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Meaning of a receding chin? How to fix a receding chin?

There are many differnt causes of a receding chin, but most commonly it is congenital. It is easily noticeable, especially because it affects the aesthetic appearance of a person’s face, which leads many to doubt its significance in face numerology. So What is a receding chin ? How does it affect one’s facial structure ?

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1. What is a receding chin?

What is a receding chin? A receding chin is when the chin tends to protrude excessively towards the neck of the patient. This makes the person feel that their face is shorter and significantly impacts their aesthetic appearance.



Receding chin
What is a receding chin? A receding chin is when the chin retreats inward compared to a normal chin.

A normal chin will have proportional features in the face, with the chin, lips, and nasal tip forming a straight line. However, a receding chin is less likely to have this “golden ratio” due to a shorter jawbone structure.

2. What are the causes of a receding chin?

There are several possible causes of a receding chin. Here are the most common ones that have been collected.

Congenital factors: Genetic variations and injuries during the fetal development process can cause changes in the shape of the jawbone, resulting in a receding chin in the baby even before birth. Many cases are considered to have symptoms of micrognathia.


causes of a receding chin
Causes of a receding chin – Receding chin is mostly due to congenital or hereditary factors.

Injury to the lower jaw: When the lower jaw is injured during movement or sports activities, it can affect the normal growth of the bone. This can lead to a receding chin.

Oral cancer: Mouth pain and destruction of the soft tissue structure can cause changes in the shape and scarcity of the chin, resulting in a receding chin.

3. Signs of a receding chin

The presence of a receding chin has specific manifestations, making it relatively easy to identify, especially when observed from an angled perspective.

When viewed from an angle, we can see that the chin of a person with a receding chin curves inward more than normal. This makes the length of the chin appear shorter, giving the perception of having two chins even though the person is not overweight, and the teeth may seem to protrude outward.


cam lem 2
Signs of a receding chin

Therefore, the condition of a receding chin will mostly impact the aesthetic appearance of the patient. Those with a receding chin will have a rounder face, a smaller-looking nose, thinner lips, and the teeth are more likely to protrude if the discrepancy between the upper and lower jaws is significant.

Furthermore, there are dozens of reports indicating that individuals with a receding chin are more prone to injury or disruption of the temporomandibular joint compared to the general population.

4. In face numerology, what kind of person has a receding chin? Is it good or bad?

In face numerology, what kind of person has a receding chin? According to astrology, the chin is a significant feature with many implications for one’s destiny. By looking at the shape, one can infer the temperament, career prospects, and love life of the owner of the chin. So, what does it mean for someone with a receding chin?

4.1. For men

Men with a receding chin are often talented and skilled individuals. However, this group tends to be insecure, easily affected by setbacks, and their career may not progress smoothly. Despite their talents, they may struggle to advance in their profession.


cam lem 3 1
Signs of a receding chin

In matters of love, individuals with a receding chin tend to have weaknesses and suffer romantic setbacks. When in love, they lean more towards emotions and the heart rather than listening to reason. As a result, they are easily influenced in love and often have to go through many relationships before finding a suitable spouse.

4.2. For women

For women with a receding chin, life may not be smooth. According to face numerology, this is considered an unfavorable chin shape.

They tend to be impatient and lack responsibility in all aspects, especially in their work. Consequently, they often fail to win the favor of their superiors and the likelihood of career advancement is very rare.


cam lem 4
Signs of a receding chin

In married life, women are often perceived as being fickle, lacking loyalty, and having shallow emotions.

They may love multiple people, but not deeply or with long-lasting commitment. Most of their love stories happen fleetingly.

In terms of raising children, they also face difficulties and have to worry about financial matters. Their lives are not particularly joyful or smooth.

In general, in face numerology, both men and women have many unfortunate traits. It negatively affects their love life, career, and financial prosperity.

Therefore, they tend to seek solutions for improving their appearance, especially in terms of modern dental aesthetics, with the hope of changing their destiny and aiming for a better and more beautiful life.

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5. How to treat a receding chin?

To improve and reshape a receding chin, the usual approach is chin augmentation using various techniques. There are two main methods that are commonly applied:

5.1. Surgical chin augmentation

This involves using cartilage fragments from the patient, which are biologically compatible, to add volume to the receding chin. This helps make the chin more proportionate and achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.


cam lem 6
How to treat a receding chin
Chin augmentation surgery requires the person performing it to have a strong and skilled craftsmanship. The medical facility also needs to have the necessary infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical equipment to ensure that the surgical procedure achieves good results for the patients.

