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Dentures are smelly and painful- Causes and some solutions

Unveling the reason why dentures are smelly and painful and some effective solutions for each levels of smell and pain!

Reasons why dentures are smelly

– Patients who had bad breath before getting dentures

Patients with diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, sinusitis, etc. also emit bad odors from the oral cavity. Or in the case of a patient who has had bad breath before, when a denture is made to replace missing teeth, the secreted fluid or saliva affects the dentures and makes bad breath and dentures worse.

– Improper oral hygiene

One of the most obvious causes is improper oral hygiene, plaque or leftover food that is not thoroughly cleaned, remaining in between the teeth, cavities, and the surface of the tongue. Can cause phenomena such as tooth decay and periodontitis, if left for a long time, it will lead to bad dentures.

Ve sinh rang gia thao lap
Reasons why dentures are smelly. The cause of dentures are smelly. How to handle dentures are smelly

– The nature of the method of implanting removable dentures

For customers using removable dentures, it is difficult to avoid bad dentures. Dentures can become soaked in saliva during wear and cause unpleasant odors, so regular cleaning is required to minimize the possibility of bad breath. In addition, this method also has disadvantages such as atrophy of gums and damage to real teeth.

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– The quality of porcelain teeth is not guaranteed

The quality of porcelain teeth is the cause that affects the phenomenon of dentures smelling. For the porcelain bridge dental implant method, at least 2 adjacent teeth must be ground down to serve as supporting teeth. Therefore, if you use poor quality porcelain teeth or metal porcelain teeth to make them, it will likely affect the supporting teeth and real gums.

what causes broken dentures
Reasons why dentures are smelly. The cause of dentures are smelly. How to handle dentures are smelly

Plus the impact of saliva, daily food, etc. will cause the metal ribs of metal dentures to deteriorate, directly affecting real teeth and gums, causing bad breath.

– Poor dental restoration techniques

If the tooth is made by a doctor with poor restoration techniques, the process of installing the denture is not close to the gums, causing food to get stuck during eating, making it difficult to clean. After a period of waking up, bacteria multiply and cause bad breath.

– Improper diet

Foods such as onions, garlic, chives, etc., when consumed into the body, also cause bad breath.

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Reasons why dentures are smelly. The cause of dentures are smelly. How to handle dentures are smelly

The cause of dentures are smelly 

– Do not treat dental diseases before implanting dentures

Before performing any dental treatment, it is necessary to check and treat dental diseases such as tooth decay, pulpitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. Because if the oral environment is infected, it will affect the condition of dentures later, causing pain, worsening inflammation, difficulty healing wounds, etc., seriously affecting health.

In particular, in cases of cosmetic porcelain dental implants, the quality of real teeth is very important. If the tooth is sensitive or the tooth pulp has untreated pathology, it will result in having to remove the porcelain crown and restore the tooth from scratch.

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– Poor quality denture material

Just like bad dentures, the quality of dentures is very important because it directly affects real teeth and gums, causing gum irritation and pain, making dentures not last long.

– Improper tooth implant technique

If removable dentures do not fit properly, they will cause pain and affect adjacent teeth

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Reasons why dentures are smelly. The cause of dentures are smelly. How to handle dentures are smelly

Porcelain dental implants, if teeth are ground too much, affect the structure of real teeth, porcelain crowns do not fit tightly, become a place for food to stick to, causing tooth decay, toothache, uneven bite, and chewing. Hardness, joint pain when chewing, affecting adjacent teeth.

– Poor dental care

After denture implantation, patients need to take regular care of their teeth with specialized tools such as dental floss, water floss, etc. to ensure oral hygiene. causing bacteria to stick around teeth, weakening the roots.

How to handle dentures are smelly, painful, and sensitive

How to handle smelly dentures

To find the best and most effective method to fix the problem of smelly dentures, you should go to a reputable clinic to be examined by doctors with expertise and techniques to determine the most accurate cause.

– If removable dentures cause the dentures to smell bad and are unstable, have a low lifespan, and can affect neighboring teeth, you can refer to the dental implant method to overcome these problems. this situation.

– If the porcelain crown you are growing is not good enough, causing bad dentures, you should change to a new, better quality porcelain crown.

– If bad breath is caused by a systemic disease, you need to go to the hospital for thorough treatment.

