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Types of Dental Bridges: Experience in Choosing and Distinguishing 5 Popular Types of Dental Bridges Today

Types of Dental Bridges: Experience in Choosing and Distinguishing 5 Popular Types of Dental Bridges Today. There are many reasons why our jaws lose one or several teeth. If there is no method to intervene in the position of lost teeth, oral health will be seriously affected.

One of the aesthetic restoration methods when losing teeth that many people choose is making porcelain bridges. In order to meet each customer’s needs, there are currently many different types of materials for customers to choose from. The article below will specifically introduce the types of porcelain dental bridges as well as experience in choosing which type is most suitable. 

Learn about what a dental bridge is? Is a dental bridge durable?

Before learning about types of dental bridges, you need to know clearly what a porcelain dental bridge is. Porcelain dental bridge is a technique of replanting lost teeth using bridges of 2, 3, or 4 teeth attached together. In particular, 1 or 2 sides of the lost tooth will be used as a support for the bridge.

According to ancient research, the technique of bridging dentures has been known to our ancestors since BC. At that time, the Egyptians used primitive materials to make false teeth. Then use gold wire and silver wire to string together. Up to now, dental bridges are still considered an extremely effective solution for replacing lost teeth and many customers still trust in choosing porcelain bridges to fill the gap when missing teeth.

What material is a dental bridge made from? Is a dental bridge durable? The 5 most popular types of dental bridges
What material is a dental bridge made from? Is a dental bridge durable? The 5 most popular types of dental bridges

Because the dental bridge is fixed on the jaw, when installed, you can comfortably clean your teeth and chew food like real teeth. However, the durability of a dental bridge also depends on the type of bridge and each person’s hygiene and oral care regimen. Usually with porcelain dental bridges, the durability will be up to 7 – 10 years.

The 5 most popular types of dental bridges 

Regardless of the type, the main function of dental bridges will still be to aesthetically restore one or more missing teeth. The way to do it is to create a bridge between the two teeth next to the missing tooth area. To do this, the dentist will have to grind the real tooth enamel to make an abutment, then attach a crown to the top. Compared to the method of using removable dental bridges, using porcelain dental bridges will bring many advantages.

For each customer’s oral condition, choosing the type of dental bridge will also be different such as traditional dental bridge, force-breaker bridge, jumping bridge, etc. Below is how to distinguish the 5 types of dental bridges being used. widely used in the market today.

Traditional dental bridge

It can be said that traditional dental bridges are the most widely used and popular types of dental bridges today. Although there are many different types of porcelain dental bridges on the market today, the traditional dental bridge is always the top choice.

A traditional dental bridge is a type of dental bridge used to replace missing teeth. When done, as long as 2 abutment teeth next to the tooth loss position are healthy, you can immediately restore the aesthetics of tooth loss. The advantage of a traditional dental bridge is that it is small, light and provides comfort when chewing food. Besides, you just need to follow your doctor’s advice to take careful care of your teeth, ensuring the best and longest lifespan of your dental bridge.

What material is a dental bridge made from? Is a dental bridge durable? The 5 most popular types of dental bridges
What material is a dental bridge made from? Is a dental bridge durable? The 5 most popular types of dental bridges

However, traditional dental bridges are not suitable in cases of missing tooth number 7. Because tooth number 8 (also known as wisdom tooth) does not completely meet the standard conditions to serve as a supporting pillar. In addition, the disadvantage of the traditional dental bridge is that it is necessary to grind the real enamel of the abutment teeth to create a porcelain crown. This can affect the real tooth later and requires a thorough cleaning process to avoid infection due to food stuck in the bridge.

In general, traditional dental bridges are still one of the good types of dental bridges because they provide long life and are affordable.

Dental bridge with, pass

This type of dental bridge has completely different characteristics compared to other types of dental bridges. Currently, the popularity of this type of dental bridge is not high, so not everyone knows about this type of dental bridge.

Unlike traditional dental bridges, bridge bridges only need to use one abutment tooth to make the bridge. Therefore, this type of bridge is often recommended for use in restoring front teeth.

On the contrary, with the position of missing molars, a dental bridge with/overpass will not be the perfect solution. Because molars require a lot of biting and chewing force, a molar bridge will be a better choice.

To perform a dental bridge/bridge, you should go to reputable dental clinics because only a team of good doctors can assist you in adjusting your chewing force to balance, avoid discrepancies and impacts. to the longevity of teeth.

In general, dental bridge with/pass is the most optimal choice for customers who want to restore lost teeth but need to save costs, time and money.

Bonded dental bridge

Bonded dental bridges (glued dental bridges or plastic dental bridges) are one of the types of dental bridges that many customers love to use with positive reviews. Introduced later and constantly improved, veneer bridges have brought users countless conveniences.

In terms of advantages, veneered dental bridges can preserve real teeth that previous types of dental bridges cannot. With components designed from plastic, similar to material made from chewing gum wrapped around a metal frame, this dental bridge brings comfort when used.

What material is a dental bridge made from? Is a dental bridge durable? The 5 most popular types of dental bridges
What material is a dental bridge made from? Is a dental bridge durable? The 5 most popular types of dental bridges

When done, the metal flaps on both sides of the denture will be fixed to the tooth post with dental cement – a type of cement that ensures absolute health safety. This technique is also quite simple, the doctor only needs to slightly adjust the contour of the tooth post to make it standard and then proceed to the next steps.

