Bad lucks are something that no one wants. If you encounter unlucky things in life, you can do a very simple way to overcome bad luck.

Just from folk remedies, we can practice them whenever we feel we are having bad lucks. The following method of solving bad luck is also practiced by many people and makes them feel more secure. Therefore, to make life more convenient, please refer to the ways to overcome bad lucks below.

What is bad luck?

What is bad luck? Bad luck (also known as bad luck, misfortune, bad luck) in Vietnamese describes an unwanted situation or event that causes disadvantage or damage to a person or organization. Also a term equivalent to “risk” or “bad fate” and is often referred to when the user feels things are not going well at a certain time. People also hope that bad lucks will pass away and life will become good.

Bad lucks often occur randomly and unpredictably, so it can involve many types of events, including loss of job, accident, illness, failure in business or education, and many other cases. Some people may think that bad luck has been improved by spiritual healing or improvement. However, analyzing bad lucks and how to solve it is a difficult and sensitive issue, because the context surrounding the problem can be different depending on beliefs, customs, and religious concepts. teacher.

Signs that you or someone else is having bad lucks

The financial situation faces many difficulties and hardships

The path of fortune we talk about here is not about getting a job that receives a monthly salary, but is related to an individual’s business career. It can be the path to building a career, the types of paths that can make a person rich, the path of fortune is very closely related to luck.

When your luck is at its peak, you will own many assets and projects, from large to small, but once your finances are shaky, it can be a loss or encounter financial fluctuations. Bad luck is following you right now.

Breakage (bowls, plates, bowls, cups, mirrors, jade, feng shui gemstones)

In almost every family there are bowls, plates and cups, or breakable items. Whether you accidentally or intentionally break something, in spiritual terms, it is also a sign of bad luck.

In addition to breaking things and causing financial loss, behind that, you should also pay attention to your luck because there may be other risks coming your way, you need to be more careful in everything and limit them. Hot-tempered and angry when something happens.


This is considered the most unlucky sign, with an extremely high level of risk, especially broken utensils early in the morning. For example, if you’re not careful at breakfast and break the cup, if you pour water and break the glass, you need to be very careful, it may affect your whole day.

Besides, a broken mirror is considered a very unlucky sign. If a mirror breaks in the early morning, you should not go out. In addition, commonly worn items such as jade and feng shui watch faces. .. when it falls apart it is not a good thing, it shows that you will encounter bad lucks, risk or even great disaster.

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Many spider webs appeared on the ceiling, and rats came to destroy furniture in the house

Suddenly one day, you realize that there are many spider webs in your house, or that many mice have come to nest in your house, you should pay attention. On the one hand, thinking about poor cleaning makes them nest. On the other hand, you also think about signs of instability, or bad luck that is about to come.

Don’t accept to live with those dirty things, on the contrary, clean your house, get rid of mice and spider webs. That also helps make the house beautiful, attracts positive things, and helps improve life and finances significantly.

However, on days like the three days of Tet, you should not clean, because according to feng shui, abstaining from sweeping and cleaning during the three days of Tet will help you bring luck to yourself and those around you.

Ornamental plants, flowers and leaves all wither and die

Ornamental plants and flower pots today have become an unfamiliar home decoration trend. The arrangement of ornamental plants aims to enhance aesthetic value and feng shui. In case there are some wilted leaves or flowers, nothing too significant.

However, if a healthy plant suddenly wilts and dies, or a series of indoor plants die, you need to pay special attention, it is a sign that bad luck is near. Friend .

Ornamental plants are often compared to vitality. If the plant has weak leaves, lacks nutrients and dies, it can warn of illness occurring in you or your loved ones.

Besides, violating feng shui in raising ornamental plants can cause you to fall into disputes, conflicts and in more serious cases, lead to court cases with the inconvenience and costs involved. .

Wild cats appeared on the roof, and aquarium fish all died

According to feng shui concepts, the appearance of a stray cat on the roof means that your family will have an accident or lose something very important.

If stray cats appear in many different locations around/in the house, it shows that the land you are living in is not peaceful or stable, so you need to reconsider as soon as possible.

Keeping ornamental fish in the house is one of the feng shui favorites of many people, however, you need to pay special attention. Losing 1 or 2 fish doesn’t cause too much of a problem.

However, if all the farmed fish die, this signals economic downturn or illness. In this case, it is best for you not to continue raising fish because not everyone is suitable and can succeed in this.

Those are taboos in feng shui that you should know to avoid unwanted bad lucks from clinging to your life. Let’s overcome them to create a more positive and lucky living space!

