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How Much Does Dental Implant Cost? Update Latest Price List 2024

How Much Does Dental Implant Cost? Molars are one of the extremely important teeth. Loss of molars can seriously affect both aesthetics and chewing function. The best solution for this case is molar implants. So, how much does molar implant cost? How much does a dental bridge cost? Where is a reputable place to get molar implants that are painless, safe and reasonably priced? BeDental’s article below will help you answer each question.

Introduction to molar implants and cases why dental implants are needed

1.1. Concept of dental implants

Molar implantation is the process of fixing missing or damaged teeth by replacing the missing tooth with an artificial tooth fixed to the jawbone or denture. Molars are created from different materials, including ceramic, quartz, fiberglass or polymer compounds. This process is considered an effective method to overcome tooth loss and improve the patient’s smile and chewing function.

1.2. Cases requiring dental implants

Cases requiring molar implants include:

  • Teeth are lost due to injury or disease
  • Tooth decay is so severe that it cannot be restored with a filling
  • Teeth that are sore, chipped, or damaged so severely that they cannot be restored using other treatment methods
  • Teeth are moved or tilted due to missing surrounding teeth
  • Teeth are lost due to the natural aging process.


Why is it necessary to implant molars?

Before learning about how much a molar implant costs, you need to understand the importance of this tooth.

2.1. Why is it necessary to implant molars?: Location and role of molars

Molars are also called molars. They are teeth number 6, 7 and tooth number 8. However, tooth number 8 has no function, so if lost, you do not need to replant it.

Molars are the largest in size on the dental arch. Besides, it has a large and wide chewing surface, with ridges and grooves on top. The tooth crown is also enlarged. The tooth roots are not straight but slightly curved.

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How much does dental implant cost?

Molars usually have 2 – 4 roots. Specifically, the upper molars usually have 3 roots, while the lower jaw will have 4 roots. Exceptionally, they may be less than 1 – 2 tooth roots.

So it can be seen that molars are the teeth responsible for the main function of chewing. Therefore, losing one or more molars means chewing function is affected. If food is not crushed and sent to the stomach, it can always affect the ability to absorb nutrients. It also makes the digestive system work less effectively.

2.2. Why is it necessary to have molars implanted?: The unpredictable harm caused by losing molars

Because molars hold an important position, replacing lost molars is something that users are interested in. However, after knowing how much molar implants cost, many people hesitate because they are afraid of pain and expense. However, not replanting lost molars can lead to many serious consequences such as:

Molars are responsible for chewing the entire jaw, so if they are lost, eating will be affected. At this time, the jaw will not have enough strength to chew and crush food. The longer the condition lasts, the greater the risk of stomach disease.

Molars that are decayed and lost for too long can cause tooth bone loss. At this time, neighboring teeth may grow crookedly and push in. Furthermore, the opposing teeth no longer have contact points. They can come down. If this situation continues, the bite misalignment will become more serious. The remaining teeth will also weaken and lead to the risk of losing more teeth.

Loss of molars affects long-term aesthetics. Because when not replanted, jaw bone loss will definitely occur. The more severe the jawbone loss, the cheeks will become sunken and the skin will wrinkle. Since then, the face has become much older and less beautiful than before.

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How many ways are there to implant dentures?

Molars play an extremely important role. Therefore, if it is lost, you need to plant a replacement as soon as possible. Here are the most common ways to implant dentures:

3.1. How many ways are there to implant dentures?: Implant dentures with removable jaws

Removable dentures are one of the oldest cosmetic methods for tooth loss. They are artificial teeth placed on a plastic jaw base. You can easily remove or install it depending on your needs.

The use of removable dentures is often recommended in cases of missing or multiple teeth. At the same time, it gives priority to the elderly. With metal hooks attached to real teeth, fake gums can adhere firmly and not fall off.

Currently, there are many different types of removable dentures. Depending on each case, you can choose partial dentures or full dentures. Materials are also quite diverse: hard plastic, flexible plastic, removable titanium metal frame, alloy frame, etc.

The advantages of molar implantation with removable dentures are: The process is easy and painless. Besides, cleaning is also quite easy as it can be removed and installed flexibly.

The disadvantage of implanting dentures with removable dentures is that they can cause gum atrophy and exposed tooth roots if worn for too long. Because frequent clasps can rub against real teeth.


3.2. How many ways are there to implant dentures?: Implant lost molars with porcelain bridges

You can refer to the method of making porcelain dental bridges in case of missing molars. Currently, the porcelain dental bridge method is used by many people.

The technique for bridging porcelain teeth is to grind away two adjacent real teeth, then attach a bridge consisting of 3-4 false teeth. The principle of this method is to borrow force from two real teeth to create anchorage. Thanks to the object, the lost tooth will be given strength. The process of eating and chewing food is also quite comfortable and realistic.

The advantage of this method is that it brings comprehensive aesthetics. At the same time, the chewing function is also significantly improved. However, the biggest disadvantage of porcelain dental bridging is that it damages the teeth. In the long term, more teeth may fall out. In addition, it does not prevent jaw bone loss from occurring.

How much does dental implant cost?
How much does dental implant cost?

3.3. How many ways are there to plant dentures?: Plant dentures using implant technique

Dental implants are considered the best molar implant technique today. This is a method of planting fixed dentures by using implant posts to replace real tooth roots. This method applies to cases of losing 1 or more teeth. Even if the entire jaw is lost, it can be used.

The most outstanding feature of this method of denture implantation is that the dental implant has good compatibility with the jaw bone. At this point, the implant will look like a real tooth root. After that, the dentist will restore the porcelain teeth.

