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10 benefits to help you decide whether porcelain crowns are necessary?

Are porcelain dental crowns good? Are porcelain crowns necessary? Who should not have porcelain teeth? What are the outstanding advantages of porcelain dental technology? Benefits of porcelain crowns? Are porcelain dental crowns durable? Why do so many people choose porcelain crowns? Let’s find out with BEDENTAL the 10 benefits below to help you decide whether to get porcelain crowns or not.

What are the effects of porcelain dental crowns?

Porcelain crowns are a dental cosmetic method trusted and favored by many customers because they are quick and modern, helping you easily have bright, white, beautiful, and natural teeth.

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What are the effects of porcelain dental crowns? Who should not have porcelain teeth? Benefits of porcelain crowns

The porcelain crown procedure is gentle and smooth, with no pain during the procedure. Dentists will mark the roots of the teeth, perform tooth grinding technology and cover our teeth with porcelain, restoring the shape, size and color of the teeth.

Porcelain crowns are currently an effective solution for those suffering from:

  • Teeth are heavily infected with antibiotics but want to be bright white
  • Teeth were covered with composite but had receding gums and severe gingivitis
  • Sparse front teeth
  • Bad tooth enamel, enamel deficiency
  • Teeth with severe chewing surface wear
  • Teeth are chipped, broken, and cannot be filled
  • Make a dental bridge to restore missing teeth
  • Reshape and color one or several teeth with bad shape and color
  • Restoration on implant
  • Protects a widely broken tooth
  • Teeth that have had root canal treatment


Who should not have porcelain teeth?

Who should not have porcelain teeth? Porcelain crowns are the best solution for tooth aesthetics, reviving a bright, confident smile for many people. But not everyone can get porcelain crowns. Are you part of this group? You should not get porcelain crowns when you have the following signs:

  • Suffering from periodontal disease, weak tooth roots, overly sensitive teeth, often experiencing pain
  • Slightly spaced teeth but tooth enamel is still good (a more suitable solution is to just need cosmetic fillings or porcelain veneers to protect real teeth)
  • Bucked teeth, buck teeth, malocclusion, crooked teeth: in this case, you should prioritize combining braces first to ensure beautiful teeth alignment, keep the original teeth, have a standard bite, and then proceed with porcelain crowns. posterior teeth to create a more perfect beauty
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What are the effects of porcelain dental crowns? Who should not have porcelain teeth? Benefits of porcelain crowns

10 benefits of porcelain crowns help you easily decide whether porcelain crowns are necessary

If the 10 things below help you eliminate concerns about porcelain crowns, consider a reputable dentist and get crowns to soon have bright, healthy teeth full of vitality:


The current popular lines of porcelain teeth all reach the peak of aesthetics. Some types such as Ceramill and Nacera have realistic textures and colors that bring sophistication, similar to real teeth.

Furthermore, using modern CAD/CAM technology brings precision and perfection to the teeth, ensuring durability and closeness to the original jaw, evenness and beauty, bringing high aesthetic efficiency to the teeth. tooth.

Teeth during use are not affected by the oral environment, are safe for gum tissue, do not blacken the gum line, swell the gum line, do not drag food when eating or chewing, do not become tarnished, do not cause discomfort. pain for people with porcelain teeth

2./The natural beauty of porcelain teeth is like real teeth

Each type of porcelain tooth material has its own advantages:

For metal-ceramic teeth, the porcelain coating is often white and matte, quite similar to real teeth. However, because the frame is made of alloy, when light shines through, there is still a black shadow inside the teeth.

All-ceramic crowns completely overcome this drawback with a translucency similar to real dentin for a natural smile. Sometimes if you don’t say it, no one can notice it with the naked eye. Therefore, this must be the most popular cosmetic porcelain tooth solution today.

A porcelain veneer material is also another solution for you to upgrade your teeth, if you just need the appearance of your teeth to be improved and shiny.

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What are the effects of porcelain dental crowns? Who should not have porcelain teeth? Benefits of porcelain crowns

During the process of performing porcelain crown cosmetic procedures at BEDENTAL, customers will be able to discuss with experienced and highly qualified doctors, receive thorough advice on tooth materials, and be able to foresee their future smile. me.

Furthermore, applying modern CAD/CAM technology helps you quickly have teeth that are in harmony with your overall face, suitable for your makeup style, skin color, hair… bringing confidence. with a natural, white smile, without black gum lines.