The reason why you have continuous bad lucks

Bad luck is a relative concept and the reasons can include many different factors. Here are some common causes that can lead to bad lucks:

  • Due to the environment and people around: The environment and context around a person can influence the level of bad luck they encounter. Maybe someone hates you and casts a spell on you personally, or a toxic work environment also makes you unlucky.
  • Due to your own thought actions: Some unlucky situations can stem from thoughtless personal decisions or careless behavior. For example, money decisions, relationship choices or carelessness in life also bring bad luck.
  • In the field of religion and spirituality, some representatives of philosophy and religion believe that bad lucks can be considered part of the creative plan decided by mysterious or supernatural spirits. Or even, it is the toying of the earth organization with the cosmic forces.
  • Randomness: A large portion of bad luck can occur due to events that cannot be predicted or controlled, such as disasters or fortuitous incidents. The principle of the so-called “round coin” in life sometimes causes people to encounter troublesome situations.

Although there are many factors that contribute to bad luck, you cannot always control all of these factors. However, changing your behaviour, personal decisions and attitude can help you improve your circumstances and reduce the effects of bad luck.

HOW TO RESOLVE BAD LUCKS. Once resolved, bad luck is over

How to overcome bad lucks: Use salt

Since ancient times, people have used salt to ward off evil spirits. Not only that, salt is also a very simple way to neutralize bad luck. If you feel like you’ve been having bad luck lately, then take a handful of salt and throw it over your left shoulder, and the bad luck will be dispelled. Remember, you should not throw it on the right shoulder because it will cause bad luck to not only decrease but multiply.

A simpler method is that you can cleanse yourself of bad luck by bathing in salt water. You should only mix about 2 tablespoons of salt into hot water and then take a bath. Bathing in salt water is also very beneficial for the skin.

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How to cure bad lucks: Use feng shui stones

When it comes to feng shui stones, many people are familiar with them. In recent years, people have not only used feng shui stones to neutralize bad luck but also used them to decorate their homes and beautify themselves. However, if you want to use feng shui stones to neutralize bad lucks in money, you must choose according to your age and destiny to maximize the effectiveness.

What is bad luck? Signs that you or someone else is having bad lucks

Currently, some types of stones such as cat’s eye, rose quartz, and amethyst are crafted into bracelets and necklaces to carry with them to help the wearer bring luck and fortune.

How to overcome bad lucks: Release animals

This is also a way to overcome bad luck that many people apply. To release animals, you can buy fish and turtles. However, absolutely do not eat and slaughter released animals to achieve the best results. The place where animals are released is also airy and clean, with no self-interest.

What is bad luck? Signs that you or someone else is having bad lucks

How to overcome bad lucks: Use mugwort leaves to neutralize bad luck

-Besides the effect of nourishing the body and making health nourishing food, mugwort is also used to ward off evil spirits and ward off bad luck. If you are having bad luck in life or work, one of the ways to overcome bad luck is to hang wormwood leaves on your front door to neutralize it.

What is bad luck? Signs that you or someone else is having bad lucks

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How to overcome bad lucks: Use garlic to ward off bad luck

Not only is garlic a familiar ingredient in the kitchen, but garlic also plays the role of repelling evil spirits, helping you avoid being deceived by spells. To counteract bad luck, make a small red bag to keep garlic with you. Ideally, you should use small garlic samples with long cores to achieve the best results.

How to overcome bad lucks: Hang feng shui paintings

Hanging feng shui paintings is a way to neutralize bad lucks that you can apply. This type of painting helps the homeowner have good luck, helps work go smoothly and minimizes bad luck.

What is bad luck? Signs that you or someone else is having bad lucks

You can hang feng shui paintings such as: Gilded lotus paintings, smooth sailing paintings, successful horse and horse paintings, river paintings, etc. These paintings can both neutralize bad luck and help. Decorate the house space more luxuriously.

How to overcome bad lucks: Use red beans

According to feng shui, the dark red color of red beans is beautiful and harmonious, symbolizing luck. This is a beautiful color that helps the homeowner bring in more fortune, relieve bad luck and sadness. You can overcome bad luck with money by putting red beans in a small brocade bag and placing it under your pillow. You should change the bag of red beans once a week to maximize luck. Be careful not to put things in your bag. Broken and chipped seeds.

How to overcome bad lucks: Teeth whitening attracts fortune

When talking about teeth, many people still think in the conventional way that teeth are also a part of the human body. The presence of teeth is to assist in chewing and facilitate the absorption of food.

According to feng shui, teeth greatly affect a person’s destiny. So having bad and uneven teeth will negatively affect your destiny. The shape of your teeth hides many secrets, it shows feng shui, career and personality of each individual.

What is bad luck? Signs that you or someone else is having bad lucks

Not everyone is born with straight and bright white teeth. Different colors and shapes of teeth will lead to a different life. Making porcelain teeth to improve your face, making your life and work more convenient and easier.

If you want to know which porcelain teeth are beautiful and suitable for you to improve your destiny, you can contact Bedental dentistry for the most detailed and dedicated advice.

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