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What is a Removable Joint Lift in Braces? 3 Subjects Should Use Bite Lift

What is a removable joint lift in braces? Is it necessary to use it? If you are interested in this issue, don’t skip the following article, BeDental will help you answer all your questions.Raising the bite will help the braces process go much more smoothly. This procedure is often applied in some cases where customers have a deep bite or cross bite.

However, many customers are still hesitant about whether to use removable joint lift jaws in braces or not. Because when deciding to use additional dental equipment such as jaw augmentation, it will cost a lot of money, and can also make the braces process take longer than usual due to improper care.

What is a removable joint lift in braces?

Raising joints with braces is a technique used in parallel with wearing braces. Jaw lift when using braces is made of synthetic material, ensuring safety for oral health. At this time, the doctor will place them on top of the molars or on the back of the front teeth. When this jaw lift is inserted into the contact surface of the occlusion, it will provide the ability to completely prevent the two jaws from biting together.

The main purpose of using braces is to reduce pressure on the lower jaw due to a deep bite or crossbite. Because if not intervened immediately, these pressures can cause tooth enamel and braces to be damaged. In addition, bite lift also helps support teeth to easily move conveniently, quickly and accurately, providing optimal braces results and shortening treatment time.

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What is a removable joint lift in braces? Who should use occlusion lifters? How long does it take to lift the bite with braces?

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How is braces joint lift performed?

Currently, there are many methods to lift the bite for you to choose from. Specifically:

Use the removable joint lifting jaw

Using a jaw to lift the bite is a recommended technique for open bites. According to the opinion of specialists, an open bite will make it impossible for you to close your teeth tightly. Using a bite lift will help add a layer of protection to the upper teeth. The tray used in the removable jaw lift is usually made from plastic and fits tightly into the position of the tooth group that needs treatment.

Raise the braces joint over the molars with a trough

The method of lifting joints through molars with a tray is often applied by doctors to cases where customers have a crossbite. Using a specialized tray will prevent the two jaws from touching each other from the position of the molars. This will prevent the upper front teeth from continuing to touch the lower front teeth as before.

Raising the bite with a trough will help limit the possibility of the braces slipping or coming apart, while also effectively minimizing the crossbite.

When performing the procedure, the doctor will use a specialized dental solution to coat the surface of the teeth to create a tray to lift the bite. After that, the customer will be asked to bite and create a shape for a few seconds, while using a laser to determine the solution and create a barrier between the two teeth.

What is a removable joint lift in braces? Who should use occlusion lifters? How long does it take to lift the bite with braces?
What is a removable joint lift in braces? Who should use occlusion lifters? How long does it take to lift the bite with braces?

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Use a joint lift for your front teeth

In case the customer has a deep bite, the dentist will prescribe an anterior bite lift using a joint lift for the front teeth. Augers for front teeth are made of plastic, rubber or metal.

This tool is attached to the back of the front teeth to help prevent the lower teeth from being pushed up too high when performing chewing functions. To avoid strong impacts that damage the appliance, the joint lift will be attached to the back of the canine. For those who have orthodontic braces, the joint lifting tab will be attached at the same time as the braces.

Who should use occlusion lifters?

Who should use occlusion lifters? Not all cases require the use of removable joint lift jaws. In each specific dental case, the doctor will make the decision whether to use this dental instrument or not. Usually only after examination and X-rays can the doctor make clear instructions. Specifically, some cases where it is necessary to raise the bite when using braces are:

What is a removable joint lift in braces? Who should use occlusion lifters? How long does it take to lift the bite with braces?
What is a removable joint lift in braces? Who should use occlusion lifters? How long does it take to lift the bite with braces?

Deep bite

For customers with a deep bite, the doctor will prescribe a bite lift. To recognize a deep bite, you just need to bite your jaw together and watch. If the lower jaw is nestled and hidden deep inside the upper jaw, with little or no visible lower jaw, it is a deep bite.

In some cases of severe deep bite, the edges of the lower teeth will not touch the upper teeth but will only touch the inner gums of the upper jaw. This seriously affects the chewing function and the aesthetics of the entire teeth.

During the braces process, having a deep bite will also seriously affect the results after braces. Because when wearing braces, a deep bite will cause the braces of the lower jaw and the inside of the upper jaw to rub, reducing treatment effectiveness and causing gum damage. Therefore, it is necessary to prescribe occlusal lift in cases of deep bite.


Besides the deep bite, the answer to the question Who should use an occlusion lift? Also, people with cross bites must also have their bite lifted if they want braces. To recognize a crossbite, you can also observe the outside. Because people with crossbite will have groups of teeth inside and outside that are misaligned, out of order and each tooth will turn in one direction. When you clench your jaw, you will see that the line through the forehead, nose, and chin is folded in the gap between the front teeth.

In a rarer case, there is an underbite or reverse bite at the front door. At this time, the doctor will attach the dental appliance to the molars. When that front tooth is freed, the dentist will use force to bring the upper jaw out, bringing aesthetics to you.

