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Porcelain Tooth Filling – What is Inlay/Onlay Tooth Filling? Some Advantages and Disadvantages, How to Apply

Porcelain Tooth Filling – What is Inlay/Onlay Tooth Filling? Some Advantages and Disadvantages, How to Apply? Performing Inlay Onlay dental fillings is becoming more and more interested and used by many customers. Compared to other dental filling methods, Inlay – Onlay possesses many outstanding advantages.

However, no tooth filling method is 100% perfect. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of Inlay – Onlay porcelain dental filling? How much does Inlay Onlay tooth filling cost? Reputable address for Inlay Onlay dental fillings? All of these questions will be answered in detail by BeDental’s team of experts. We invite you to consult.

What is Inlay/Onlay Dental Filling?

Inlay Onlay tooth filling method is the most advantageous tooth filling technique today. Compared to other dental filling methods, Inlay Onlay requires much higher technical skills from the dentist.

Basically, Inlay Onlay porcelain filling is performed by the doctor with the process of shaping the filling from high-quality ceramic material specialized in dentistry. Once completed, proceed with attaching to the tooth, not directly filling it like Composite welding technique or silver fillings, gold fillings, etc.

Inlay Onlay dental filling is suitable for cases where teeth are decayed or severely damaged. Especially in cases where the conditions for performing dental fillings directly with other materials are not guaranteed. However, if the tooth damage is too severe, the Inlay Onlay tooth filling method is not the best choice.

Trám răng Inlay Onlay phù hợp với hầu hết các trường hợp khuyết điểm trên răng cần phục hình thẩm mỹ
What is Inlay/Onlay? How much does Inlay Onlay tooth filling cost? Should Inlay Onlay porcelain teeth be filled?


Find out what is dental inlay?

The Inlay tooth filling technique is prescribed by a dentist in cases where the cavity or tooth damage is in the middle of the tooth and has not spread to the cusps of the tooth. By using pre-fabricated fillings of standard size, it will help close holes or deep tooth damage or cracks in the tooth tissue.

Inlay fillings are made to standard sizes and have the same color as real teeth. Observing with the naked eye it is difficult to see the difference. You have to pay extremely close attention to discover that the tooth has been filled with fillings.

Find out what Onlay dental filling is?

In contrast to the Inlay tooth filling technique, Onlay tooth filling will be prescribed by the doctor for cases of tooth decay or more serious damage. This means that the teeth need restoration with a large damaged area. Tooth damage does not just stop in the middle of the tooth but has spread to the cusps and tips of the biting edge of the tooth.

Trám răng Onlay
What is Inlay/Onlay? How much does Inlay Onlay tooth filling cost? Should Inlay Onlay porcelain teeth be filled?

In addition, Onlay dental fillings are also known by another name, partial porcelain teeth. The reason this technique is called that is because the filling is weighed, measured, and shaped by the doctor to have the exact same shape as a small part of a porcelain tooth.

In summary: Inlay Onlay tooth fillings have the effect of aesthetically restoring teeth damaged by decay or external impacts that cause cracked or chipped teeth. However, the dentist needs to base on the tooth condition and the existence of real tooth tissues to recommend appropriate Inlay or Onlay filling techniques.

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Advantages of Inlay Onlay tooth filling technique

The Inlay Onlay tooth filling method offers many outstanding advantages compared to direct tooth filling techniques with composite or Amalgam materials. Specifically:

Perfect seal durability with long life

The biggest disadvantage of direct tooth filling using composite materials or GIC is that it does not have a long lifespan. Besides, Inlay Onlay tooth filling technique can also use Composite or Amalgam, GIC to fill, but dentists often prioritize choosing porcelain to make for customers.

Using porcelain to fill teeth with Inlay Onlay technique brings superior results. The hardness of the filling is greatly increased and its durability also lasts longer. Compared to porcelain teeth, dental fillings with porcelain materials are not too far apart.

If in the past, filling teeth directly with conventional materials could face the risk of chipping, peeling, breaking the filling and having to re-fill it every 3-4 years, with the Inlay Onlay technique, it will bring the best results. Durability of fillings up to 15 – 20 years. Even 25 years if cared for according to scientific standards.


