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ART Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Fillings From A to Z

ART Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Fillings From A to Z. Performing dental fillings for children requires extremely strict techniques and materials used. To ensure absolute safety, no pain and avoid affecting future teeth, trauma-free tooth filling technology was born. So what is the non-traumatic tooth filling technique? Should children do it? Which teeth can undergo ART? Where can I get quality, low-cost, non-traumatic dental fillings? Join BeDental to find out all the information about this ART dental filling technology.

What are Atraumatic restorative treatment fillings?

What are Atraumatic restorative treatment fillings? ART fillings are also abbreviated as ART technology – Atraumatic Restorative Treatment technique. This is a restorative tooth filling technology recommended by the world health organization. Especially in children for the purpose of controlling tooth decay.

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Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Fillings: Why is ART a suitable dental filling technique for children? 4 benefits ART tooth filling technology brings. ART filling process at BeDental

It is known that non-traumatic tooth filling is a measure to prevent and restore damage, including destroyed cavities. During the procedure, the doctor will use hand tools without using electric handpieces. The process is to widen the deep sinuses. Then, scrape away the destroyed tooth tissue and use a suitable filling material to fill the newly created cavity as well as cover the hollows and grooves on the tooth.

The biggest advantage of the ART method is: it is easy to perform and painless. Tools also do not require too much preparation. In addition, atraumatic dental fillings offer the ability to perform treatment and prevention in many different spaces. This means that with only simple, easy-to-carry equipment, the effectiveness of tooth filling is still guaranteed if the dentist follows technical standards.

In general, the non-traumatic dental filling method is highly appreciated for its effectiveness and safety. Not only does it help restore the original shape of teeth damaged by decay, but it also ensures stable chewing function. Thereby, increasing aesthetics and limiting the appearance of oral diseases later.

Why is ART a suitable dental filling technique for children?

Parents should not be subjective about tooth decay attacks in children. Although baby teeth will go through a process of change, they still hold an extremely important task that should not be overlooked. That is to ensure the chewing function works normally. At the same time, it is the basic foundation for future teeth growth to be in the right position. Only when teeth grow properly can the craniofacial skeletal system develop balance.

Điều trị răng sâu trẻ em bằng kỹ thuật hàn răng ART mang lại hiệu quả cao, giúp trẻ em còn ám ảnh khi tới nha sĩ điều trị
Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Fillings: Why is ART a suitable dental filling technique for children? 4 benefits ART tooth filling technology brings. ART filling process at BeDental

Currently, tooth decay in children is at an alarming level. Not only will it affect you later, but even now, tooth decay will make your baby feel extremely uncomfortable in both eating and daily activities. More dangerously, tooth decay in children without timely intervention can lead to many other dangerous complications.

Treating children’s tooth decay with non-traumatic tooth filling is the perfect choice. Because with the fear of pain and noise, conventional methods will make children even more afraid.

Furthermore, the ART tooth filling technique also brings comprehensive results. Wormholes are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The filling material used has excellent adhesion and will create an optimal tooth protection layer. In particular, ART is also a method of filling children’s teeth that can be intervened at a very early age, while other methods need children to reach an appropriate age threshold to be able to perform.

4 benefits ART tooth filling technology brings

ART tooth filling method is currently the top priority choice in cases of tooth decay treatment. Safety, efficiency and reasonable cost are the outstanding advantages that ART brings. In addition, the ART non-traumatic tooth filling method is also popular because of the following benefits:

Limit tooth invasion

Performing non-traumatic dental fillings does not affect the soft tissues or areas surrounding the area that needs treatment. Therefore, your baby will not feel pain or fear when having a filling or tooth decay treated. In the past, when it came to treating tooth decay, most children were confused and afraid. But now, with ART dental filling technology, children will be able to get rid of those worries and phobias.

Because it does not invade the teeth, ART tooth filling technique is also being applied increasingly and widely in most cases of tooth decay treatment. You can be completely assured when choosing this method to treat and prevent cavities from destroying your baby’s teeth.

Guaranteed safety

Experts say that the ART dental filling technique is very safe, even for children. First of all is the aesthetic restoration mechanism, regenerating tooth damage without invading unrelated areas.

Next, safety is guaranteed thanks to the fact that ART only uses dental filling materials that are safe, strictly tested and do not cause any harmful reactions to the body. Therefore, parents can put away their fears when taking their children for fillings and tooth decay treatment.

Brings high aesthetic effect

The non-traumatic tooth filling method is also one of the tooth filling techniques that brings high aesthetic results. The material used for filling is Fuji. It is known that Fuji has a milky white color and is quite similar to real teeth. If you look at it, it will be difficult to tell whether the tooth has ever been filled with fillings or not.

Besides, Fuji dental filling material used for ART technique also provides high hardening ability and good force resistance. Therefore, children can safely chew and mash their food without too much restriction. There will also be no chipping, cracking, etc.

Reasonable dental filling costs

It can be seen that the ART tooth filling technique brings both efficiency and high aesthetics. However, the cost of dental fillings is reasonable. Compared to other filling methods, the price of ART dental fillings is much cheaper. Most parents can take their children for surgery when they have early tooth decay problems.

