, such as a nightguard, to prevent damage to their braces.
Braces with ceramic brackets
Braces with ceramic brackets

Overall, ceramic braces are a durable and effective orthodontic treatment option for many patients. However, it’s important to follow proper care and maintenance guidelines to ensure their longevity and minimize the risk of breakage or damage.

Do ceramic braces stain?

Although the elastic ties used to secure the ceramic brackets to the wire can discolor, they don’t do so quickly. Following are some pointers to prevent staining ceramic bracket ties:

  • After each meal, brush your teeth and floss. This assists in removing food particles that could cause staining.
  • Stay away from foods and beverages that leave stains or color changes. The acknowledged culprits for discoloring bracket ties and teeth are tomatoes, wine, coffee, tea, soda, or condiments like ketchup and mustard.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking can leave stains on your teeth and all parts of your braces that are yellow in color.
  • Use non-whitening toothpaste instead. Your exposed tooth surface may become whiter than the underlying tooth as a result of whitening products.
  • Regularly visit your orthodontist. If necessary, your orthodontist can replace ceramic brackets or ties that are discolored.

Ceramic braces cost?

Ceramic braces cost? When braces use ceramic, the cost will be higher than traditional braces, but the effect it brings will be much better, so you can choose this method without hesitation.

You can consider to the price list of ceramic braces at BeDental


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Traditional ceramic brace (See more)

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Self-ligating ceramic brace

(2 hàm)


What is the difference between traditional and self-ligating ceramic brace ?

With traditional brackets, the average braces time will last 2 years or more, self-ligating braces will shorten the time to 3-6 months, help you to have a beautiful smile, perfect teeth as standard and oral health is also significantly improved.

Procedure of Braces with ceramic brackets

Step 1: Consulting

The doctor conducts a general examination of the patient’s oral health through X-ray to detect dental diseases. You may need to have dental treatment if there’s any diseases

Step 2: Planning

Through the results of the X-ray and examination process, the type of brackets the customer has chosen….The doctor will make a detailed and accurate orthodontic treatment plan.

Step 3: Taking samples and analyze

The doctor takes a teeth sample to help accurately simulate the condition of the molars. From there, they will design brackets suitable for each period of braces and the movement of teeth on the jaw arch.

Step 4: Wearing braces

Customers are given careful oral hygiene to prevent infections and unnecessary diseases. The doctor performed the braces correctly. Make sure the teeth move well without affecting the teeth and gums.

Des anh nha khoa haha 56

Step 5: Periodic re-examination and adjustment of braces

Once complete, the doctor advises on how to take care of your teeth to get the best results, and also schedules an appointment. In each re-examination, brackets, wires, anchors will be adjusted accordingly.

Step 6: Finishing brace and using retainer

After the teeth are in the right position and beautiful, the dentist will remove the braces. At the same time, the customer will wear a retainer to ensure that the teeth are not displaced.

Disadvantages of Braces with ceramic brackets

  • Costly price
  • Because it’s made of ceramic material, if it hits hard, the brackets can be broken
  • Braces that are larger than others can be uncomfortable.

BeDental – Premium clinic in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city

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Ceramic braces cost?

BeDental at dis.1

With the best dental professionals in Vietnam, BeDental brings devotion and dedication to every customer as if we were family. BeDental is a reputable and professional dental system with various branches in city centers, which helps customers travel easily. In addition, BeDental has the latest imported dental equipment, which is certified for safety by the Ministry of Health. 5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere while experiencing high-class dental services.

Our strength:

  •       Highly trained, đeicated dental professionals with many years involved in dentistry field
  •       BeDental has the latest imported dental equipment, which is certified for safety by the Ministry of Health
  •       5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere while experiencing high-class dental services.
  •       Well-equipped clinic, sterilization rooms
  •       A variety of dental care services with affordable prices are suitable for customers.

BeDental offers:

  • Dental implant: Implant Dentium, implant Tekka, implant Osstem, Humana, etc
  • Porcelain teeth/ veneers/ crown teeth
  • Porcelain dental crowns such as Venus, HT Smile, Emax, Cercon, Lava 3M, Roland, Lisi Press.
  • Orthodontics: Metal braces, Invisalign, ceramic braces,etc
  • Dental treatment: root canal treatment, gingivitis, tooth filling, etc



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