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 BROKEN TOOTH AND COST-EFFECTIVE WAYS TO FIX A BROKEN TOOTH will be shared by BeDental in the following article, let’s find out!

The front tooth plays a crucial role in chewing, biting, tearing food, and especially, it is important for aesthetic purposes. However, due to various reasons, such as external force or dental diseases, a broken front tooth can occur. So, how can we effectively and cost-effectively fix a broken cfront tooth? Can a broken front tooth grow back? Let’s explore with BeDental right now!

Broken Tooth

What is a broken front tooth?

The term “front tooth” is used to describe the uppermost tooth in the upper jaw, also known as the upper Front or upper canine tooth. When we talk about a “broken front tooth,” it refers to the condition where one or more upper Front teeth are broken or knocked out. A broken front tooth can cause difficulties in both health and function, including challenges with chewing, speaking, and producing sounds. To improve this condition, individuals with a broken front tooth need to seek timely treatment by visiting a dentist for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Can a broken front tooth grow back?

Can a broken front tooth grow back? front tooth, also known as canine teeth, are temporary teeth that typically grow during the period from 6 months to 3 years old and will usually shed when the permanent teeth come in. If a front tooth is broken or knocked out before its natural shedding time, the permanent tooth will not grow back.

Can a broken cuspid tooth grow back
Can a broken Front tooth grow back

Levels of broken Front teeth

Typically, when a Front tooth is broken due to external force or dental diseases, it falls into one of the following three levels:

  • Fracture less than 1/3 of the size of the Front tooth, a mild fracture, a small piece, or a crack in the Front tooth.
  • Fracture involving a larger portion, more than 1/2 of the tooth. It may even be larger, but the root of the tooth is still intact.
  • The most severe level: a complete fracture of the tooth and root, also known as a knocked-out tooth.

Regardless of the severity of the broken Front tooth, it brings inconvenience and self-consciousness during communication. Therefore, the method of fixing a broken Front tooth is something that many people are concerned about.

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Causes of broken Front teeth

Những nguyên nhân gây ra gẫy răng cửa

  • Impact from within the tooth structure: When your tooth is inflamed, it needs to be cleaned internally by a dentist to remove the inflamed area. At that point, the tooth is referred to as a “dead tooth” because it becomes brittle and easily susceptible to breaking.
  • External force causing a broken Front tooth: Strong collisions or accidents to the facial area during movement or sports, or in industrial work, are the factors that cause tooth fractures.
  • Tooth erosion condition: This is a common condition seen in patients with poor tooth enamel quality. Damage originates from improper brushing habits and consuming acidic foods that cause tooth erosion. Signs of tooth erosion can be identified by deep cavities in the tooth root, which can lead to tooth fractures when subjected to significant force.
  • Front tooth loss can be caused by periodontal disease: Periodontal disease is the main cause of tooth mobility and tooth loss in older adults. Infection destroys the surrounding parts of your tooth, negatively impacting the development and daily functionality of the tooth. As the bacterial infection worsens, tooth recovery becomes increasingly challenging.

Immediate remedies for a broken Front tooth:

When you have a broken Front tooth, here are some temporary remedies you can apply until you can see a dentist:

  • Keep the broken area dry: Use warm water to clean the broken tooth area to remove dirt and prevent bacterial infection.
  • Keep the Front tooth in a moist solution: If possible, keep the Front tooth moist by soaking it in water or milk. This helps preserve the tooth better and increases the chances of successful recovery.
  • Examine the damage: Carefully observe the broken tooth area to assess the extent of the damage and determine if any parts are broken or displaced. Take detailed notes on the condition of the Front tooth and inform the dentist.
  • Control bleeding: If there is bleeding, place a clean cotton ball or gauze on the broken area and gently apply pressure for about 10-15 minutes to control the bleeding. If bleeding persists, seek medical assistance promptly.
  • Use pain medication: If you experience pain, you can use pain medication according to the manufacturer’s instructions or as directed by a doctor. Avoid applying medication directly to the tooth.
  • Avoid chewing or biting on hot foods: Avoid chewing or biting on hard foods in the broken tooth area to prevent further damage and keep the Front tooth safe for the restoration process.
  • Limit exposure to high temperatures: Avoid contact with excessively hot or cold drinks and food to prevent irritation to the broken Front tooth and reduce pain.
  • Seek professional dental care: It is essential to seek help from a specialized dentist as soon as possible. They will determine the extent of the damage and provide advice on appropriate treatment methods for tooth restoration.

Inconvenience caused by a broken Front tooth:

Many people may feel anxious and worried when they have a broken Front tooth because they consider it a bad omen. However, let’s put aside the spiritual aspect for now and focus on the practical inconveniences caused by a broken Front tooth. Specifically,

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Bất tiện khi mất răng cửa

Causing tooth loss

When the tooth is damaged, the enamel and dentin of the tooth will be exposed, causing the patient to experience tooth sensitivity when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods.

Chewing is no longer easy as before

Each group of teeth in the dental arch has its own specific function. For example, the molar group is for chewing, the premolar group is for chewing food, and the canine teeth are for tearing food.

If any of these groups of teeth are missing, it will put pressure on the remaining teeth. However, the structure of the teeth is not designed for this task. Therefore, chewing while eating becomes very difficult.

