Dental filling is a cosmetic method used to repair teeth that are decayed, broken, cracked, or damaged by external factors. Filling helps restore the original shape of the teeth.

Nowadays, dental filling is a trusted and popular solution to ensure oral health. Many patients are advised to undergo root canal treatment before getting a filling to remove bacteria around the tooth socket.

However, some patients should not undergo root canal treatment because removing the pulp can deprive the tooth of nourishment from the body.

Therefore, many patients are confused and wonder, “Do dental fillings require root canal treatment? Does root canal treatment for fillings hurt? How much does it cost to get a deep filling with root canal treatment? Does dental filling cause pain?” Do not miss this article if you want to learn more about dental fillings!

Do deep fillings require root canal treatment?

“Do deep fillings require root canal treatment?” This is a question that receives a lot of attention. In fact, dentists explain that the treatment approach for deep fillings depends on each case and the condition of the tooth, and it varies according to specific issues.

Because the pulp has the function of sensation, providing a sense of touch when the tooth is subjected to external impacts such as injury, cold or hot temperature, and the function of the pulp is to connect and combine the nerve fibers, blood vessels, and the inner surface of the tooth and tooth root.

root canal
Do deep fillings require root canal treatment?

Therefore, whether or not dental filling requires root canal treatment depends on the condition of the tooth that needs filling.

If the tooth is cracked, broken, or has a shallow cavity (meaning it has not reached the pulp), it does not require root canal treatment before filling. It only needs to clean the deep cavity and place the filling material in the empty space of the cavity or crack.

On the other hand, in cases where the tooth has severe decay, extensive fractures, or more serious damage that affects the inner pulp, it is best to remove the infected pulp before filling. Dental experts will clean the decayed and inflamed tooth, remove bacteria around the cavity, and then seal it to restore the tooth’s normal function.

Why is root canal treatment necessary for dental fillings?

The pulp is considered the only source of nutrition for each tooth, providing you with a sense of chewing and sensitivity to external stimuli. It helps the tooth perform its chewing function.

However, in some cases, dentists may need to make the decision to perform root canal treatment when filling a tooth with the following signs:

– Toothache and discomfort that worsen every day, especially when touched.

– Continuous toothache at night, causing pain, sleeplessness, and leading to other health problems due to inadequate rest.

– Excessive sensitivity of the tooth to hot or cold temperatures and sensitivity to spices, causing loss of appetite, malnutrition, and digestive disorders.

– Recurrent gum swelling and inflammation that affects the tooth and leads to other conditions such as gum disease, tooth mobility, etc.

Because of these reasons, it is advisable to follow the dentist’s guidance and undergo root canal treatment when filling a tooth to avoid the aforementioned problems.

When should root canal treatment be performed for dental fillings?

Root canal treatment should be done when the patient has severe tooth decay, which causes damage to the pulp, leading to pulpitis or pulp necrosis. In such cases, removing the pulp before filling is necessary and even essential for long-term restoration and effectiveness of the tooth.

cham soc rang su
Do deep fillings require root canal treatment?

Some signs to recognize whether a tooth has pulp inflammation or not:

– Appearance of cloudy, sticky fluid (dental pus) below the gumline, but no pain is felt, only slight discomfort when pressing on it.

– Bad breath, causing discomfort.

– Broken or large cavities exposing the pulp (initially, this sign may not indicate pulp inflammation, but over time, bacteria gradually accumulate from chewing food and expose the pulp).

However, to ensure whether or not root canal treatment is needed before filling, you should visit reputable dental clinics to have the dentists and specialists examine and provide detailed advice on your current tooth condition.

How many times do you need to perform root canal treatment for dental fillings?

The number of times root canal treatment is needed depends on factors such as your overall health, tooth position, and the dentist’s technique.

With traditional methods, you may need to visit the dental clinic 2-3 times, or in some cases, it may take 4-5 visits to complete the root canal treatment process.

The duration for each root canal treatment will take about 15-20 minutes, but if the tooth has multiple roots, it may take longer, depending on the specific roots that need filling.

Does root canal treatment cause pain?

Pain, discomfort, and sensitivity are inevitable symptoms during the root canal treatment process, but the level of pain and discomfort is usually very mild and not as severe as you might think.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about this issue because before the root canal treatment, you will be supported with local anesthesia or pain relief medication to prevent pain and discomfort, which will disappear after a few days.

Nguyen nhan dan toi rang cam bi sau
Does root canal treatment cause pain?

When is root canal treatment not necessary?

If a customer has tooth decay but the decay has not yet caused harm or reached the pulp, it is not necessary to perform root canal treatment. Instead, the dentist only needs to clean the area that requires filling.

This is also the most optimal method to prevent the progression of tooth decay, restore the tooth, and restore its original function when the tooth is decayed, cracked, or broken.

