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How many teeth do humans have?

How many teeth do humans have? That is also the question that many people ask and wonder. In the article below Bedental will tell you the correct answer!

According to practical research, in adulthood, humans will have a full set of up to 32 teeth. The number of teeth includes all 2 pairs of wisdom teeth in the upper and lower jaws, 8 incisors (4 above, 4 below), 4 canines (2 above, 2 below), 8 molars and 12 large molars. The structure of a tooth will include elements such as the crown, enamel, dental pulp, jaw bone, alveolar cartilage and periodontal ligament.

How many teeth do humans have?

People will probably grow teeth twice in their lifetime. One is baby teeth when a baby and then the next is permanent teeth. The number of teeth in the two periods above is different. As follows:

How many teeth do children have?

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How many teeth do humans have? How many teeth do children have? How many teeth do adults have?

The baby’s milk teeth will start at 5 months old and continue until the baby is 3 years old to fully develop.

Teeth that appear in babies in the early stages are also called milk teeth. Baby teeth include 20 teeth, divided evenly into the upper and lower jaws. Including:

  • 4 front teeth
  • 2 canines
  • 4 molars

When your baby is 6 months old, the replacement of new teeth will begin. The new set of replacement teeth will also have a different structure than the previous baby teeth.

How many teeth do adults have?

How many teeth do adults have? According to actual studies conducted, a full set of adult teeth usually has 32 (including wisdom tooth number 8).

32 teeth and can be divided into 2 jaws. Specifically, each tooth has:

  • The 4 front teeth are located in the middle of the jaw and at the top of the face.
  • 4 canines, 1 on each side between the 2 sides of the jaws.
  • 2 premolars and 3 molars towards the back, 5 on each side.

Among all 3 molars there will be wisdom tooth number 8. This tooth will grow very slowly and often grow backwards (there are also cases where there is no wisdom tooth or a missing wisdom tooth).

Because it does not have much effect on the jaw angle and the rate of ingrown teeth is quite high, the 8th tooth will usually be forced to replace.

How many wisdom teeth will humans have?

Normally, people have four wisdom teeth, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. However, not everyone has four wisdom teeth and this number can vary from person to person.

There are many people who only have one or two wisdom teeth, and there may also be people who have no wisdom teeth at all.

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Types of teeth & functions of each type

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How many teeth do humans have? How many teeth do children have? How many teeth do adults have?

Front teeth (8 pieces)

With 8 incisors (4 upper, 4 lower) at the “front” of the teeth, the incisors play a huge role in each person’s smile and face.

In addition, incisors also take on the role of helping canines break down food before putting it into molars for chewing

Besides, front teeth will also have a big impact on the child’s communication and speech. Therefore, this type of tooth is extremely necessary because it takes on many functions.

Fangs (4 pieces)

Next to the incisors are two pairs of canines, with two on top and two on the bottom. These teeth located at the corners of the mouth are quite similar to the teeth of some carnivores.

Canines’ main function is to shred food. In addition, it also partly affects the expressiveness of the smile on the face

Premolars (8 pieces)

Middle molars (bicuspids or bicuspids) are also known as small molars (numbers 4 and 5). Taking on both the functions of swallowing food and chewing food, this can be considered a complementary tooth group to the molars and canines.

Molars (8 pieces)

The molar group is located in the innermost position and functions as a “crusher” for food that has been chopped from the incisors and canines. This is the largest group of molars and is shaped with protruding segments from both sides and a groove in the middle.


Anatomy and structure of human teeth

The structure of a tooth usually includes the crown and root. The tooth crown is the part located above the gums and is the most commonly used. The tooth roots are located below the gums and are connected to the jaw muscles, increasing the strength of the teeth.

When further surgery on a tooth model will have components like this:

  • Tooth enamel: it is the upper covering and also represents the color of the tooth. Tooth enamel is made of calcium phosphate, a component that helps strengthen bones.
  • Coronal: just below the enamel. This is a hard tissue with microscopic pipes attached. When tooth enamel is damaged, teeth will become sensitive to heat or cold and can cause sharp pain.
  • Tooth crown: is the place that maintains the life of the tooth by distributing nutrition through a network of blood vessels, nerves, etc. .. located above the teeth
  • Root cementum: Is a smooth membrane that covers the roots of teeth. The tooth root cementum is connected to the jawbone by the periodontal ligament.
  • Alveolar bone: These are the bone frames that are responsible for stabilizing and anchoring the tooth roots. If the bone density is not thick enough or weak, the tooth structure will change.
  • Periodontal ligament: Connection point from the tooth root to the jawbone. The periodontal ligament acts as a cushion so that when the teeth collide while chewing, it does not directly affect the jawbone.

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What is the biting force of human teeth?

What is the biting force of human teeth? Research has shown that the biting ability of human teeth is extremely strong and is among the top animals with the strongest biting power.

According to research, the average biting weight of human teeth reaches 126 pounds/square inch, and can even reach 168 pounds for the 7th tooth. If so, the resulting biting power on the entire jaw is about 5600 pounds/ square inches.

How many teeth do humans have? How many teeth do children have? How many teeth do adults have?
How many teeth do humans have? How many teeth do children have? How many teeth do adults have?

From the data of the above study, compared with the millions of pressures that human teeth have endured throughout life and if including when biting the jaw, it will be clear how hard the tooth structure is.

Even though your teeth are strong and healthy, you should not neglect the issue of preserving and taking care of your teeth. Pay attention to taking care of your teeth to make them stronger. The human body is a “wonder” that makes us need to be protected. Hopefully, through this article, the question of how many teeth people have has a positive answer!




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