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Top 1 Indian specialty – street tooth extraction. Tooth extraction on the sidewalk – a characteristic of India. Yes! You did not hear wrong. Many tourists arriving in India have gasped in amazement at the images of dental “doctors” pulling teeth for patients right on the sidewalk with very simple “medical equipment” , streamlined to the point of being sketchy.

Street tooth extraction – Indian specialty

Indian people are very familiar with dental “clinics” located right on the sidewalk. Medical equipment is also simple, including only dentures, a few small knives, scissors, mirrors, thread rolls and anesthetics.

With compact and convenient characteristics, the owners of these clinics can place them anywhere on the sidewalk, street, etc. as long as it is convenient. Dentists sometimes wear doctor’s clothes and sometimes don’t need to be identified, often placing an advertising sign with a drawing of teeth right next to their tools.

The medical equipment here is so streamlined that there are no beds for patients, no bright lights, no towels and no antiseptic mouthwash for patients. However, it is always crowded with customers.

We will easily see images that are unusual for us but very normal for Indians in the examination and treatment of oral diseases. The patient just needs to describe the problem he is having, and the dentist checks by pushing the patient’s lips up to see. Then use the sterilized tools by “wiping your pants” and then proceed to extract teeth, or implant teeth, etc. It all happens quickly, in minutes.

Dentures made by amateur doctors who have learned the profession from Hubei people in China or are “hereditary” are priced at only 1/10 compared to other professional dental hospitals.

Street tooth extraction - Indian specialty
Street tooth extraction – Indian specialty

Sidewalk tooth extraction has many potential risks, but it is still chosen by many people. Singh – A street dentist is very proud to share: Although his “clinic” is not fully equipped with modern tools like other high-end clinics, he always cares about his patients’ problems. In 40 years of practice, no one has ever complained about his skills and all of his tools and dentures are imported from reputable, quality companies.


Pulling out poor people’s sidewalk teeth

Because of many potential risks and unsafe conditions, since 1948, the Government has banned sidewalk tooth extraction operations. But these activities still exist until the 21st century. Because the poor population in India is still too large, they cannot afford to go to expensive dental clinics.

Allah Baksh shares: Even though we know that pulling teeth on the sidewalk is unhygienic, the equipment is not optimized. But if medical equipment is upgraded to be more sophisticated and clinics are more secure, poor people will not have enough money for treatment. He himself won’t have any customers and poor people don’t know where to go for dental examination and treatment.

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Street tooth extraction gradually disappears – Indian specialty

“Now only the poorest of the poor come to see me,” Singh added. Because they cannot afford to go to expensive clinics.”

Therefore, even though we know that tooth extraction is not safe and potentially dangerous, it still exists as an incapacity because of the Indian economy.

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Street tooth extraction gradually disappears

Street tooth extraction has existed for a long time. Some streets are known as dental streets because “clinics” are located close together. But in recent years, that image has appeared very little. In 2016, author Nidhi Dugar Kundalia predicted that street dentistry might fade away and disappear completely. To understand better, readers can read the book “The Lost Generation”.

india dentist10 1508260590574
Street tooth extraction gradually disappears – Indian specialty

According to experts, the image of dentists is gradually disappearing in big cities and only exists sporadically in neighborhoods and small towns because the income of Indian people has improved somewhat. improvement, there are more qualified and highly trained dental human resources. But somewhere in India there are still appearances of amateur dentists next to faded advertising signs.

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Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City? BeDental cosmetic dentistry was born in 2012. After a period of operation, the center quickly became a reputable dental address for customers and one of the leading dentists in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

With a team of experienced medical experts and doctors, advanced equipment systems, modern technology, BeDental cosmetic dentistry has taken steady steps on the path to becoming a cosmetic dentistry center in Vietnam. Vietnam.

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Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

BeDental was born with the mission “Sow a smile, spread success”, we believe that everyone deserves to have a confident and attractive smile. That’s why we always strive to remove the problems and barriers that are hiding your beautiful, radiant smile. Above all we believe that strong teeth are the foundation of a happy life and a smile is the key to success.

BeDental is constantly striving to become a leading enterprise in the field of cosmetic dentistry, especially porcelain dental restorations in Vietnam with a strategy focusing on developing high technology and updating trends and techniques. modern art.

With a team of Vietnam’s leading cosmetic doctors in the dental field, BeDental always brings dedication, devotion and dedication to customers like their own family. BeDental is a reputable and professional cosmetic dentistry system with many facilities in large city centers to help customers move conveniently.

Along with that is a modern equipment system imported from foreign countries, certified as safe by the Ministry of Health. 5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing and secure space when experiencing the service.

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