Benefits of root canal treatment and filling

When you undergo root canal treatment and filling, you will experience the notable advantages of this method, including:

– You will no longer feel pain, discomfort, or sensitivity caused by pulp inflammation. At this point, when the tooth is filled after root canal treatment, the infected and inflamed pulp causing pain and discomfort has been completely removed for a long period of time.

– Restoration of chewing function in the tooth with pulp inflammation. You no longer have to avoid using the tooth with pulp inflammation because it used to hurt when you chew. Instead, you can eat and drink comfortably. Additionally, it helps balance your facial structure and prevents shifting or inflammation caused by excessive force from chewing.

– Preservation of the natural tooth. Prolonged pulp inflammation can lead to complications such as pressure, bone loss, and, in severe cases, tooth loss. When you undergo root canal treatment and filling, you can preserve your tooth without feeling any pain or discomfort. Additionally, a protective layer of filling material helps safeguard the tooth.

Han trang rang
Does root canal treatment cause pain?

The disadvantages of root canal treatment and filling

However, alongside the benefits that root canal treatment and filling bring, there are still some limitations that root canal treatment in dentistry has not yet overcome, which are:

– The tooth is not as healthy and strong as a normal tooth with pulp. Therefore, you should limit biting and tearing hard foods to avoid affecting their effectiveness and durability.

– The lifespan of the tooth is significantly reduced and can only last for another 15-20 years, and filling materials cannot last forever like natural teeth. They can break or crack after a period of use.

– It can be seen that root canal treatment also brings some noticeable drawbacks for customers. Therefore, before making the decision to undergo root canal treatment and filling, you need to receive the support of dentists and specialists who have accurately determined the current condition of your teeth to make an informed decision and avoid undesirable outcomes.

Signs that indicate the need for root canal treatment

In some cases, dentists recommend root canal treatment when they determine that the tooth is severely decayed or fractured inside the pulp, which can lead to pulpitis or pulp death. If you experience the following signs:

  • The tooth is loose, aching, and accompanied by prolonged dull pain.
  • Sudden and intense toothache at night.
  • Visible pulp inside the tooth with pus around the tooth root.
  • Teeth that have experienced severe trauma that results in the severing of the blood vessels that nourish the tooth pulp.
  • Teeth that are worn down or have inflammation around the tooth.

Nowadays, with modern technology, root canal treatment has become gentler. During the treatment process, you will be given local anesthesia or pain-relieving medication according to the prescription of the dentist to ensure a painless experience.

Note that if the root canal procedure is not performed with professional techniques, it can lead to prolonged and severe pain.

The process of examining and treating root canal at BeDental Dental Clinic

Step 1: General examination support from the professional team

To determine the extent of tooth damage that needs filling, dentists conduct an examination. Then, X-rays are taken to determine if the tooth pulp is damaged or not. Based on the X-ray results, the dentist will choose the appropriate method and filling material.

Step 2: Clean the area that needs filling, prepare the filling cavity carefully

Before removing the pulp, the dentist will administer anesthesia and then drill a small hole on the tooth surface to access the pulp chamber, and then clean out the damaged pulp tissue. After that, the dentist will clean the pulp chamber and take X-rays again to determine if there is any remaining inflamed pulp inside.

This is one of the important steps in the tooth filling procedure because if the deep part of the tooth is not properly cleaned, bacteria will continue to form and the tooth will not be completely treated.

Step 3: Adjust the appropriate tooth color

The cosmetic tooth filling procedure absolutely cannot skip the step of matching the tooth color, which helps the dentist choose the correct color of the filling material.

Step 4: Place a filling mold or use dental floss

Use dental floss or place a filling mold in cases where the cavity is deep below the gum line or a large deep cavity.

tram rang 15709639952 600 450 keep ratio
Does root canal treatment cause pain?

Bước 5: Tiến hành trám răng

Thực hiện quy trình trám răng qua các bước tiêu chuẩn: xói mòn acid (etching), tạo lớp dán (bonding) và trám composite resin quang trùng hợp (light polymerization).

Bước 6: Kiểm tra lại và hướng dẫn khách hàng chăm sóc sau khi trám răng lấy tủy

Sau khi hoàn tất các bước trám răng ở trên, bác sĩ sẽ kiểm tra lại để chỉnh những điểm vướng, cộm  để bệnh nhân ăn nhai dễ dàng và thoải mái hơn.

Chăm sóc răng sau khi lấy tủy máu

Sau khi diệt tủy răng, lúc này răng được coi là răng chết nên rất dễ bị tác động bởi các yếu tố, tác động từ nhiệt độ bên ngoài, đặc biệt là lực tác động mạnh. Răng có thể bị lung lay, gãy, vỡ, mẻ bất cứ lúc nào. Chính vì thế một chế độ ăn uống và chăm sóc đúng cách là vô cùng quan trọng để đảm bảo độ bền của răng được lâu hơn.

Chế độ ăn uống: Khi ăn uống, đặc biệt là với thức ăn cứng và dai, bạn nên hạn chế sử dụng khu vực răng có răng bị diệt tủy để tránh tác động lực lên răng.

