The most effective way to remove white seeds in the throat is by using a cotton swab or water swab. According to folk remedies, mix a few spoons of lemon juice with a cup of warm water and drink slowly. The citric acid in lemon juice reduces the Size of tonsil stones faster than using Western medicine such as using lasers to shoot stones or tonsillectomy.

5 ways to prevent white seeds in the throat from appearing are to maintain clean oral hygiene, increase nutrition to improve resistance, avoid exposure to polluted air, abstain from cold foods, alcohol and see a doctor when caught. symptomatic head. Let’s find out with BeDental below in this article!

Find out what white seeds in the throat are and what causes them

White seeds in the throat are white masses of different sizes, causing a burning sensation, pain and difficulty breathing. White seeds can recur many times, including some of the following common causes: tonsil cancer, purulent tonsillitis, and pharyngitis.

Tonsil stones

This is a disease caused by an inflammatory mass appearing above or below the tonsil cleft. Tonsils have a structure consisting of tiny holes and irregular protrusions. Therefore, while chewing, food will easily stick to it and is an ideal environment for bacteria to invade. After a while, tonsillitis will appear with ivory white or yellow particles.

Cách lấy hạt trắng trong họng
How to remove white seeds in the throat when suffering from pharyngitis? How to remove white seeds in the throat for purulent tonsillitis? What white seeds in the throat are?

According to experts, mild tonsil stones will not cause any adverse effects on health. However, white seeds in the throat cause a burning sensation and cause bad breath.

Besides, if not treated promptly, tonsillitis will get worse, the tonsils will quickly become necrotic and greatly affect the functioning of the ears, nose and eyes.

Purulent tonsillitis

Purulent tonsillitis is a chronic inflammation of the tonsils caused by bacteria. The most recognizable symptom of the disease is that there are white or green particles in the tonsil cavity, causing a burning sensation in the throat when eating or drinking. Besides, when white pus accumulates for a long time in the throat cavity, the phenomenon of unpleasant breath odor will also occur and make many people feel self-conscious when communicating.

Purulent tonsillitis often recurs many times. If not treated properly, the disease will cause dangerous complications such as tonsillectomy, blood infection, bronchitis, ulcers around the tonsils… and increase the risk of nasopharyngeal cancer. 

Pharyngitis County

Pharyngitis is a condition where the mucous membranes are chronically inflamed. Swollen lymphoid tissue will cause white or red lymph nodes to appear in the throat. The size of each white bean will vary, they can be as large as green beans.

Granulomatous pharyngitis is chronic, often recurring and extremely difficult to treat completely. Prolonged illness will cause you to face the risk of many complications such as: chronic tonsil abscess, pharyngeal infection, tonsillitis… Therefore, as soon as you see white particles appear in your throat, you need to quickly go to the hospital for a doctor to check and get appropriate treatment.

How to remove white seeds from the throat in case of tonsil stones

To treat tonsillitis most quickly, you should apply one of the following five ways: use cotton swabs or bamboo swabs; Apply folk remedies; Acupuncture; laser treatment and tonsillectomy.

Use cotton swabs or bamboo toothpicks

In the case of white particles that are only medium in size and kept in an easy-to-reach place, you can use a cotton swab or water flosser.

Cách lấy hạt trắng trong họng
How to remove white seeds in the throat when suffering from pharyngitis? How to remove white seeds in the throat for purulent tonsillitis? What white seeds in the throat are?
  • Water toothpick:

First, you need to use a flashlight and mirror to accurately detect the location of the white particles. Then, wet the cotton swab and gently push the stones out. You absolutely should not use too much force because it can cause the white particles to be pushed deep inside and easily cause a vomiting reflex.

However, on the surface of the tonsils there are many important capillaries. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor before use to avoid unnecessary injuries and affecting your health.

  • Low pressure water sprayer:

Once you know the exact location of the tonsil stones, you need to direct the nozzle of the water flosser there. The pressure of the water jets will cause the tonsil stones to quickly peel off. However, you need to be careful when the white particles fall because they will go deep into the lungs and cause coughing.