High aesthetics

Inlay Onlay tooth filling technique uses ceramic material to create fillings to fill holes in teeth. This is a material similar to that used to make denture crowns. Therefore, when filling Inlay or Onlay teeth, it will bring high aesthetic stability thanks to the brightness, whiteness, clarity, and gloss 99% similar to real teeth.

In particular, Inlay Onlay fillings also have little or no discoloration over time like regular fillings. In addition, this dental filling technique also helps comprehensively protect the weakest areas of the tooth without changing the shape or size of the tooth.

Trám răng Inlay Onlay mang lại tính thẩm mỹ cao vì vết trám vừa khít với tổn thương răng
What is Inlay/Onlay? How much does Inlay Onlay tooth filling cost? Should Inlay Onlay porcelain teeth be filled?

Helps preserve 100% real tooth tissue

Compared to other cosmetic and dental restoration techniques, Inlay Onlay dental fillings can optimally preserve real tooth tissue. Even in cases where teeth are broken, chipped and severely damaged, Inlay Onlay dental fillings can still be restored and corrected without having to grind away too much real tooth tissue.

Therefore, the integrity of the teeth is always at maximum level, avoiding making the teeth weak or becoming more sensitive than ever.

Ensures complete chewing function

The filling is made with the Inlay Onlay technique and is crafted based on the standard size of each customer. Therefore, when attaching fillings to damaged tooth areas, it will bring comfort, fit and ensure stable chewing function, without being harsh like some other dental filling techniques.

Disadvantages of Inlay Onlay tooth filling technique

Although possessing many advantages, Inlay Onlay dental fillings still have a few disadvantages such as:

The cost of dental fillings is quite high

On average, a dental cosmetic surgery with the Inlay Onlay technique will cost much more than other dental filling techniques. Because of the high cost, Inlay Onlay dental fillings are still not popular with most people who want to aesthetically correct tooth defects.

It took quite a while to wait

Inlay Onlay tooth filling technique is an indirect tooth filling method. This means that the doctor will need to accurately measure the size of the damaged area that needs filling. Then manipulate the filling to fit the damage on the tooth. Because the filling is not available and is attached directly, the time to complete the Inlay Onlay dental filling case will take much longer.

Usually, it takes about 2 visits to the dentist to perform Inlay Onlay tooth filling. The first time to measure the size and choose the appropriate tooth color. The second time will be to attach the crafted filling to the tooth.

Mặc dù mang lại hiệu quả thẩm mỹ cao nhưng trám răng Inlay Onlay mất khá nhiều thời gian để thực hiện
What is Inlay/Onlay? How much does Inlay Onlay tooth filling cost? Should Inlay Onlay porcelain teeth be filled?

How much does Inlay Onlay tooth filling cost? 

How much does Inlay Onlay tooth filling cost? Is it expensive? Is Inlay Onlay tooth filling expensive and how much it costs is always a matter of concern for many people. It is known that the cost of Inlay Onlay dental filling is currently relatively high. Even comparable in price to mid-range porcelain teeth.

According to the price survey of Inlay Onlay dental fillings on the market today, it can be seen that depending on the filling material used by the doctor to make the filling, the Inlay Onlay technique will have different prices:

  • If dental Inlay Onlay is filled with composite material, it will cost about 600,000 – 1,000,000 VND.
  • If dental Inlay Onlay is filled with metal material, it will cost about 1,500,000 – 2,500,000 VND.
  • If dental Inlay Onlay is filled with titanium material, it will cost about 3,000 – 5,000,000 VND.
  • If dental Inlay Onlay is filled with ceramic material, it will cost about 5,000,000 – 6,000,000 VND.

Besides the material used to make dental fillings, the cost of Inlay Onlay fillings also depends on the current condition of the teeth. If treatment for dental diseases is needed to ensure filling conditions, the cost will vary.

Note: The cost of Inlay Onlay tooth fillings at each dental facility will vary. You should directly contact Hotline for advice and accurate quotes.


Should Inlay Onlay porcelain teeth be filled?