The advantages of dental implant technique are: It is not painful when performed. Besides, jaw bone loss also does not occur. There is also no risk of gum damage or wear on real teeth. Perfect chewing function, easy pronunciation, comfortable like real teeth.

However, dental implants are quite expensive. Besides, the performing doctor must be a highly qualified person. This is a mandatory requirement if you want to have a safe and effective molar implant case.

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Criteria that affect how much molar implants cost

The cost of molar implants depends on many different factors. You need to understand clearly so that you can determine how much it will cost to get a molar implant. Below are some factors that directly impact the cost of molar implants:

4.1. Oral health condition

Oral health status is one of the extremely important factors that determine the cost of molar implants. Because if there are dental diseases, dental implants will not be performed immediately.

At this time, the doctor will prescribe radical treatment for the disease. Especially tooth decay, periodontitis, gingivitis, etc. These dental diseases more or less affect the effectiveness of molar implants.

Therefore, if there is dental disease, the cost of molar implants will be more expensive. Because in addition to the money for denture implants, you also have to pay additional costs for treating these dental diseases.

4.2. Doctor’s professional qualifications

The doctor who performs the dental implant process also affects the overall cost. Because if the doctor is good and has good expertise, the entire tooth implantation process will be safe, painless, and without potential risks. This also means that the cost will be higher than for less qualified doctors.

Furthermore, you should still choose a good dentist to perform molar implants because:

  • Molars are very difficult to grow. In order for the denture implant process to be safe, the doctor must have specialized training in maxillofacial surgery. Besides, they must have the expertise to understand hardness, porosity, tooth volume, dental implant techniques, etc.
  • Molar implants, especially implants, are very complicated. Therefore, only a good dentist can feel secure. Furthermore, not all cases can be implanted. Only a doctor with good expertise can provide accurate diagnoses and regimens.

4.3. Dental implant method

There are many different methods to implant dentures for molars. Among them, the most popular are implants and porcelain dental bridges. If you choose molar implants, the cost will be much higher than porcelain dental bridges. Besides, choosing the implant post, type of porcelain tooth, etc. will also greatly affect the overall cost.

4.4. Number of molars implanted

How many teeth need to be planted is also a factor that affects the cost. Because depending on each person’s case, the doctor will directly advise you on implanting 1, 2 or 3 teeth. Therefore, you should see your doctor directly for the most accurate examination and examination.

How much does dental implant cost? Latest estimated costs for 2024

How much does it cost to get molar implants? This is a question asked by many users. As mentioned above, the cost of molar implants depends on many different factors. However, a practical market survey shows that the price of molar implants will fluctuate as follows:

5.1. Price of molars with removable dentures

Implanting dentures with removable dentures is the most cost-effective method. Furthermore, this technique is also very simple to use. Loss of upper or lower molars is also applicable.

Currently, the cost of using removable dentures is about 300,000 – 10,000,000 VND depending on each case. Usually 300,000 – 500,000 VND for removable teeth. The remaining 2,000,000 – 10,000,000 VND is a function of the frame material.

5.2. Price of dentures using porcelain bridge method

How much does a dental bridge cost? The condition for molar implantation using the porcelain bridge method is that the neighboring teeth must be healthy. Then, the doctor uses a series of porcelain bridges with the corresponding number of teeth.

Note: This method is not suitable for cases of consecutive tooth loss. Especially the number 7 molar is not suitable for this procedure. For example, if you lose molar number 6, you will need to grind teeth number 5 and number 7 to make a porcelain bridge.

So how much does a dental bridge cost? The cost of making a porcelain dental bridge will be calculated based on the number of crowns used. If using ceramic crowns of 5,000,000 VND/crown to implant molars. You will need to use 3 crowns: 1 crown for the missing tooth and 2 crowns for the previously ground abutment teeth. Total cost for this case is 15,000,000 VND.

For each type of porcelain tooth, the cost of dental crowns will vary. Currently, the price of porcelain crowns ranges from 1,000,000 – 7,000,000 VND/crown.

5.3. Price of dentures using implant technique

Dental implant technique is considered the most perfect aesthetic restoration method for missing molars. From aesthetics to chewing function, everything is perfect. If you don’t care too much about cost, dental implants are the best option.

With the loss of molars, implants can fix it. The cost of implantation will range from 18,500,000 VND/tooth. This fee includes the price of the implant, abutment and porcelain crown.

With each different type of implant, the price of dental implants will also change. You should refer to the price list first to determine the costs you need to pay.

BeDental – Reputable dental clinic for painless, reasonably priced molar implants

To know exactly how much a molar implant costs, you should contact a reputable dental clinic like BeDental directly for a specific quote.

Proud to be one of the leading prestigious dental addresses. BeDental is committed to providing customers with the best experiences. From examination, consultation to treatment. All are served with professionalism and dedication.

How much does dental implant cost?
How much does dental implant cost?

Furthermore, BeDental not only gathers a team of good dentists but also focuses on investing in the most modern machinery and technology. Therefore, we treat any dental problems thoroughly.

When you come here, you will be directly examined by a doctor and assessed to the extent that you can have dentures. Then proceed with a specific quote so customers can understand the cost. Previous customers also commented that the price of dental implants at BeDental is more reasonable than many other places and the quality and service are very good.

Hopefully the useful information in the above article has helped you know how much molar implants cost. Contact BeDental to receive online consultation from a team of good dentists. Or you can go directly to the BeDental clinic if you need a direct examination.




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