Veneers are indicated for aesthetic restoration in cases of missing front teeth. Besides, the condition for implementation is to have healthy and sturdy tooth posts. Note, in the case of a deep bite or cross bite, a veneer bridge will not be the best choice.

The disadvantage of a bonded bridge is that the metal in it often discolors and can cause the abutment teeth to darken. But in return, glued wing bridges bring high efficiency and the ability to save costs.

Composite dental bridge

In recent years, composite dental bridges have received a lot of attention from users. It is known that composite dental bridges are also known as dental bridges using ribbon reinforcement or composite bonding.

In terms of characteristics, composite dental bridges are an aesthetic restoration option when one or two teeth are lost. For example, making dental bridges number 6 and 7. The cost of implementation is also very reasonable, suitable for many different people.

With a composite dental bridge, the dentist will perform it by connecting the bridge together with composite. This material will be placed directly into the missing tooth space. However, to bring about high aesthetic results, the surgeon needs to be highly skilled, have many years of experience, and be patient. Because to create a tight bond, the materials used to make the tooth bond need to be extremely careful.

In general, composite dental bridges are only a temporary solution for people with periodontal disease who need to have their teeth extracted. It can be said that among the types of dental bridges, composite dental bridges are not rated highly, or even the lowest. However, in many cases, composite dental bridges are still the best choice to avoid costs.

The dental bridge is supported with an implant post

If we talk about the most modern type of dental bridge today, it is a dental bridge supported by implants. If you have enough economic conditions, do not hesitate to skip this type of dental bridge.

Overcoming the disadvantages of previous types of dental bridges, implant dental bridges do not damage or affect neighboring real teeth. You also don’t have to worry about having to go through the process of grinding tooth roots, crowns, structural designs, etc.

The biggest advantage of implant-supported dental bridges is that they create appropriate gaps between teeth. Thanks to that, you can clean your teeth extremely easily and conveniently. Besides, the compatibility of dental implant bridges is extremely good. That is also the reason why this dental bridge has the longest lifespan among all types of dental bridges.

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What material is a dental bridge made from? Is a dental bridge durable? The 5 most popular types of dental bridges

However, you should not place too many adjacent dental implants because this can lead to some bad complications, including implant failure and rejection by the body. The advent of implant-supported dental bridges has helped eliminate the dangers of placing too many adjacent dental implants.

Not only has a long lifespan, implant-supported dental bridges also ensure high aesthetics. The procedure requires a highly skilled doctor, so avoid going to a less reputable dental facility. The doctor will advise and answer questions about how long the implant bridge is and how to care for it.

What material is a dental bridge made from?

To be able to make a dental bridge, the materials used must also meet all three criteria of aesthetics, durability and health safety. Some materials used in the process of making dental bridges include:

  • Metal ceramic dental bridges: can be made from gold, nickel, chromium, titanium ceramic bridges, etc.
  • Porcelain dental bridge fused to metal.
  • Fiberglass dental bridge.

Experience in choosing the most suitable types of dental bridges

There are many different types of dental bridges for you to choose from to aesthetically restore lost teeth. However, choosing one of the types of dental bridges to determine which type is most suitable will depend on many different factors:

  • Regarding budget and finances: If you want to save money, you can refer to traditional dental bridges, dental bridges with/over passes, etc. If you have enough money and want the best dental bridge, choose an implant-supported dental bridge. 
  • Regarding oral health: If periodontal treatment requires tooth extraction, a composite dental bridge is the best choice. If you do not want to affect the surrounding real teeth, or have little effect, choose a veneer bridge.
  • Regarding tooth position: if the position of your missing tooth is the front teeth, choose a bridge with/overpass. In addition, if you lose teeth in the front, you can also choose a veneer bridge to make the front tooth bridge.

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To get advice on choosing the best dental bridge, you should contact reputable dental facilities. The doctor will base on your current dental condition, needs and finances to come up with a suitable dental bridge option.

Install reputable dental bridges at reasonable prices at BeDental

How to use removable dental bridges or other types of dental bridges to ensure suitability will be advised based on each person’s current condition. Besides, whether the technique of making a dental bridge is simple or complex, its durability, longevity and safety still depend greatly on the skill of the doctor performing it.

Therefore, you should go to reputable dental addresses like BeDental for careful examination and specific advice. Any issues about whether a metal dental bridge is good or which bridge to choose will be consulted by BeDental’s team of experts based on the results of practical examinations. Therefore, choosing BeDental to make a porcelain dental bridge means you will choose the best type of dental bridge, suitable for your needs and save costs, ensuring absolute safety and no bridge failure.

The price for making porcelain dental bridges is also clearly and specifically announced by BeDental for customers to understand. You can also refer to the price list on the website or call the Hotline directly to receive the exact price. Compared to the market, BeDental’s dental bridge prices are considered by customers to be the most reasonable in the market.

The above article has helped you learn about the most popular types of dental bridges today. Hopefully this useful information will help you choose the right type of dental bridge when you need an implant.



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