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Scrape tartar

What is scrape tartar? How to remove tartar? and How often should I clean my teeth? Surely you also know that the need for aesthetics and beauty is currently of great concern. This has no age or gender restrictions. That’s why many customers are interested in questions surrounding this service. So let’s answer the question in the article below: How to remove tartar? How long does it take to clean teeth?

How to remove tartar?

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Dental calculus, also known as tartar, is yellow plaque left on the teeth due to leftover food that has not been thoroughly cleaned. These plaques are formed and become thicker and more numerous during the process of eating and drinking. After a long time, the plaque will become more and more sticky and difficult to handle. That’s why it is very difficult to remove tartar stains using conventional methods.

For many people, tartar does not affect the health or quality of teeth too much. They just think that tartar only affects aesthetics. But did you know that, in fact, tartar contains many agents that cause dental diseases. It greatly affects human health. At the same time, it causes diseases such as: tooth decay, bleeding gums, bad breath, or loss of oral aesthetics. Makes you lose confidence in the communication process.

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To remove tartar, you cannot use conventional methods such as using a brush or mouthwash. Because these methods are only capable of affecting the surface, or removing small plaques. As for long-term plaque, you need to use dental scaling using professional medical equipment.

Harmful effects of tartar

Tartar contains bacteria as well as compounds that have very negative effects on the health and quality of your teeth. Specifically, some harmful effects of tartar:

– Oral mucositis: Bacteria hidden in tartar are one of the causes of oral mucositis. In addition, if it is more severe, it can cause mouth sores or more dangerous cases.

Gingivitis: The bacteria hidden in the tartar layer will grow over time. Therefore, it is very easy to cause gingivitis. Over time, if not treated promptly, it will easily cause gum recession. It is the cause of many serious dental diseases later on.

Periodontal disease: This is a disease formed as a result of growing gingivitis. If not treated promptly, the bacteria will increasingly attack the tooth socket as well as the periodontal ligament.

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How long does it take to scrape tartar?

Depending on each person’s level of tartar development, the time between tartar removal will be different. You should eat and clean your teeth properly to have strong teeth. Limit the formation of tartar that affects the quality of your health as well as your oral cavity.

Usually, a reasonable period of time for tartar buildup will last about 3-6 months.

A reputable and quality dental address for scrape tartar service

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How long does it take to scrape tartar? How to remove tartar? Harmful effects of tartar

Nowadays, as you all know, people’s aesthetic needs seem to be unlimited and highly focused. In particular, teeth beautification is also one of the services that many customers are interested in today.

Among them, we can mention tooth scaling, one of the services that it seems that most people can use. However, not everyone knows and can find addresses that provide reputable and quality services. Because currently on the market there are many units providing services with different qualities. Therefore, it is very difficult in the process of quality control as well as customer reviews to choose the appropriate unit.

How long does it take to scrape tartar?
How long does it take to scrape tartar? How to remove tartar? Harmful effects of tartar

Through friends’ recommendations, as well as personal research experiences to make the most suitable choices. With dental units specializing in providing quality products and services. To soon have quality and safe tooth scaling service.

Through the information provided in this article, we hope you will soon have your own answers to unanswered questions such as: How to remove tartar? or How often should I clean my teeth? Thereby having the necessary knowledge in tooth scaling to get useful information.



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