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Why does wisdom tooth extraction cause a sore throat? 4 causes and solutions

Why does wisdom tooth extraction cause a sore throat? We will share the causes and solutions in the article below, let’s find out!

Wisdom tooth extraction, sore throat accompanied by problems such as swollen, sore gums and bleeding make many people worry and become shy when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction.

However, dentists say that the phenomenon of wisdom tooth extraction and sore throat is a very normal symptom and is not dangerous. Most cases of wisdom tooth extraction encounter this problem.

So what is the cause of wisdom tooth extraction and sore throat and how to fix the sore throat? Join BeDental to find out the causes and solutions to overcome the problem of wisdom tooth extraction and sore throat right in the article below. !

Reasons why wisdom teeth extraction causes a sore throat

What causes a sore throat when removing wisdom teeth? Tooth number 8 is the last tooth in the teeth, and is located near your throat, so it is understandable that wisdom tooth extraction directly affects the throat.

After having wisdom teeth extracted, you will experience symptoms such as high fever, swelling on one side of the face, sore throat, etc. And according to statistics, the most common rate of people having wisdom teeth extracted is sore throat, the cause is due to:

The soft tissues surrounding wisdom teeth are damaged

To be able to remove wisdom teeth, doctors must separate the gums, separate the bone and use a lot of force to remove the wisdom teeth from the gums. Because of these operations, the gums and soft tissues surrounding the wisdom teeth are strongly impacted, causing soft tissue damage.

This wound will cause the body to automatically produce new epidermal cells and pump blood to the damaged area due to external influences.

Therefore, the tissue in the area where the wisdom tooth has just been extracted will swell and be painful, and because the wisdom tooth is located very close to the throat, it will make you feel like you have a sore throat.

Local anesthesia leads to sore throat

One of the causes of sore throat after tooth extraction is because the dentist’s anesthesia process directly affects your throat to support breathing when wisdom teeth are extracted.

The oxygen tube is placed directly into the throat, touching the throat. This will make you feel a little sore throat and uncomfortable.

All bacteria have not been eliminated before wisdom tooth extraction

Some bacteria can exist hidden deep under the gums or between teeth. If the dentist does not completely remove the bacteria before extraction, bacteria will easily enter the wound, causing sore throat and swelling. inflammation, infection, etc.

To avoid this situation, you need to seek dental specialists for safe assistance and have your teeth cleaned to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

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Infection and infection during wisdom tooth surgery

Things You Should Know About Wisdom Tooth
Why wisdom teeth extraction causes a sore throat? How to relieve sore throat after wisdom tooth extraction? Care for the tooth extraction wound properly

Sore throat symptoms are sometimes due to the wisdom tooth extraction process not being completely sterilized or sterilized at the dental office.

During the wisdom tooth extraction process, you can become infected with bacteria from dental instruments or from the surrounding environment.

For this reason, you need to choose a reputable dental system to ensure that you do not get infected during your wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

Wound care is not done properly

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, part of the reason is that the way you care for the wound after surgery is not correct and according to the doctor’s instructions, creating conditions for bacteria to grow, causing infection and gingivitis at the site. The location of wisdom tooth extraction spreads to surrounding locations such as tooth number 7 and the throat, etc. Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction causes sore throat.

When you have a sore throat, should you have your tooth pulled or not?

Wisdom tooth extraction causes symptoms of a sore throat, so when you have a sore throat or sore throat, whether you should have your wisdom teeth removed or not is also an issue that many people wonder about.

According to dentists, people who intend to have their teeth extracted and are suffering from sore throat or sore throat can have their wisdom teeth removed normally, which will not cause any effects or dangers.

Because pain or sore throat is caused by daily activities or weather changes, etc. and is completely unrelated to wisdom tooth extraction.

But in case you have a sore throat leading to a high fever, doctors recommend that you should not have your wisdom teeth extracted at that time. Because at this time your resistance is very weak, it will affect the wisdom tooth extraction process and the wound heals very slowly compared to the normal body.

How to relieve sore throat after wisdom tooth extraction

After wisdom tooth extraction, experiencing a sore throat is not a rare case, because this is a normal reaction of the human body. However, you can reduce pain with some tips as follows:

Apply ice to the swollen cheek

Applying ice is one of the effective temporary pain relief methods and is used by many people. Applying ice will temporarily numb the sensory nerves, helping to reduce internal pain immediately.

You will do this method by using a plastic bag or a thin piece of cloth, add a little ice and apply it directly to the sore and swollen area. Rest for 10 minutes and then repeat the above steps.

Gargle with salt water every day

Bacteria accumulate and grow rapidly, affecting the throat, leading to a sore throat. That’s why you should use salt water to rinse your mouth every day to kill bacteria and germs that stick to the surface of your teeth, and at the same time help your throat have better immunity.

The ingredients in salt water have very effective immune-boosting effects, helping to quickly reduce the feeling of discomfort in the throat.

A small note is that you should only rinse your mouth with salt water 24 hours after your wisdom teeth have been removed to avoid affecting the wound healing process.

Have a scientific eating plan

You should only eat and drink 3-4 hours after wisdom tooth extraction, especially do not chew food in the wound area, as it will make the wound worse.

Eat soft, liquid foods that are easy to swallow and don’t require much chewing. Because at this time you have a sore throat and chewing and swallowing becomes difficult, so in the beginning you should prioritize foods that are soft and easy to swallow.