Using removable joint lift jaws in braces will help move teeth to the correct position. That is also the reason why doctors always advise customers to lift their bite when they have a crossbite to ensure faster and better braces results.

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People who have the habit of grinding their teeth

For people who have the habit of grinding their teeth, orthodontic treatment with braces is often quite difficult. If you do not want to choose the Botox injection method to strengthen the chewing muscles so that they do not tighten too strongly when sleeping, choose to lift the bite to reduce pressure on the front teeth when grinding and exert force to pull the front teeth back.

Is using a removable joint lift jaw painful?

Not everyone who has braces needs to use a jaw lift. However, if you have a deep bite or crossbite, follow your doctor’s instructions and lift your bite to ensure the best braces results.

So is using a removable joint lift jaw painful? Lifting the bite joint will not be comfortable at all, especially in the first days. You may experience discomfort and a scratchy bite when eating or chewing food. However, the process of wearing a jaw lift will not cause any pain but will only create a feeling of discomfort due to unfamiliarity.

The feeling of roughness and discomfort will gradually disappear after a few days. Once you get used to the bite-lifting jaw appliance, this feeling will quickly forget. At this time, it will be easier for you to eat and communicate. Besides, you can also easily feel the daily changes in your teeth.

How long does it take to lift the bite with braces?

How long does it take to lift the bite with braces? Normally, wearing a removable joint lift will be done by the doctor at the same time as wearing braces. Depending on each case, the treatment time to lift the bite will vary. For people with mild discrepancies, the time will be faster, but for people with severe or complex discrepancies, it will take more time.

Normally, occlusal lift usually lasts from 3 to 12 months. During the braces process, if you see that your bite gradually changes as desired, and the two jaws have a more standard balance, the doctor will proceed to remove the removable jaw.

What should you pay attention to when using the occlusion lift?

To ensure effective bite enhancement and perfect braces results, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Please follow my doctor’s instructions to shorten the time of wearing bite-enhancing jaws, and also help speed up the time to get braces. In addition, the doctor will regularly check to promptly handle problems related to bite elevation and limit oral damage.
  • Focus on good oral hygiene with proper brushing. You should not brush your teeth horizontally or use a hard-bristled toothbrush. It’s best to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and use toothpaste containing fluoride. In addition, you should use water floss, dental floss, saline and mouthwash to ensure the best oral hygiene and kill bacteria that cause oral diseases.
  • Proactively re-examine to regularly check the jaw lift and bite. Because during the process of wearing the appliance, it is inevitable that the jaw expansion base will be misaligned or separated. When this happens, you need to immediately notify your doctor for timely treatment.
  • If you feel pain and discomfort wearing the jaw lift, you should quickly contact your dentist for examination and adjustment. In addition, you should absolutely avoid using pain relievers or removing appliances from your teeth.

What should you eat and what should you avoid when wearing removable joint augmentation jaws?

If your doctor requires you to wear a removable denture to serve the braces process, you also need to pay attention to your diet to avoid unwanted risks. Although the first time you use the device, eating and drinking will be difficult, but as long as you follow it correctly, these discomforts will quickly disappear.

In the beginning, you should eat foods that are soft and do not stick to your teeth. With other foods, you should cut or tear them into small pieces to avoid crushing the food with your teeth, causing damage to the appliance. Besides, you can also supplement nutrition with porridge or milk.

In addition, you need to limit tough and hard foods to avoid affecting the removable jaw. Besides, you also need to limit your teeth from chewing too much. Foods that are too hot, too cold, high in sugar and high in gas, drinks such as beer, alcohol and stimulants should also be limited because they both affect health and reduce treatment effectiveness.

If your jaw lift is dislodged or dislocated, you should immediately contact your dentist as soon as possible for timely treatment. Just follow the instructions and listen to the doctor’s advice to make the bite correction and orthodontic process go faster.


BeDental – A reputable address for performing bite lifts and braces

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If you are planning to get orthodontic braces but have a deep bite, cross bite or teeth grinding, you need to have your bite lifted. The decision to wear a removable joint lift jaw or use other bite lift techniques will be decided by the doctor who will examine and give specific advice.

BeDental is one of the reputable addresses that performs bite augmentation combined with the reputable braces process. Our team of doctors are all skilled and have many years of experience and will provide the most appropriate treatment advice. Besides, the dental instruments used are guaranteed to be safe and do not harm human health.

Besides, we always closely follow each customer throughout the process of braces and bite enhancement treatment. If you have any questions, just contact our Hotline and you will receive dedicated, detailed advice.

In addition, the cost of using a removable joint lift at BeDental is also updated by the doctor with an accurate price to send to customers. You will always be proactive in preparing a budget for your cosmetic braces process without fear of unexpected events.

The above article has helped you learn what is a removable joint lift in braces?, and when is it necessary to perform a bite lift? How long does it take to lift the bite with braces? and how to take care of it to get the best results. If you have any questions, please contact BeDental directly for more specific advice.

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