How much does tooth scaling cost at BeDental? Address for safe dental tartar removal? How much does it cost to remove tartar? Teeth scaling is a popular method favored by many Vietnamese people. This is a dental service that can quickly and effectively remove hard tartar on teeth that brushing alone cannot remove.

Helps keep your teeth clean and reduces the risk of dental diseases. With many dental benefits, is tooth scaling expensive? How much is the price list for tooth scaling? Where should I get my teeth cleaned? What is tartar? Address for safe tooth scaling… Please refer to this article with BeDental!

What is tartar?

What is tartar? It can be simply said that calculus (tartar) is a hard plaque on the teeth formed by leftover food and small debris stuck on the teeth.

At first, the remaining food particles are soft, but after a while on the teeth they are not removed and begin to calcify, becoming hard and firmly attached to the tooth surface. Over time, tartar accumulates more and more on the tooth surface, especially at the tooth root and then spreads to the tooth root and gums.

Tartar is hard plaque on teeth that cannot be removed by regular brushing alone. Because scaling requires direct impact on the tooth surface, the method should only be performed at dental clinics, not at home to ensure the safety of your teeth and avoid bleeding and infection. 

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What is tartar? Is tooth scaling painful? Benefits of scaling teeth

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Teeth scaling process

In general, in dentistry, the tooth scaling process will be performed according to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Screening examination

When coming to the dentist, the doctors will conduct a screening examination to check the overall oral health, consider cases of tartar, dental diseases, etc. From there, they will come up with an appropriate plan to remove tartar from the teeth. such as choosing the frequency for the ultrasound machine that is suitable for the customer.

  • Step 2: Proceed to remove tartar

The doctor will use an ultrasound machine with an appropriate frequency and a razor blade designed to be thin and small enough to penetrate between the teeth to remove these hard tartar plaques.

  • Step 3: Polish the tooth surface

After the tartar has been removed, the doctor will polish the tooth surface by using a dental brush and a polishing gel to polish the tooth surface. Polishing will help make the tooth surface smooth, limiting the accumulation of bacterial plaque on teeth.

  • Step 4: Check

The doctor will check again to see if there is any remaining tartar and complete the process of removing tartar for the patient.

Benefits of scaling teeth

Teeth scaling is an important method that needs to be done periodically to protect your teeth and develop healthily. At the same time, scaling your teeth brings many benefits to you, including:

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What is tartar? Is tooth scaling painful? Benefits of scaling teeth

Helps keep teeth clean and aesthetic

Plaque on teeth is opaque white or opaque yellow, darker than normal tooth color, making your teeth more unsightly. By removing these tartar plaques, your teeth become cleaner and brighter.

Eliminate bad breath

Tartar is also a reason why oral hygiene becomes more difficult because this plaque on teeth helps create conditions for bacteria to penetrate and grow. Causes bad breath and bad breath. Therefore, removing tartar can prevent bad breath and help us become more confident in communication

Prevent diseases that affect your teeth

Tartar is home to many bacteria, these bacteria can cause dental problems such as periodontitis, tooth decay, etc. In addition, tartar accumulates more and more and spreads down to the teeth. Tooth roots and gums, then tartar will cover the part and separate the gums from the tooth roots, causing gum recession.

Tartar also causes bone loss and breaks down tooth structures, making teeth more susceptible to loosening and leading to tooth loss. Therefore, removing tartar helps teeth grow healthier and prevents dangerous dental diseases.

Prevents other diseases

Bacteria in tartar are also one of the causes of medical conditions in the body such as cardiovascular diseases, tonsillitis, sore throat, etc. Therefore, we should remove tartar as a way to We prevent these diseases.

What factors does the cost of tooth scaling depend on?

Currently, the price list for tooth scaling at dental clinics does not include a specific price. Because the cost of tooth scaling depends on many different factors as well as the current condition of your teeth. Normally, the cost of scaling teeth at designated dentists depends on the following factors:

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Level of tartar

Normally, to determine the cost of tooth scaling, dentists will often consider the condition of your teeth. For patients with more tartar that is more difficult to remove, the cost will be higher than for patients with little tartar.

Doctor’s team and skills

Although dental tartar removal is a simple service at dental clinics. However, if done incorrectly, as well as choosing an inappropriate frequency and technique, it can affect the teeth, break microscopic particles, damage the patient’s gum tissue and cause sensitivity. excessive bleeding.

Therefore, these skills depend greatly on the skills of the dentist. For dentists that have a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors, the cost of tooth scaling is also somewhat more expensive. But that also ensures greater efficiency and safety.

Facilities and equipment at the dental clinic

One of the factors to ensure the effectiveness of the tooth scaling process as well as other dental services is the machinery and equipment. Is a factor that is also included in the cost of performing services at the dentist. With modern machinery and equipment, we can ensure a safer and more effective dental scaling process.

Is tooth scaling painful?

Is tooth scaling painful? This is also a question that many people are interested in. Although the process of removing tartar can have a direct impact on the teeth, the pain of removing tartar depends on the following factors:

Current oral health status of the customer

In case the customer has dental problems such as periodontitis, gingivitis, etc., the teeth and gums will become more sensitive at this time. So scaling teeth is somewhat more sensitive than for customers with normal oral health.

