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What is left temple pain? 4 cases of left temporal pain

Left temple pain is a sign of disease or a certain cause. With each headache at different levels, there are a number of accompanying symptoms such as fever, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, etc. Based on the specific symptoms we need to consider. See a doctor for a comprehensive examination.

1) Cases of left temporal pain

In fact, left temple pain is a condition that many people have been experiencing. However, many people do not know that pain in the left temple area is divided into many different types.

Not all headaches are pathological manifestations, but they will often be classified into 4 different cases including: stress, left-sided migraine, severe arthritis of temporomandibular arthritis.

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Cases of left temporal pain. Some ways to prevent and treat left temple pain. Signs of left temple pain indicate that you need to see a doctor

If you have headaches on the left temple, you are likely falling into one of the 4 cases above.

1.1. Headache in the temples due to stress

This is the most typical case of the four types, headaches in the temples due to stress usually do not have sharp pain, but are instead a dull, uncomfortable pain. Many people even experience chronic tension headaches. That is, the symptom has occurred many times in a short period of time and appears frequently.

Most people choose to self-treat by using pain relievers such as aspirin or acetaminophen. These are all over-the-counter medications, so buying them is also very easy.

In most cases, after taking the medicine, the pain will quickly disappear. Even just taking a nap is enough to help relieve that headache and discomfort.

However, using painkillers is only a temporary solution and we should not abuse them. Because your temple headaches are not necessarily caused by stress. Especially when you take medicine and find that the headaches do not reduce or are effective for a short time.

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1.2. Left side migraine, also known as left temple pain

Left-sided migraine is also known by another name, vasomotor headache. However, this is a disease with many symptoms and the severity is different for each person.

But most pain will start from the temple and gradually spread to other areas and, in severe cases, to both temples.

The pain in the above case will be pulsating pain, which is rhythmic pain, accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, dizziness, watery eyes, etc…

Unlike the first case, symptoms of left-sided migraine can last from 4 to 24 hours if not treated. Not only that, treatment needs to be based on each individual symptom and severity.

Even when using painkillers, many people do not find it effective because the headaches on the left temple are increasing and becoming more intense, causing the body to become tired and lose strength quickly.

1.3. Left temporal arteritis

The third case where a headache on the left temple is very likely to appear is arteritis. People often confuse this with left-sided migraines because the throbbing and uncomfortable pain all originate in the same location.

The most obvious difference is that if you have left temporal arteritis, just touching it will make you feel sharp pain and the pain can occur continuously.

Simply put, arteritis occurs when the arteries become swollen, leading to reduced blood flow. In severe cases, complete blockage occurs and this is one of the causes of stroke or vision-related problems.

In addition to the symptom of headache on the left temple, there are a few other symptoms for us to recognize such as mild fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, jaw pain when chewing, etc…

1.4. Left temporomandibular arthritis

Left temporomandibular arthritis or temporomandibular joint disorder is one of the causes of headaches in the same location. Although not too dangerous, they lead to many unpleasant symptoms such as difficulty opening/closing the mouth, neck fatigue, earache, swollen lymph nodes, etc…

In addition, if not treated properly and promptly, temporomandibular arthritis, whether in the left or right jaw, will still develop into dangerous complications, typically joint relaxation and ankylosing spondylitis.

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Cases of left temporal pain. Some ways to prevent and treat left temple pain. Signs of left temple pain indicate that you need to see a doctor

This is a disease that occurs quite commonly in all subjects, however women during puberty and menopause will have the highest incidence rate.

Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder needs to be based on the cause. If the cause comes from the maxillofacial area, doctors will adjust your bite, get braces, have alveolar bone surgery, etc.

1.5. Is it dangerous for people with left temple pain?

Is migraine on the left temple dangerous or not is a question of many patients. Experts say that if it is only due to stress, this condition can go away if the patient rests and relaxes.

But if the disease lasts for a long time and the pain increases with no signs of decreasing, it is very dangerous. At this time, patients easily face complications such as:

  • Cervical spondylosis: Left temple pain can cause nerve compression due to vertebral artery stenosis. This causes cerebral blood circulation to decrease significantly, affecting brain function.
  • Muscle and tendon pain: If the temple pain is dull, especially when moving and chewing, the patient is at high risk of muscle and tendon pain.
  • Cerebral circulatory insufficiency: Sudden decrease in blood volume in the brain causes the central nervous system to be affected, and the patient will lose balance in daily activities.
  • Vestibular disorders: If you have tinnitus, headache, dizziness. …you may be at risk of vestibular disorders. At this time, early treatment is needed to avoid effects on the nervous system.