Distinguish between cases where ART teeth should and should not be filled

Although highly appreciated in all aspects, not everyone can use the ART dental filling technique. The doctor will be the one to conduct a comprehensive examination and determine whether ART is appropriate. Specifically:

Với lỗ sâu trên răng được hình thành và có thể xoang trám thuận lợi thì kỹ thuật trám răng không sang chấn ART có thể thực hiện
Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Fillings: Why is ART a suitable dental filling technique for children? 4 benefits ART tooth filling technology brings. ART filling process at BeDental

ART technique is contraindicated in one of the following cases:

  • Tooth decay is showing painful swelling or abscesses.
  • The oral cavity is experiencing fluid flowing from the fistula near the decayed tooth.
  • The decayed tooth is severely destroyed and creates a deep hole, the pulp has also been seriously damaged and exposed.
  • The tooth has persistent pain and swelling, showing signs of infection or chronic pulpitis.
  • There is a cavity, but opening the cavity cannot be done, so ART cannot be performed.
  • Tooth decay cannot be opened from above or on the side of the tooth, so ART cannot be performed.

BeDental – Cheap and reputable address for non-traumatic dental fillings

You can easily find many addresses that provide trauma-free dental filling services. Because this is a fairly simple dental technique, reasonably priced and highly effective in treating and restoring cavities.

However, subjectively looking for less reputable addresses can lead to unpredictable consequences later. Therefore, choosing the right reputable dental facility like BeDental will ensure effectiveness and absolute peace of mind.

BeDental owns a team of excellent dentists with many years of experience in the profession. The process of completing many ART dental filling cases has helped doctors confidently handle all problems that occur during the procedure. Besides, with children, BeDental doctors always have ways to reassure and comfort children to help them feel comfortable and cooperate throughout the entire procedure.

Which cases can utilize Online dental consultation services?
Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Fillings: Why is ART a suitable dental filling technique for children? 4 benefits ART tooth filling technology brings. ART filling process at BeDental

Besides, the price of non-traumatic tooth filling at BeDental is always clearly and specifically reported. At the same time, we are committed to having the cheapest and most competitive prices on the market today.

ART filling process at BeDental

Although the non-traumatic tooth filling technique is quite simple and does not involve complicated steps, to bring comprehensive results and optimal durability, you should still go to reputable dental clinics to have it done.

Specifically, the ART dental filling process is performed as follows:

  • Step 1: Check your oral health

As mentioned above, not all dental caries can be treated with ART. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a dental health examination before performing dental fillings.

The doctor will evaluate your overall oral condition. Then monitor the cavity to see if the sinus can be performed or guided.

  • Step 2: Prepare all tools and materials for ART filling

Tools that need to be prepared include:

  1. Mirror in the mouth: has the effect of seeing clearly in the mouth to perform.
  2. Dentist: determine the location of decayed ivory.
  3. Tongs: pick up cotton balls.
  4. Ivory scraper: removes decayed ivory.
  5. Dental knife: widens the filling cavity path.
  6. Insertion and sculpting stick: to put filling material into the cavity that needs to be filled. At the same time, shape the filling accordingly.
  7. Mixing trowel and mixing glass: mix dental filling materials.

Materials that need to be prepared include:

  1. Glass Ionomer Cement: main material for dental fillings.
  2. Pre-rolled cotton: absorbs saliva and isolates the tooth that needs filling, ensuring dryness throughout the process.
  3. Roll into small round balls: absorb cleanly and deeply.
  4. Isolation agent such as vaseline: helps isolate the filling from ambient humidity, while also avoiding the filling material from sticking to the gloves.
  5. Plastic belt: helps shape the filling mold.
  6. Wooden wedges: fix the plastic band and restore the side surface, keeping the filling material from sticking between teeth or gums.
  • Step 3: Clean the oral cavity

One of the extremely important factors that determine the effectiveness of ART dental fillings is preparation in the mouth and control of surrounding saliva. The doctor will use cotton rolls to absorb secreted saliva. Besides, it helps temporarily isolate the tooth that needs filling from the moist saliva environment.

If scalpel intervention is needed, the doctor will perform local anesthesia to make the customer feel most comfortable.

  • Step 4: Proceed to prepare the filling cavity

The doctor will place a cotton ball around the tooth that needs filling to isolate and absorb all secreted saliva. Then, use a dentin curette to remove the decayed soft tooth tissue.

Next, if the entrance to the sinus is observed to be narrow, a dental knife will be used to widen it. Note, you need to change the cotton roll when it becomes too wet to ensure good isolation of the filling cavity from secreted saliva.

Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Fillings
Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Fillings: Why is ART a suitable dental filling technique for children? 4 benefits ART tooth filling technology brings. ART filling process at BeDental
  • Step 5: Clean the filling cavity

The doctor will carefully clean the filling cavity. Then, use other materials to increase adhesion.

  • Step 6: Mix dental filling material

The doctor will mix the filling material to prepare for filling. Standard mixed powder must be smooth and in the right proportion.

  • Step 7: Perform single-sided or multi-sided sinus filling

Depending on the condition of tooth decay, the doctor will perform a single-sided sinus filling or a multi-sided sinus filling. With specialized tools, the doctor will take small amounts of filling material and place them into the filling cavity. Wait about 1 – 2 minutes until the material hardens, then shape and remove excess filling with a sculpting tool.

  • Step 8: Finish filling and consultation

Your doctor will carefully re-examine the filling and make adjustments if necessary. After that, ask the customer not to chew for an hour to stabilize the tooth filling.

It can be seen that ART non-traumatic tooth filling brings countless benefits for the treatment and restoration of tooth decay. Although it is a simple technique, you should not be subjective, go to a reputable dental clinic to have it done. Contact BeDental for support with all dental issues.



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