Use folk remedies – how to treat white seeds in the throat

If tonsil stones have just formed and are small in size, the following folk remedies are extremely simple ways to treat white particles in the throat that you can do right at home:

  • Apple cider vinegar: Mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of warm water and use that mixture to gargle about 3 times a day. The acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar effectively helps dissolve stones and helps reduce bad breath caused by tonsil stones.
  • Orange juice: Mix a few spoons of lemon juice with a cup of warm water and drink immediately. The citric acid contained in lemon juice will help you reduce the size of tonsil stones extremely quickly. In addition, when using garlic, you should mix it with a little water to reduce the feeling of swelling and burning in the throat.
  • Garlic: In addition to being a spice, garlic is also used by many people for its antibacterial effect and as a way to treat white particles in the throat. You can chew 1-2 fresh garlic cloves directly or use them in preparing daily dishes. The white particles in the tonsils will slowly disappear.

Besides the methods we presented above, you can use potatoes, carrots, yogurt, and beets… to treat tonsillitis at home. However, if after about 7 – 10 days of use there are still no results, you should see a doctor for examination and advice on the most appropriate treatment.

Using medicine

For tonsillitis, doctors often prescribe medications including: antibiotics, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs and topical antiseptics. However, this is not an effective method for thorough treatment. Besides, this medicine cannot be used for a long time because it creates toxins in the liver and kidneys… negatively affects health.

Doctors often prescribe Western medicine in case of infected stones to help relieve symptoms and prevent the disease from progressing to a more serious level. However, you should not buy medicine at outside stores or change the type of medicine without consulting your doctor to avoid possible irritation and unfortunate consequences.

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Using laser to shoot stones – an advanced way to remove white particles in the throat

Using laser technology is a safe, highly effective and non-invasive method of treating tonsillitis. When the anesthetic wears off, doctors will shine the laser directly on the area with the stones to remove them. After surgery, you will return to normal eating and activities after only about 1 week. In particular, laser helps completely treat tonsillitis and minimize recurrence.

Because of the above outstanding advantages, the laser stone removal method is quite expensive and requires the help of modern technology and machinery.


This is a surgical method that can completely treat tonsillitis. Doctors will prescribe tonsillectomy for patients with chronic inflammation with large stones that obstruct the airway and cannot be treated with traditional methods.

Cách lấy hạt trắng trong họng
How to remove white seeds in the throat when suffering from pharyngitis? How to remove white seeds in the throat for purulent tonsillitis? What white seeds in the throat are?

Tonsillectomy is performed with different methods including electric knife, laser, plasma and coblator. Depending on each patient’s requirements, the doctor will advise on the most appropriate surgical methods.

After tonsillectomy, you will feel pain. To quickly relieve the pain, you should take the medicine according to the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

How to remove white seeds in the throat for purulent tonsillitis

Currently, the two most commonly used methods for removing white granules from purulent tonsillitis are Western medicine and Oriental medicine. After examining the patient’s condition, doctors will advise you on treatment methods to bring the most optimal results.

Eliminate pus with herbs

Using antibiotics is a method chosen by many people when suffering from purulent tonsillitis because it is effective immediately. Antibiotics used by doctors in treatment include:

  • Antibiotics: help prevent bacteria from growing and spreading to other areas in the oral cavity.
  • Anti-edema and anti-inflammatory medicine: helps prevent swelling, tonsillitis and effectively reduces pain and burning in the throat.
  • Cough medicine: for patients with cough symptoms, doctors will prescribe some medicines such as Toplexil, Codeine. .. helps prevent coughs with phlegm and dry coughs.

Along with some drug groups as we mentioned above, based on each patient’s health situation, doctors will coordinate the use of fever-reducing and anti-edema drugs. While using the medicine, you need to follow the correct dosage and usage instructions as directed by your doctor. You should also not arbitrarily increase/reduce the dose or buy medicine from outside to avoid unnecessary risks.

Treat pus with oriental medicine

Using folk remedies is a method of removing white seeds from the throat, suitable for most people suffering from purulent tonsillitis, especially groups of people with sensitive constitutions such as children and the elderly… Traditional herbal remedies will help you improve disease symptoms quickly but also strengthen and improve your body’s resistance.

Here are a few simple folk remedies you can use to treat the disease:

  • Honeysuckle, licorice, wild sunflower decoction with about 600ml of water. You should divide the medicine into 4-6 parts to drink and gargle every day.
  • Peppermint, licorice, honeysuckle, tang parasitism, red spirit, marjoram with 1 liter of water. You need to divide the water into 4 parts and use it all in 1 day.
  • Burdock, honeysuckle, marjoram, mint, plantain and pennywort with 1 liter of water to drink for 1 day.
Cách lấy hạt trắng trong họng bằng thuốc đông y
How to remove white seeds in the throat when suffering from pharyngitis? How to remove white seeds in the throat for purulent tonsillitis? What white seeds in the throat are?