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3./Genuine porcelain tooth material resists discoloration

Porcelain crowns are made with a color-resistant ceramic coating that is not contaminated with food coloring that becomes yellow or dull over time. This is a good choice if you don’t want to go through the time it takes for the dental material to change color from the original color of your teeth like dental fillings do.

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What are the effects of porcelain dental crowns? Who should not have porcelain teeth? Benefits of porcelain crowns

4./High durability of porcelain teeth

Many people wonder whether they should get porcelain crowns or whether porcelain crowns are good because they are afraid the teeth will not last. In fact, the average lifespan of all-ceramic teeth can be 10-15 years depending on how you take care of your oral hygiene afterward.

Therefore, following the care and eating regimen as instructed by your doctor and seeing a dentist for regular dental check-ups every 3-6 months to check the fit and quality of your porcelain teeth will help protect you. teeth and maintain the durability of porcelain teeth.

5./Fixed on the jaw

If the denture is easy to remove, slides out of position, or the fillings can peel off, the porcelain crown is fixed on the real tooth base, on the implanted porcelain abutment, or anchored in place with a Dental bridges replace missing teeth.

Therefore, you can be completely assured about the sturdiness and durability of cosmetic porcelain teeth. Restored porcelain teeth will not be misaligned if done according to medical standards with current technology and precise techniques. This is also one of the advantages that determines whether porcelain crowns are good or not.

6./Safe for teeth and mouth when restoring chewing and eating functions

Porcelain teeth are substitutes for real teeth, so in addition to the highly aesthetic features of appearance, color, size, shape, cosmetic porcelain teeth must ensure the most natural features and proper function of the tooth. Real teeth eat, chew, and bite.

Therefore, when using good quality porcelain teeth, made with the right techniques, fitting well and close to the gum line, it will ensure that the mouth does not suffer from periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, bad breath, and has a high density. Can withstand an average force of up to 900MPa, many times stronger than real teeth (80-120MPa).

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Therefore, you can be completely assured about the durability of cosmetic porcelain teeth. All biting, eating, and chewing activities of your teeth are still guaranteed to be safe, and you can easily eat your favorite foods like chicken feet without any problems. , no worries about chipped or broken teeth.

7./Pronunciation is round and clear

Teeth are an indispensable part that help us pronounce correctly and easily. When a tooth is broken, broken, decayed or damaged, if not treated early, it will cause the tooth’s pulp to die, tooth loss, leading to a series of oral diseases such as periodontitis, receding gums, bone loss, etc. Over time, it will affect pronunciation and facial deformities.

Therefore, timely intervention with porcelain crowns, especially in cases of tooth trauma or tooth decay, will help protect teeth and gums well, avoiding harmful external factors as well as tooth sensitivity. gum recession, while improving your voice, helping you stay confident.

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8./Protect surrounding teeth, avoid jaw bone loss

Crowning the outside of damaged teeth not only plays an important role in restoring the shape of the tooth but also serves the purpose of protecting the tooth from further attack by bacteria and acids. in the oral cavity.

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What are the effects of porcelain dental crowns? Who should not have porcelain teeth? Benefits of porcelain crowns

For teeth with damaged pulp, porcelain crowns are an extremely necessary intervention to best protect teeth and gums. A tooth with a dead pulp is considered dead and worthless, like a dry tree with all its sap sucked out.

Similarly, teeth will no longer be as strong as usual, will become brittle, create a nest of bacteria in the mouth, easily break, cause sharp pain, and damage gums. Therefore, cosmetic porcelain teeth will help cover that damaged tooth, avoiding the spread of bacteria to other teeth.

In particular, for patients who have had root canal treatment, porcelain crowns are required to form a protective layer of armor on the outside of the tooth, preventing harmful bacteria from re-entering the new tooth, helping to protect the tooth. Minimize any damage to teeth.

At the same time, it helps increase strength, reduces the risk of tooth breakage, and preserves the remaining real teeth. Avoid affecting neighboring teeth, preventing the consequences of tooth loss – jaw bone loss, displacement of adjacent teeth and the entire chewing system.