Dental tartar condition

If there is little tartar and is easily visible on the tooth crown, the removal of tartar is easier and usually takes place within a period of 15-30 minutes without causing a feeling of sensitivity or causing the tooth root to bleed.

In cases where there is a lot of tartar and the tartar spreads down to the gums and roots, causing inflammation and swelling of the gums, the process of removing tartar affects the gum tissue and tooth roots, causing more sensitivity, but the sensitivity will disappear quickly. after a few days and does not affect the chewing ability of the teeth.


Technique for removing tartar from teeth

Whether tooth scaling is painful depends on the tools and techniques used during the scaling process. Currently, the most popular tool among dentists is the ultrasound machine.

The ultrasonic wave machine has two ends, one end holds a handle and the other end has a small tip like a toothpick tip that is streamlined, sharp and can move flexibly into the nooks and crannies between teeth.

The machine vibrates at an appropriate frequency of about 28-30 kHz, enough for the lime plaque on the teeth to break off without damaging the gum tissue and structures surrounding the teeth.

This type of machine makes the process of removing tartar easier while still removing tartar in the most difficult positions without causing pain and minimizing sensitivity for customers as much as possible. Therefore, with modern technology, removing tartar becomes easier and does not cause sharp pain for the patient like before.

Depends on the skills and expertise of the doctor

If dentists have a lot of expertise and experience in this field, they will have their own and professional techniques to remove tartar for customers.

Doctors can perform the tartar removal process professionally and gently without much impact on the tongue, inner cheeks, etc. to limit damage to tooth enamel or other parts of the tooth. of teeth, limiting pain and thoroughly removing tartar.

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What is tartar? Is tooth scaling painful? Benefits of scaling teeth

Are there any risks from tooth scaling?

Leaving a lot of lime on your teeth for a long time is one of the big causes of risks and complications for our teeth in the future. It is even more serious if tartar spreads below the gums, affecting the structure of the mouth.

Therefore, periodic removal of dental calculus is necessary to avoid possible future complications such as gingivitis, oral mucositis and other physical diseases.

Scaling will not cause damage or complications to your teeth or tooth enamel, because they are performed gently and in the safest way. However, you should still choose reputable dentists in the profession to perform tooth scaling so that it is performed according to technical standards and ensures the best safety for your teeth.

How much does it cost to remove tartar? – Price list for tooth scaling at BeDental

How much does it cost to remove tartar? The price for tooth scaling at dentists is not usually at a certain price. But most of the time, the price of tooth scaling on the market today ranges from about 200,000 – 500,000 VND. Depending on the level of tartar as well as the technology and skills of the doctors at those dentists.

But at BeDental, the cost of scaling teeth will range from 200,000 – 400,000 VND depending on the level of tartar of the customer.

Mã dịch vụDanh mụcGiá thành
Lấy cao/vôi răng (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Tartar Cleaning and polishing (More detail...)
NC01Giá Lấy cao/vôi răng độ 1
Tartar Cleaning and polishing - mild
NC02Giá Lấy cao/vôi răng độ 2
Tartar Cleaning and polishing - moderate
NC03Giá Lấy cao/vôi răng độ 3 - Tartar Cleaning and polishing - heavy600.000
Dịch vụ khác
Other dental Service
NC04Giá Thổi cát cacbonat
Cleaning with Cacbonat sand
NC05Giá Điều trị viêm quanh hàm (bao gồm máng + thuốc bôi) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Operculectomy - Gumgivitis

Address for safe and reputable tooth scaling at BeDental 

Teeth scaling is one of the simplest services at dentists. However, in order for this method to achieve optimal results for customers, we always improve our service provision with the most modern and advanced tools and equipment to ensure customer experience. our products get the best results.

Along with that, dental scaling is no longer a fear for you at BeDental, because we have a team of professional doctors with extensive experience in the field of dentistry.

tooth scaling
What is tartar? Is tooth scaling painful? Benefits of scaling teeth

Helps you remove tartar gently, quickly and safely. Giving you a new look at your teeth with shiny, clean teeth without causing any harm or complications.

BeDental is currently one of the leading reputable dentists in Vietnam and is trusted and used by many customers.

By equipping modern facilities with a team of leading dentists in Vietnam and a team of enthusiastic and friendly staff, we hope to bring the best dental experience to you at BeDental. Your mouth becomes healthier and more confident in life.

For convenience during travel as well as your service needs, BeDental currently has branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. If you have any questions or need to remove tartar, please contact us for direct consultation!

Above is a detailed price list of BeDental’s tooth scaling as well as basic knowledge about tooth scaling so you can better understand this service. Hopefully the above article will help you reduce your worries and have a better perspective on scaling your teeth. Don’t hesitate about scaling your teeth to protect your oral health.

Below is the article that Bedental shared. If you have any questions that need answering or advice about your current condition, you can contact the team of doctors for detailed answers. most affectionate.

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