How to remove white seeds in the throat when suffering from pharyngitis

In the case of granular pharyngitis, the two main ways to remove white granules are laser surgery and complete treatment of some digestive and respiratory diseases.

Shoot lasers

Laser treatment for granular pharyngitis is commonly used in cases where the granules are large, swollen and painful. Doctors will use specialized equipment to shoot laser beams to help destroy lymphocytes that stick to the walls of the throat. This is a method that minimizes invasiveness and quickly reduces symptoms of burning and discomfort caused by pharyngitis.

However, laser technology is only a temporary measure and cannot completely cure pharyngitis. Because after each burn, the large particles have been removed but still irritate the surrounding mucosa, causing the small particles in the adjacent area to grow faster. Therefore, granular pharyngitis will recur at any time.

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Completely cure throat and respiratory diseases

Basically, pharyngitis is a complication of diseases such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, and bronchitis… Therefore, doctors often prioritize treatment of the above diseases first to avoid mucus flowing down the throat causing infection.

Depending on the type of disease, doctors will have different treatments. When the cause of granular pharyngitis has been completely eliminated, the white granules in the throat will also gradually reduce and disappear.

How to prevent white particles in the throat from appearing

To prevent white particles from growing in your throat, you need to take proper care of your teeth, improve your resistance, reduce exposure to stimulants, limit drinking alcohol and soft drinks and see a doctor as soon as possible. see symptoms.

Clean your teeth regularly

As recommended by leading experts, regular and clean oral hygiene is a very effective way to prevent harmful bacteria from forming in the palate. You need to keep the habit of brushing your teeth at least twice a day in the morning and at night before going to bed with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

You should also use dental floss or a toothpick to help remove plaque and excess food residue in nooks and crannies that toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Besides, using physiological saline or specialized mouthwash every day will also help completely eliminate remaining bacteria in the oral cavity.

Improve physical condition

Weak resistance is also one of the leading reasons why bacteria easily invade and create the phenomenon of white particles growing in the throat. Therefore, you need to have a balanced and appropriate diet to strengthen your body’s resistance.

In your daily diet, you need to increase foods that contain lots of protein, vitamins, mineral salts and vitamins such as vegetables, fish, eggs, meat, shrimp, and bell peppers. .. In particular, you need to pay attention to food hygiene and safety, minimize eating rare and raw dishes. .. For green vegetables, before preparing food, you need to wash them and soak them in salt water. If possible, you should also invest in a disinfection system to sterilize fruits and vegetables to completely destroy disease-causing bacteria.

Besides, you also need to increase exercise and sports to improve your body’s physical condition and resistance. You can take advantage of your free time during the day to practice simple movements: swimming, jogging, squatting, crunches…

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Avoid exposure to harmful gases

Environmental pollution seriously affects the functioning of the respiratory system. Therefore, you need to minimize exposure to cigarette smoke and toxic chemicals. For specific jobs that often require working in polluted environments such as chemical factories and paper processing facilities. .. you need to wear a specialized mask and use protective clothing properly to protect your health.

Limit cold foods and alcohol

To limit white particles forming in your throat, you should not eat too much cold food and alcohol. Because according to experts, they will irritate the mucosa and secrete a lot of mucus, creating phlegm. This is also a favorable environment for pathogenic bacteria to multiply and enter the oral cavity, increasing the likelihood of tonsil stone infection, purulent tonsillitis, and granular pharyngitis…

How to remove white seeds in the throat when suffering from pharyngitis? How to remove white granules in the throat for purulent tonsillitis? What white seeds in the throat are?
How to remove white seeds in the throat when suffering from pharyngitis? How to remove white seeds in the throat for purulent tonsillitis? What white seeds in the throat are?

See a doctor when you have fluid in your throat

As soon as you notice unusual symptoms in your throat, you need to see a doctor. Doctors will examine the entire oral cavity and throat… Based on the test results, the doctor has timely and effective treatment to prevent white seeds in the throat due to diseases such as tonsillitis and sinusitis…

Above are some of the most effective methods to remove white seeds in the throat that we can share with you. Hopefully the information we provide in this article will help you quickly overcome the white spots condition, reducing pain and discomfort.

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