9/The fit and comfort of porcelain crowns

Unlike the options of installing removable dentures or dentures, cosmetic porcelain crowns are much more convenient and comfortable. Furthermore, porcelain teeth, when done with proper techniques and quality porcelain materials, will bring satisfaction to all patients.

porcelain crowns

These methods can cause pain, discomfort, problems, and lumps in the oral cavity because of certain instruments, affecting the jawbone and gums. Porcelain teeth, when perfectly restored, will fit tightly around the gum line, correct the bite, and will not cause irritation to the gums.


10./Is a solution for serious patients

If unfortunately you have teeth that have problems due to trauma, strong impact or tooth decay, periodontal diseases, antibiotic stains, porcelain crowns are the solution to help you regain confidence in your smile.

To restore the appearance of teeth as well as the daily functions of chewing, biting, and grinding, porcelain crowns are very sturdy and safe for the health of the user. Porcelain teeth help restore teeth with high aesthetics and maintain durability, ensuring completely normal eating function.

Price list for porcelain dental crowns:

Danh mụcGiá thành
1. Phục hình tháo lắp - (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Removable Denture (More detail...)
Giá Hàm nền nhựa thường
Conventional Denture (More detail...)
(1 hàm)4.000.000
~ 157$
Giá Hàm nền nhựa dẻo
Flexible acrylic partial denture
(1 hàm)5.500.000
~ 216$
Giá Hàm khung kim loại thường
Cast metal partial denture
(1 hàm)4.500.000
~ 177$
Giá Hàm khung Titan
Titanium partial denture
(1 hàm)6.000.000
~ 236$
2. Răng giả (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
False teeth
Giá Răng giả hàm tháo lắp nhựa nội
Acrylic resin teeth -made in Vietnam
( 1 răng)350.000
~ 14$
Giá Răng giả hàm tháo lắp nhựa Mỹ
Acrylic resin teeth -made in USA
( 1 răng)600.000
~ 24$
Giá Răng giả hàm tháo lắp sứ
Porcelain teeth backed with metal
( 1 răng)1.800.000
~ 71$
Máng nâng khớp
Denture occlúion
~ 39$
3. Phục hình cố định :
Non-removable denture
Giá Sứ kim loại (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain teeth backed with metal
Giá Răng sứ kim loại thường (Ni,Cr)
Porcelain teeth backed with metal (Ni,Cr)
~ 71$
Giá Răng sứ kim loại Vivadent france (Cr,Co)
Porcelain teeth backed with metal Vivadent France (Cr,Co)
~ 71$
Giá Răng sứ kim loại Jelenko USA ( Cr, Co)
Porcelain teeth backed with metal Jelenko USD (Cr,Co)
~ 79$
Giá Răng sứ kim loại titan
Porcelain teeth backed with titanium
~ 138$
Giá Sứ không kim loại : (Tìm hiểu thêm)
Non-metal Teeth
Giá Răng sứ Katana (bảo hành 7 năm)
Porcelain Veneer Katana from Japan
~ 138$
Giá Răng sứ Venus ( bảo hành 7 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Venus from Germany (More detail...)
~ 157$
Giá Răng sứ Roland ( bảo hành 10 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Roland from Germany (More detail...)
~ 189$
Giá Răng sứ Roland HD (bảo hành 10 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Roland HD from Germany
~ 232$
Giá Răng sứ Ceramill (bảo hành 10 năm)(Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Ceramil from Germany
~ 236$
Giá Răng sứ Emax Nanoceramics ( bảo hành 15 năm)
Porcelain Veneer Emax from Germany
~ 275$
Giá Răng sứ HTsmile (Bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Htsmile from Germany (More detail...)
~ 275$
Giá Răng sứ Emax* Press Lithium Disilicate (Bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Emax press from Germany (More detail...)
~ 314$
Giá Răng sứ Cercon (Bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Cercon from Germany (More detail...)
~ 275$
Giá Răng sứ Nacera Pearl Shade ( bảo hành 10 năm)
Porcelain Veneer Nacera from Germany
~ 393$
Giá Răng sứ Lava 3M Premium Plus ( bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Lava 3M Plus from USA (More detail...)
~ 354$
Giá Răng sứ Lava Esthentics ( bảo hành 15 năm)
Porcelain Veneer 3M Lava Esthetic from USA
~ 472$
Giá Răng sứ Lisi Press (bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Lisi from Japan (More detail...)
~ 472$
Giá Răng sứ kim cương (Bảo hành trọn đời)
Porcelain Veneer Diamond from USA
16.000.000 ~ 629$

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