In addition, patients can build a suitable oral care routine to avoid external factors that cause bad breath such as:

– Store removable dentures properly, clean your teeth properly, brush your teeth at least twice a day, it is recommended to use dental floss instead of toothpicks, you can use a water flosser to ensure Completely remove plaque and leftover food from your teeth, regularly rinse your mouth with mouthwash.

– Limit foods that cause bad breath

– Regular dental check-ups to avoid arising conditions, regular dental tartar removal to prevent bad breath.

How to treat denture pain and sensitivity

– Clean dentures with specialized oral hygiene products after eating and drinking, limit eating hard foods and using too hot or too cold foods that affect dentures.

– Visit your dentist regularly and quit smoking habits.

– If pain or sensitivity persists, you should consult a doctor for timely treatment.

– It should be noted that: You should choose professional and reputable dental facilities on the market, with a team of experienced and highly specialized doctors. To prevent unnecessary errors in the dental process, or to find the most suitable dental method for each person’s dental condition.

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What should you avoid when wearing dentures?

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Reasons why dentures are smelly. The cause of dentures are smelly. How to handle dentures are smelly
  • Abrasive cleaning materials: To clean dentures, avoid using hard-bristled brushes, harsh detergents and toothpaste, as they can be abrasive and damage your dentures.
  • Products with teeth whitening agents: Avoid using any whitening products as they can weaken dentures and change their color. Avoid soaking dentures containing metal in solutions containing chlorine, as it can tarnish and corrode the metal.
  • Hot water: Avoid using hot or boiling water to wash dentures, so as not to deform the dentures. To avoid dentures from becoming yellow, damaged and causing many troubles, users need to regularly care for and clean dentures. This care will help keep dentures clean, unstained and aesthetically pleasing.

Modern dental implant method

Dental Implant, also known as Implant, is the most modern method of dental implant today and brings the best results. Therefore, this is considered the number 1 denture implant method in the world and in the Vietnamese market.

Implant tooth structure consists of 3 main parts: Titanium post, Abutment joint and porcelain crown above. In particular, the implant post is grafted/inserted directly into the customer’s jawbone by doctors. This implant’s main function is to replace the lost tooth root. And especially helps firmly support the porcelain crown attached above. Helps customers chew and chew firmly like natural teeth without worrying about loose teeth.

Implant teeth have a design similar to our natural teeth in both color and shape.

Reasons why dentures are smelly
Reasons why dentures are smelly. The cause of dentures are smelly. How to handle dentures are smelly

Outstanding advantages of dental implant method:

+ Prevents jaw bone loss and facial aging.

+ Very high aesthetics, teeth after implantation have natural color.

+ Applicable to all cases of tooth loss.

+ No need to wear down two adjacent teeth, minimizing the risk of losing additional teeth.

+ Prevents misalignment of teeth around missing teeth.

+ Minimize oral diseases, do not cause bad breath.

+ Has durability and chewing ability almost like real teeth, helping you comfortably eat and drink, even soft and hard foods.

+ The average lifespan of teeth is high, more than 20 years, even almost forever if taken care of well

Compared to other methods of making dentures, the dental implant method can overcome most of the disadvantages of other methods. Because it is planted independently, it will not affect adjacent teeth. This method can avoid bad breath or pain and sensitivity.

However, if you are not careful in choosing a dental facility, or choose poor quality implants, it will still cause bad dentures, pain, sensitivity, and even serious problems. More serious problems include implant fracture and infection in the implant area. Therefore, to achieve the best results and avoid future risks, you really need to choose a reputable dental clinic.

How to care for your teeth after dentures

  • There are simple habits you can adopt to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal and before going to bed, and use dental floss to clean between teeth and tooth roots.
  • Avoid eating a lot of sweets and fats, and don’t smoke.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day and eat enough meals to keep your salivary glands active and keep your mouth moist.
  • Regularly have a health check-up every 6 months or as prescribed by your doctor, treat gastrointestinal diseases that cause bad breath if any, and clean your teeth every 6 months.

Denture areas with bad breath can be completely overcome by taking proper oral care and choosing the appropriate denture implant method. Therefore, before replacing lost teeth, you should consult a doctor and go to a reputable dental clinic to minimize problems such as pain, infection and bad breath after implantation. Dentures.

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Recently, there has been information surrounding the problem of dentures being foul-smelling, painful, and sensitive. Thereby hopes you have found the cause and how to fix the above symptoms. At the same time, find a modern and safe method of teeth whitening to ensure future living. Thank you for watching!



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