5.2. Filler injection for correcting a receding chin

Filler is a relatively safe material commonly used in aesthetic procedures. Its function is to fill in areas with depleted tissue, so after filler injection, the lower chin will achieve the desired length with appropriate projection, harmonizing with the upper chin, lips, and nose.
As a result, the face will become more balanced. Some advantages of using filler to correct a receding chin include:
– Non-invasive procedure.
– Quick results, usually taking less than 15 minutes.
– Greatly improves the issue of a short and receding chin.
– The procedure is gentle and minimally painful, with fast recovery.
– Filler is a stable material that has been approved and tested by the FDA, therefore it rarely causes adverse reactions in the body.
However, the filler injection solution still has some weaknesses, such as:
– The effectiveness of this method only lasts up to two years.
– It is only suitable for mild cases. For more severe conditions, chin augmentation surgery is recommended for long-lasting and effective results.

6. Should one undergo chin augmentation surgery for a receding chin? How much does it cost?

Since the chin augmentation surgery involves significant invasion, many clients are unsure whether they should undergo chin augmentation with cartilage or not.
Phẫu thuật trượt cằm lẹm
How to treat a receding chin ? Sliding genioplasty surgery can correct a receding chin.

You can be completely assured that with the strong advancement of the dental aesthetics industry, chin augmentation solutions are very stable and do not have any negative effects or harm in the long term.

Moreover, surgical solutions using cartilage often provide longer-lasting results. On average, they can last for over 10 years, or even permanently.

In comparison to filler injections, where the filling material will dissolve after about 1-2 years and the chin augmentation procedure will need to be repeated, undergoing surgery using cartilage is a more durable option.

The cost for one chin augmentation surgery using cartilage ranges from 15,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND. This is not significantly different from the cost of filler injections (around 10,000,000 VND).

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7. Can orthodontics treat a receding chin?

Orthodontic treatment for a receding chin is usually only suitable for mild cases. In such situations, orthodontists will use dental appliances such as braces, brackets, or mini-implants to harmonize the upper and lower jaws.


Niềng răng chữa cằm lẹm
How to treat a receding chin ? Orthodontic treatment can help correct a receding chin.

In most other cases, orthodontics cannot treat a receding chin. In such situations, it is necessary to resort to chin augmentation surgery.

8. Some tips for treating a receding chin at home

For mild cases of a receding chin, it is possible to conceal this flaw with a suitable hairstyle or gentle makeup.

Here are some secrets from professional hairdressers and makeup artists to transform an imbalanced face into a more charming one.

8.1 Tips for treating a receding chin at home – Makeup to correct a receding chin

Makeup is a simple and suitable trick for women, especially for those who love beauty care.

When applying makeup, create shadows to make the face appear more slim. At this point, the chin will appear longer compared to the forehead. Here is a method you can follow:


Trang điểm che lẹm cằm
Tips for treating a receding chin at homeUsing Makeup to cover up Receding chin

– Makeup focuses more on the cheekbones and jawline areas. After applying makeup, the face will appear much slimmer.

– If you have a receding chin, applying a foundation that is about 2 tones darker can create shadows and make the face appear more defined.

– Create a visual effect by shading the neck area. This trick will deceive the eyes and make people perceive the chin as normal length.

This method is not too complicated and can bring about some changes. However, it is temporary and requires proper makeup skills to achieve the desired effect.

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8.2. Choosing a more suitable hairstyle for a receding chin

If you have a receding chin and want to find a more suitable hairstyle, there are various options to consider.

If you want to conceal your receding chin, you can choose long hairstyles tied back or hairstyles that suit curly hair, with layers and bangs covering the face.

If you prefer short hair, consider short hairstyles that have volume at the back and hug the face, creating a soft and gentle look for the chin.

However, if you want to try more standout hairstyles, consider hairstyles with eyebrow-length bangs or long layers that add length to the face and create volume for the hair. You can also try hairstyles with diagonal or twisted elements for a modern and fashionable look.

The important thing is to choose a hairstyle that suits your needs and style. You can consult a hair expert for advice on a hairstyle that suits your face shape.

8.3. Practicing mewing to correct a receding chin

Mewing is a technique that involves positioning the tongue correctly in the mouth. In this position, the tongue will be comfortable and provide the most relaxed feeling for the palate.

To practice this technique, keep your mouth closed, with the lower lips touching the upper lips, the upper and lower teeth touching each other, and place the entire tongue on the palate.

This exercise helps train the tongue position and assist the facial muscles, improving facial contours. Therefore, practicing this gesture daily and maintaining it for a long period of time can help correct a receding chin.

However, if your receding chin is at an average or severe level, this technique is almost ineffective.


In conclusion, a receding chin refers to a condition where the lower part of the face lacks prominence, affecting facial balance and appearance. There are various methods to fix a receding chin, including chin augmentation surgery, injectable fillers, and orthodontic treatment.

However, for those looking for at-home options, there are some tips for treating a receding chin at home. These include facial exercises, maintaining good posture, weight management, makeup techniques, and hairstyling. While these tips may provide some improvement, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional for a comprehensive assessment and appropriate treatment options.



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