And as a result, your stomach will have to work harder when there are food particles that are not properly covered in the oral cavity.

The face becomes seriously imbalanced when the Front tooth is broken.

Sự bất tiện của gãy răng cửa

If a tooth is broken in public places, the exposed area can be effectively covered. But if it is a Front tooth, simply closing your mouth will reveal the missing Front tooth. Others cannot see when your Front tooth is missing in the corner of the jaw.

Tooth loss can lead to jawbone resorption.

This is very detrimental to the harmony of the dental arch. If a broken Front tooth is accompanied by the loss of the root, the socket bone will gradually be resorbed over time if there is no intervention to replace the missing tooth.

Jawbone resorption can have complications that harm the harmony of the face. They have the ability to deform the dental arch and cause facial asymmetry.

A broken tooth increases the risk of oral diseases.

When a tooth is broken, whether partially or completely, the tooth surface will be affected and can create cavities and gaps. This creates conditions for various bacteria to grow, invade, and cause diseases in the tooth.

A severely broken tooth that is not regularly and properly cared for will increase the risk of related oral diseases. Gradually, the remaining part of the broken tooth will be more rapidly deteriorated, leading to complete tooth loss. Once a tooth is lost, it can cause jawbone resorption and tooth shifting, causing damage to other teeth.

Cost-effective ways to repair a broken Front tooth

Depending on the extent of the break, there are different ways to repair it. Specifically:

Cuspid tooth
Cost-effective ways to repair a broken Front tooth

Conservative treatment for a brokenFront tooth

For conservatively treating a broken Front tooth, there are two main methods:

Dental bonding for a broken Front tooth: This method is suitable for a tooth that is broken less than one-third of its structure. The dentist will apply dental bonding material to restore the original shape of the tooth. This procedure is quick, taking about 15-20 minutes, and the treatment cost is relatively low. With just a few thousand, you can have a new, beautiful, and complete Front tooth.

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Cost-effective ways to repair a broken Front tooth

Dental crown: If the tooth is broken more than half of its structure or if it is severely broken but still has a root, you may need to get a dental crown to ensure the strength of the tooth. When the fracture is too large, the dental bonding material used in dental bonding method may not adhere securely and can easily come off.

Cases where conservative treatment is not possible

In cases of severe broken Front tooth where conservative treatment is not possible, such as when the tooth is completely missing or when it is not possible to retain the root, there are two methods that can be used to address the broken Front tooth:

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Trong rang implant

In cases of severe broken Front tooth where conservative treatment is not possible, such as when the tooth is completely missing or when it is not possible to retain the root, there are two methods that can be used to address the broken Front tooth:

+ Dental bridge: A dental bridge is a method that easily restores a damaged tooth in 2-3 appointments with the dentist. The two adjacent teeth on each side of the broken Front tooth will be slightly shaved down, and then a dental bridge with three artificial teeth will be placed on top of the remaining natural teeth. This central artificial tooth will replace the missing pair of Front teeth.

+ Dental implant: Dental implant is a highly regarded method by dental experts as it replaces both the root and crown of the missing tooth. This method allows for an independent tooth replacement without the need to shave down adjacent teeth. An implant post is surgically placed into the jawbone, and a dental crown is fixed onto the implant post to replace the missing crown, ensuring stability during chewing and swallowing.

To firmly restore a broken Front tooth, it is important to choose a reputable dental clinic for treatment. In general, a broken Front tooth can be effectively restored, so there is no need to worry too much! To receive advice on how to restore a broken Front tooth, please contact BeDental.

+ Dental crown

Dental crown is a commonly used method to restore teeth that are broken, thin, worn, or damaged. However, the decision to get a dental crown for a broken Front tooth depends on various factors, such as oral health condition, age, extent of the tooth fracture, and personal finances.

If the broken Front tooth is a serious issue, getting a dental crown is the best method to restore the tooth’s function and prevent problems related to tooth decay or infection. However, if the tooth is severely damaged, other methods of tooth restoration or dental veneers may be a better option.

Before getting a dental crown, it is advisable to consult with a dentist for advice and undergo a dental examination to assess the condition of your oral health. The dentist will evaluate the condition of your tooth and recommend the best method to address your issue.

Price list for dental implant

Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Dentium (Tìm hiểu thêm....)
Dentium Implant from USA (More detail...)
(Mỹ)(1 trụ)21.000.000

~ 825$
Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Dentium Implant
Dentium Implant from Korea (More detail...)
(Hàn quốc)(1 trụ)18.000.000
~ 707$
Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Osstem (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Osstem Implant from Korea (More detail...)
(Hàn quốc)(1 trụ)18.000.000
~ 707$
Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Tekka (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Tekka Implant from France (More detail...)
(Pháp)(1 trụ)25.000.000
~ 982$
Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Humana
Humana Implant
(Đức )(1 trụ)
Giá Ghép xương phục vụ Cấy implant (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Bone Grafting (More detail...)
(1đơn vị)5.000.000
~ 196$
Giá Nâng xoang kín(Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Closed Sinus Lift
(1đơn vị)8.000.000
~ 314$
Giá Nâng xoang hở (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Open sinus lift
(1đơn vị)6.000.000
~ 236$
Ghép màng Xương
periosteum Grafting
(1đơn vị)10.000.000
~ 393$
Màng PRF(1đơn vị)2.000.000
~ 79$


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