Chăm sóc răng miệng: duy trì vệ sinh răng miệng để tránh thức ăn bám tạo cao răng và tránh sâu răng. Lưu ý khi đánh răng cần chải nhẹ nhàng và tránh đánh răng quá mạnh vì có thể làm mẻ, vỡ răng.

Trám răng sâu lấy tủy giá bao nhiêu?

Trám răng sâu lấy tủy giá bao nhiêu? Tùy thuộc vào cấp độ răng cần điều trị và lấy tủy máu sẽ có những mức giá khác nhau, dưới đây là bảng giá lấy tủy máu tại nha khoa BeDental:

Service Price
Root canal treatment type 1 800,000 VND/tooth – 1,000,000 VND/tooth
Root canal treatment type 2 1,000,000 VND/tooth – 1,500,000 VND/tooth
Root canal treatment type 3 1,500,000 VND/tooth – 2,500,000 VND/tooth
Retreatment of root canal 2,000,000 VND/tooth – 3.000.000 vnd/tooth
Pulp chamber treatment 500,000 VND/tooth
Baby tooth root canal treatment 200,000 VND/tooth – 550,000 VND/tooth

In addition, at BeDental Dental Clinic, to know the exact cost of this advanced tooth filling technology compared to other methods, the cost of deep tooth filling and root canal treatment depends on each person.

Mã dịch vụDanh mụcGiá thành
1. Giá Hàn răng (Tìm hiểu thêm...).
Teeth filling (More detail...)
DT01Giá Hàn/Trám răng sữa trẻ em
Baby teeth filling
DT02Giá Hàn/Trám răng vĩnh viễn
Permanent Teeth Filling
DT03Giá Hàn/Trám răng thẩm mỹ
Cosmetic Filling
DT04Giá Hàn cổ răng
Sensitive teeth filling
2. Giá Điều trị tủy (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Root Canal Treatment - Anterior by endodontist machine (More detail...)
DT05Giá Điều trị tuỷ Răng sữa
Root Canal Treatment - Anterior for baby teeth
DT06Giá Điều trị tuỷ Răng cửa vĩnh viễn
Root Canal Treatment - Anterior for Front teeth
DT07Giá Điều trị tuỷ Răng hàm nhỏ vĩnh viễn
Root Canal Treatment - Anterior for Premolar teeth
DT08Giá Điều trị tuỷ Răng hàm lớn vĩnh viễn
Root Canal Treatment - Anterior for molar teeth
3.Giá Điều trị tủy lại( Máy Xmax usa)
Root Canal reTreatment - Anterior by endodontist machine
DT09Giá Điều trị tuỷ bằng máy - Răng cửa
Root Canal Treatment - Anterior for Front teeth by endodontist machine
DT10Giá Điều trị tuỷ bằng máy - Răng hàm nhỏ
Anterior for Premolar teeth by endodontist machine
DT11Giá Điều trị tuỷ bằng máy - Răng hàm lớn
Anterior for molar teeth by endodontist machine
4 Dự phòng sâu răng (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Vecniflour dental care
DT12Giá Dự phòng sâu răng trẻ em
Vecniflour dental care for child

With the above prices, taking care of the health of the affected tooth is reasonable. You can confidently undergo treatment and tooth filling at BeDental Dental Clinic, where they are always ready to support customers, and especially have regular special offers.

Dependable dental clinic – BeDental

BeDental Dental Clinic is one of the rare addresses that successfully applies this modern technology, bringing thousands of new beautiful and healthier smiles. Besides the advanced Laser Tech tooth filling technology, the clinic also possesses many other factors that ensure successful tooth filling for customers, such as:

Địa chỉ hàn răng uy tín - BeDental

  • The team of highly skilled doctors, with over 10 years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry and the treatment of dental diseases.
  • A system of 8 branches spread across the country, each equipped with modern facilities, machinery, and equipment, maximizing support for doctors during the treatment process.
  • The staff and doctors are always dedicated and provide specific advice to customers before, during, and after treatment, helping you learn how to care for and protect your oral health, and increase the durability of dental fillings as much as possible.

The advanced Laser Tech tooth filling technology applied at BeDental Dental Clinic has brought successful dental restoration to thousands of customers. Among them, the number of people who have undergone deep tooth filling using Laser Tech technology accounts for a higher percentage.

You can contact BeDental directly via the address below:



Address 1: 7B Thi Sach St, Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Ha Noi. - 0934.61.9090
Address 2: 343 Tay Son St, Nga Tu So Ward, Dong Da Dist, Ha Noi. (Nga Tu So Cross) - 0934.61.9090
Address 3: CC2 Tower  Nguyen Huu Tho St, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai Dist, Ha Noi. (Inside True Hope ) - 0934.61.9090
Address 1: 140 Nguyen Van Thu St, Da Kao, Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh. - 0766.00.8080
Address2: 25, City Land urban area, Go Vap Dist, Ho Chi Minh - 0766.00.8080
Working: 9am - 9pm everyday


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