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2) Some ways to prevent and treat left temple pain

When experiencing pain in the left temple, most people will usually self-treat it first by using pain relievers. In addition, “prevention is better than cure”, so you can still completely prevent it or reduce its frequency through exercise, relaxation or limiting stimulating foods.

If you work hard and persevere with a reasonable diet and exercise regimen, your overall health will certainly improve significantly.

2.1. Use pain relievers

This is probably the method that everyone has used until headaches in general and left temple pain appear and they can’t stand it anymore.

Cases of left temporal pain. Some ways to prevent and treat left temple pain. Signs of left temple pain indicate that you need to see a doctor
Cases of left temporal pain. Some ways to prevent and treat left temple pain. Signs of left temple pain indicate that you need to see a doctor

With the right medication and dosage, headaches will reduce quickly, especially if you then rest, get some sleep and limit stressful thoughts.

But you need to remember that the use of painkillers is only safe when used according to your doctor’s instructions or prescription. In some people they don’t seem to be effective, so seeing a doctor is necessary.

Like other over-the-counter medications, pain relievers are recommended by doctors to only be used in low doses and for a short period of time for the purpose of controlling pain. If you use high doses continuously and for a long time, side effects are likely to occur.

2.2. Exercise and relax

If you don’t know, your lifestyle and positive habits will help control and effectively prevent headaches on the left temple.

You can start with light exercises like walking or cycling and then slowly increase the intensity. Once the body gets used to exercising and maintaining it regularly, overall health also becomes much better.

Exercise but also do not ignore relaxation and rest in very simple ways such as soaking in a warm bath, practicing breathing evenly, listening to music, etc. ..

Signs of left temple pain indicate that you need to see a doctor
Cases of left temporal pain. Some ways to prevent and treat left temple pain. Signs of left temple pain indicate that you need to see a doctor

The above things completely help both your mind and body feel most relaxed. Thanks to that, the stress caused by work and life pressures is also somewhat relieved. This is the cause of tension headaches and migraine headaches that many people have.

2.3. Limit trigger foods

Using stimulating foods such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes, cheese, etc. .. has probably become a habit and hobby of many people.

However, if you constantly suffer from headaches in general and especially when the cause is clear, it is time to limit the above things.

According to doctors, certain foods will change hormones, affect the central nervous system and lead to stress and discomfort that the user does not immediately notice.

Meanwhile, limiting stimulating foods and properly supplementing beneficial foods will help improve or prevent headaches on the left temple very effectively.

Beneficial food groups include:

  •   Foods containing vitamin B 12.
  •   Foods high in fat with low protein and carbohydrate content.
  •   Foods with little scent (Because people with headaches are very sensitive to scents, this is a factor that requires special attention).

Besides, if you have a headache and are accompanied by symptoms of nausea or vomiting, you should provide additional electrolytes. They will help compensate for missing minerals and help the body quickly recover.

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3) Signs of left temple pain indicate that you need to see a doctor

It seems that there are still many people who are very subjective about left temple pain. The way people use it is simply to use painkillers, take 2-3 pills every time the pain comes back.

That is absolutely not recommended because many types of pain relievers are on the non-prescription drug list. But that doesn’t mean they are always harmless. Using painkillers indiscriminately can have many potential risks that are difficult for you to predict.

In case the headaches last longer and increase in frequency, especially when accompanied by a series of symptoms such as fever, sweating, decreased vision, weakness of one arm or leg, nausea, vomiting or severe pain, you need to see a doctor immediately.

In addition, there are some other special cases such as:

  • People over 50 years old and their headaches are getting worse.
  • Pain appears after a head injury.
  • Headaches lead to changes in both cognition and mental function.

Not everyone of us knows how to distinguish between primary and secondary left temporal headaches. Not to mention, if this situation continues for a long time, it will lead to many dangerous complications. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to go to reputable hospitals and clinics to be examined by doctors. Thus, it can be said that left temporal pain can depend on many different cases.

Therefore, the way to effectively treat pain is to first understand what the real cause is. Only when the right person, with the right disease and used properly can it bring real results. Health is the most valuable asset in human life, so do not ignore signs such as headaches and fatigue.

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