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3 steps to online fingerprint biometrics

In recent years, the use of fingerprint biometrics has become more popular in Vietnam. This method is based on modern scientific and technological research to analyze the characteristics of fingerprints and their relationship with the human brain.

Based on the density of ridge distribution on the fingers, experts can detect personality and human characteristics. To better understand fingerprint patterns and discover yourself, reviewing 11 basic fingerprint patterns through fingerprint biometrics is suggested as the best method. Each pattern has its own meaning, and this is what BeDental wants to share and explore with you through the article below.

What is Fingerprint Biometrics?

What is Fingerprint Biometrics? Fingerprint Biometrics, also known as Dermatoglyphics, is a science that studies the fingerprint characteristics of individuals.

Fingerprint biometrics is a specialty that studies the characteristics of human fingerprints. From the shape of fingerprints to the appearance of wrinkles in the brain, people have discovered that they are closely related to each other, therefore Fingerprint biometrics was born to decode the personality of each individual’s brain through their fingerprints.

Each fingerprint on each finger represents different characteristics, it will reveal the personality traits and innate abilities of each individual, including type, learning style and sensitivity. emotions, all based on science, high accuracy.

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Steps to View Fingerprint Biometrics

Step 1: See the shape of fingerprints

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What is Fingerprint Biometrics? Personality characteristics of each fingerprint type and Determine fingerprint type

There are 3 main types of fingerprints in fingerprint biometrics, and within the 3 main types of fingerprints, there are subtypes of each type. However, with a prevalence of more than 95% of the population, there will be 16 fingerprint types similar to the image below.

If you discover that you do not have a fingerprint similar to the picture below, please inbox us because we will help you identify your fingerprint.

Step 2: Determine fingerprint type – Fingerprint Strains

After completing step 1, compare your fingerprints to see which image below matches to check the fingerprint biometrics you have.

Low Res Human fingerprint patterns are grouped into three types arch whorl and loop CREDIT Fudi Wang.png
What is Fingerprint Biometrics? Personality characteristics of each fingerprint type and Determine fingerprint type

Note: You only need to check fingerprints on 4 fingers including 2 thumbs and 2 index fingers.

Step 3: Personality characteristics of each fingerprint type

finger prints
What is Fingerprint Biometrics? Personality characteristics of each fingerprint type and Determine fingerprint type

Personality characteristics of each fingerprint strain: After you have determined what shape your fingerprints are, everything now becomes extremely easy, each fingerprint strain will have different characteristics, you Let’s compare and see the results:

Personality characteristics of each WT and WS fingerprint strain:

  • The common characteristic of people with this fingerprint type is concentration.
  • High concentration ability and not easily influenced.
  • Know how to achieve goals and have autonomy at work.
  • Like people who respect and accept your choices.
  • Doesn’t like being forced to do anything.
  • People with the WT strain are often very stubborn, especially if it appears on the head.

Fingerprint clogging characteristics of WE fingerprint strain:

  • Controlled by emotions, grasping the emotions of others and the ability to spread emotions to others.
  • Being meticulous and perfectionist at work, always afraid of bad results at work.
  • The tendency to constantly worry and feel insecure.
  • Synthesize thoughts, predict and anticipate performance results.
  • Ability to Spread Fire

Fingerprint clogging characteristics of WD – WI fingerprint strain:

  • Multiple goals, have unity of ideas, can think and do different things at the same time.
  • “Bipolar” personality: You have the ability to see both sides of an issue, not tormented by double standards.
  • Likes communication, wants to talk and interact with others, and also needs to be respected.
  • Flexible, establishing new relationships.
  • Attracted by challenges, wanting to explore and conquer different lands.
  • Often busy with work.

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Fingerprint biometric characteristics of WP fingerprint strain:

  • Wise, has a deep sense of beauty and is naturally attractive.
  • Ability to observe and think creatively.
  • Smart and responsive.
  • Focus on appearance.
  • Work in a harmonious way with everyone, be confident and optimistic about the future.
  • Pursue creativity, independence and represent the idealist type.

Fingerprint biometric characteristics of UL fingerprint strain:

  • Less influenced by tradition
  • Friendly, open, free and flexible. These relationships are especially necessary.
  • Towards stability and peace. Does not like arguments, conflicts or violence. But if you are pushed into a corner, you fight and will resist with a strong spirit.
  • Need to be encouraged and encouraged with praise or encouraging statements, not criticism.
  • Traditional, the type of person who socializes or lives in crowded places, gets acquainted first, then interacts and actively participates in community activities.
  • Good imitation ability should be learned in the family rather than in school.
  • Likes to interact and cooperate, but is often not proactive.

Fingerprint biometric characteristics of RL fingerprint strain:

  • Your personality is likened to the reverse Water flow.
  • Strong personality, has own ideals and special style, often considered extravagant and rebellious by many people.
  • Flexible and quick to imitate.
  • Likes to do everything with subjective thinking, or guesswork, Often uses other comments and arguments.
  • Interested in mystical things.
  • Methodology distinguishes between research and leadership.
  • Likes to hurt others through language.
  • Likes to be smart, has the ability to think and decide things at the last minute.

Characteristics of AT – AS fingerprint strain:

  • The type of person who follows a step-by-step style, works sequentially and requires precision.
  • Requires reality, specificity and detail, only solving problems when there is clear evidence or authentic information.
  • Safety is always the top criterion, so there is often doubt and a feeling of caution.
  • Likes quiet stability. Does not like noise and commotion.
  • Only strictly adhere to principles and order.
  • Has the ability to continuously absorb and absorb infinitely similar to a sponge absorbing water.

Principle of Online Fingerprint Biometric testing

Only test based on the shape of the ridges of 4 fingers: 2 thumbs and 2 index fingers.

Because the 2 thumbs and 2 index fingers are closely connected to the Frontal Lobe and Frontal Lobe of the brain, these 2 lobes are considered the “central processor” of the brain, so looking at these 4 fingers is not enough. enough to know about their personality.

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Limitations of Online Fingerprint Biometric Test

What is Fingerprint Biometrics?
What is Fingerprint Biometrics? Personality characteristics of each fingerprint type and Determine fingerprint type

Usually, online fingerprint biometric test results will be more accurate for children because children are often not subject to many social and environmental influences. As for adults, going through the process of training and changing to adapt to society, there will be differences. But adults will also have many similar characteristics to the above personalities.

In fact, online fingerprint biometric consultation will not be as accurate as when you have a full report of more than 90 pages, so when doing online fingerprint biometrics, you will not know all of your identifying characteristics, however. It also partly helps you have an overview of your own innate personality.

If you really want to learn in-depth about Fingerprint Biometrics for yourself and your loved ones, you should refer to our online biometrics consulting service:

What is in the Advanced Fingerprint Biometrics report?

In the 90-page In-Depth Fingerprint Biometrics report. You will receive the following values:

  • Analysis of the 5 brain lobes
  • TFRC Learning Index
  • Analysis of the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Analysis of 10 brain function areas
  • 8 Intelligence Quotient IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, SQ…
  • 9 Types of intelligence
  • Career orientation




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