It can be seen that Inlay Onlay dental fillings have the same cost as porcelain teeth. However, in many aspects, Inlay Onlay ceramic dental fillings bring many more benefits such as:

Compared to other Inlay Onlay filling materials such as composite, plastic, metal, etc., ceramic materials provide much better durability.

Compared to porcelain crowns, the Inlay Onlay dental filling technique will minimize soft tissue invasion. Therefore, the filling process will preserve the real teeth as much as possible. Meanwhile, porcelain crowns require tooth grinding, which is invasive before the crown can be placed.

What is Inlay/Onlay
What is Inlay/Onlay? How much does Inlay Onlay tooth filling cost? Should Inlay Onlay porcelain teeth be filled?

The ceramic material used in dental filling techniques is similar to porcelain wrapped in porcelain. Once welded, it provides high durability, good bearing capacity, and does not chip or crack easily. Besides, porcelain does not change even after many years of use. This is the biggest advantage that other dental filling materials in the Inlay Onlay technique cannot provide.

However, in cases where the tooth is decayed or the entire tooth is damaged, the Inlay Onlay porcelain dental filling technique will no longer be suitable. At this time, the new porcelain crown method is the most optimal option that you should consider.

BeDental – A reputable, reasonably priced address for Inlay Onlay dental fillings

The Inlay Onlay tooth filling technique requires good dentistry skills. Otherwise, the filling can easily become uneven or open, bringing unwanted risks. Therefore, to ensure safety, you should go to a reputable and quality dental facility like BeDental for reputable Inlay Onlay dental fillings.

At BeDental, Inlay Onlay fillings are manufactured using the most modern technology available today. The device will automatically scan and transfer tooth impressions to a separate lab. Then simulated with 3D CAD/CAM design software to bring almost absolute accuracy.

When completed, the filling also ensures a tight fit to the damaged tooth area. If correction is needed, there is almost no or very little.

In addition, BeDental also owns a team of good dentists, with many years of experience in the Inlay Onlay dental filling process. After using the service, customers feel extremely satisfied with their teeth being completely aesthetically restored without pain, itching or discomfort.

In addition to professionalism in dental services, BeDental also scores points with customers thanks to being a reputable Inlay Onlay dental filling address, style and dedicated working attitude. Customers are always carefully and thoughtfully cared for before, during and after using dental filling services. Whenever you need support, BeDental is always willing to advise.

The Inlay Onlay tooth filling process is painless at BeDental

As a complex technique, Inlay Onlay tooth filling requires the dentist performing it to be someone with thorough expertise and many years of experience. With about 2 appointments, each lasting 30 – 45 minutes, the entire process will be as follows:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The doctor will perform a general examination and request dental X-rays to accurately determine the damage and jaw structure. Then propose the most suitable tooth filling solution.

Step 2: Oral hygiene and anesthesia

Because the mouth contains bacteria, the doctor will clean it to prevent the risk of infection. Then anesthesia is performed to clean rotten and infected tooth tissue to create a filling cavity.

Step 3: Create filling cavity

Create a filling cavity so that when the crafted filling is attached it fits completely. And to do that, the doctor will use a drill to remove infected tooth tissue, then disinfect to kill bacteria.

Step 4: Take jaw impression

After creating the filling cavity, the doctor will take an impression of the jaw model to create a suitable Inlay Onlay filling. The filling material will be chosen by the customer as porcelain, composite, plastic, or metal.

Step 5: Attach the filling

It usually takes about 2-3 days to make a filling. BeDental will contact customers after creating the filling is complete.

Inlay Onlay fillings will be attached to the teeth with specialized glue. In order to increase bonding and adhesion, doctors will use specialized laser technology.

Step 6: Instructions for tooth care after Inlay Onlay filling

To avoid damage to the newly filled tooth area, the doctor will carefully advise you on diet, lifestyle, and oral hygiene.

The above article has helped you learn all the information about Inlay Onlay tooth filling techniques and their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully this useful information will help you know whether the porcelain dental filling or Inlay Onlay filling technique is really suitable for you or not. Contact BeDental now.



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