Some dental experts believe that eating soft foods will help you limit sore throat and jaw pain, effectively reducing sore throat symptoms. At the same time, it helps the digestive system absorb nutrients more easily during this time.

In your daily diet, you should add yogurt containing Acidobacillus compounds to increase resistance after wisdom tooth extraction and safely fight tooth infections.

Provide more Vitamin A in vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, papaya, etc. to help wounds heal faster and avoid infection.

Dental bonding 3

Avoid eating foods that are too hot or too cold because they can cause burns or sensitivity in the soft tissue area where the tooth has just been extracted. Do not drink carbonated water as it will lose the effectiveness of the pain reliever.

Avoid using sour or too spicy foods that cause pain and ulceration.

In addition, you should not smoke, chew gum, or drink alcohol for at least the first 24 hours after wisdom tooth extraction.

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Care for the tooth extraction wound properly

After tooth extraction, bleeding should be stopped by biting on sterilized cotton in the wound for 30 minutes.

Do not rinse your mouth (including salt water) in the first 6 hours after tooth extraction, otherwise there may be prolonged bleeding. After 6 hours, you can use warm salt water to gargle, antiseptic will help relieve sore throat effectively.

Avoid touching the surgical wound with your hands to avoid infection and other dangerous complications.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth after eating and before going to bed to remove food particles left behind after each meal. Brush gently, without affecting the operated gum area.

Use pain relievers and antibiotics as directed by your dentist to help reduce swelling and pain.

What to do to avoid wisdom tooth extraction and sore throat?

The phenomenon of wisdom tooth extraction causing sore throat symptoms is usually due to the swelling of the gums around the area where the tooth was extracted. This can last from 5 to 7 days.

But if your sore throat persists with unusual symptoms, you need to immediately go to the dentist for timely examination and treatment. If you don’t pay attention, the longer you wait, the more serious and even life-threatening consequences will become when bacteria get into your bloodstream.

The causes of wisdom tooth extraction and unusual sore throat after extraction all come from being subjective and you can completely avoid it if you follow these 3 small notes:

Choose a good dentist

The doctor is one of the deciding factors in the success of wisdom tooth extraction. If the doctor does not have experience or expertise, it will cause complications such as wisdom tooth extraction, sore throat, retained tooth roots, loss of taste, etc. more serious than death.

bac si
Why wisdom teeth extraction causes a sore throat? How to relieve sore throat after wisdom tooth extraction? Care for the tooth extraction wound properly

Therefore, before extracting wisdom teeth, you should take the time to research and choose a good dentist with experience in wisdom tooth extraction. To ensure that your wisdom tooth extraction process takes place quickly and safely.

Choose Piezotome tooth extraction method

The Piezotome tooth extraction method is a safe wisdom tooth extraction technology, operated by modern ultrasound waves, and has many optimal and superior advantages compared to the traditional wisdom tooth extraction method.

Do not bleed much during wisdom tooth extraction

Only affects the force of the teeth without damaging the surrounding soft tissues, limiting pain and helping to quickly heal wounds.

Minimize the risk of damage to blood vessels and nerves around the location of wisdom teeth

The wisdom tooth extraction process happens faster, and only takes 5 – 10 minutes per tooth.

Why Bleeding Gums Are a Concern 1024x661 1
Why wisdom teeth extraction causes a sore throat? How to relieve sore throat after wisdom tooth extraction? Care for the tooth extraction wound properly

Especially in cases where wisdom teeth are crooked, impacted, or have roots that are difficult to extract, Piezotome technology is a great choice, helping to reduce the risk of tooth extraction with dry, sore throat as well as other dangerous symptoms. 


Dental care after wisdom tooth extraction

To avoid sore throat, before and after wisdom tooth extraction, you need to take care of your teeth after wisdom tooth extraction, completely eliminating all types of bacteria and plaque in the interdental spaces and oral cavity, not allowing bacteria to enter the mouth. Bacteria exist causing inflammation, swelling, and lasting pain.

You can refer to these tips to keep your mouth clean, not giving bacteria a chance to attack and grow to avoid the risk of wisdom teeth extraction and sore throat:

Scaling teeth: Scaling is necessary when removing wisdom teeth to help remove stubborn plaque that has accumulated in the oral cavity for a long time.

Why wisdom teeth extraction causes a sore throat? How to relieve sore throat after wisdom tooth extraction? Care for the tooth extraction wound properly
Why wisdom teeth extraction causes a sore throat? How to relieve sore throat after wisdom tooth extraction? Care for the tooth extraction wound properly

However, scaling your teeth still cannot completely clean all the bacteria behind the words and between the teeth.

To completely eliminate bacteria, you need to combine scaling and rinsing with salt water before and after wisdom tooth extraction.

If you have a sore throat when removing your wisdom teeth, don’t worry too much because the wound will heal, the swelling will decrease and gradually you will not feel the sore throat anymore.

In case you have a sore throat with bleeding, swelling and pain that lasts for many days, with no signs of stopping, the best solution is to return to the clinic and get examined again. Dangerous complications cannot be overcome by normal means.

Wisdom tooth extraction and sore throat is not a complicated symptom, but it also has many effects on your health and daily life. Therefore, you should choose a reputable dental address for yourself and have careful oral care for customers.

If you are in need of dental care as well as have questions about wisdom teeth, please contact Bedental Dental Clinic to receive more direct care and support from the staff. We are ready to listen and answer all your questions!

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