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What is a porcelain dental bridge?

Losing a tooth can lead to various complications if not addressed early. One of the popular aesthetic restorative methods for missing teeth is a porcelain dental bridge. So, what is a porcelain dental bridge? How much does a porcelain dental bridge cost? Is a porcelain dental bridge durable? Does getting a porcelain dental bridge cause pain? All of these questions will be specifically answered by the expert team at BeDental. Let’s find out.

What is a porcelain dental bridge?

A porcelain dental bridge, also known as a fixed porcelain dental bridge, is an aesthetic restorative solution for cases of one or multiple missing teeth. It involves creating a bridge between two adjacent teeth in the absence of a tooth.

To create a porcelain dental bridge, the dentist needs to partially remove some healthy tooth structure. The selected teeth are the ones surrounding the area of the missing tooth. This removal creates small abutments that will support the porcelain or ceramic bridge on top. This bridge consists of a series of interconnected teeth. Due to its bridge-like appearance, this method is called a porcelain dental bridge.

With a porcelain dental bridge, the gaps caused by missing teeth are filled, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the dental arch. Moreover, it helps restore optimal chewing function.

However, not everyone is suitable for a porcelain dental bridge. Specifically, only the following cases should proceed to ensure safety:

  • Individuals who have lost one or multiple consecutive teeth but do not qualify for dental implants, and a porcelain dental bridge is the optimal choice.
  • The adjacent teeth should be healthy and free from oral diseases.
  • The jawbone should not show signs of resorption or atrophy.
What is a Porcelain dental bridge
What is a porcelain dental bridge?

Advantages and disadvantages of porcelain dental bridges you need to know

What is a porcelain dental bridge? Many people choose to have porcelain dental bridges because it is a method that provides good aesthetic restorative results in a relatively short amount of time. To determine whether or not to get a porcelain dental bridge, you can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

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Advantages of porcelain dental bridges:

  • Improves dental aesthetics: The dentist will shape the natural teeth as abutments, ensuring that they are not affected. Additionally, the color of the porcelain dental bridge used is similar to that of natural teeth. Therefore, when getting a porcelain dental bridge, it ensures color consistency and helps achieve a beautiful and complete dental arch.
  • Quick recovery time: Getting a porcelain dental bridge only takes 2-3 days to restore the dental arch. Compared to other methods, porcelain dental bridges require the least amount of time.
  • Restores chewing function: porcelain dental bridges fill in the gaps created by missing teeth. As a result, chewing function is restored, allowing you to eat normally. Chewing food will also be more comfortable compared to using removable dentures.
  • Cost-effective solution: porcelain dental bridges do not require the use of expensive materials, making them more affordable compared to other modern methods.
  • High durability: The lifespan of porcelain dental bridges can reach 5-8 years, or even longer if you know how to properly care for and maintain oral hygiene.

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Disadvantages of porcelain dental bridges:

  • Although porcelain dental bridges can ensure good chewing function, up to 70%, this number is only true in the early stages of implementation. After a period of use, the bridge abutments will wear down, reducing this ratio. Therefore, you need to know how to properly protect the bridge abutments to ensure long-lasting chewing function and avoid the situation where the bridge abutments cannot be maintained and need to be replaced.
  • porcelain dental bridges do not replace the tooth roots, so the condition of jaw bone resorption will still occur. When experiencing jaw bone resorption, you will notice that both sides of the cheek become concave, the skin becomes wrinkled and saggy, and the face looks much older.
  • porcelain dental bridges are contraindicated in cases where the missing tooth is the seventh tooth. The principle of porcelain dental bridges is to grind down two adjacent teeth to make the abutments. However, the teeth adjacent to the seventh tooth are wisdom teeth, which do not meet the requirements for grinding down and making abutments.
  • There is a potential risk of developing dental diseases due to bacterial attack on the natural tooth abutments.

Different methods of porcelain dental bridges you should know

There are many different methods of porcelain dental bridges. Depending on the needs, position of the missing teeth, and oral health conditions, the dentist will recommend the appropriate method of porcelain dental bridges. Here is information about the commonly used types of porcelain dental bridges:

Traditional porcelain dental bridges

Traditional bridges are a popular type of bridge nowadays. To implement this method, you need to have strong natural teeth or dental implants on both ends of the missing teeth.

Traditional porcelain dental bridges are small and lightweight, so they do not greatly affect chewing force or biting force. Therefore, chewing and grinding food will not cause discomfort or unfamiliarity with the dentures.

However, traditional porcelain dental bridges have a major disadvantage, which is that a portion of the natural tooth enamel will be ground down to make the abutment. It is essential to pay attention to oral hygiene and care to avoid complications or impacts on the lifespan of the bridge.

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Cantilever porcelain dental bridges

Cantilever porcelain dental bridges, also known as resin-bonded bridges, are a popular method of porcelain dental bridges because they can preserve natural teeth.

The false teeth will be designed from resin and covered with a metal frame. The metal wings on both sides of the false teeth will be cemented to the abutment teeth using dental cement. Then, the dentist only needs to adjust the contour of the abutment teeth to make them beautiful. Compared to traditional bridges, cantilever bridges provide efficiency and cost savings.

Complications of cantilever porcelain dental bridges may include discoloration or darkening of the abutment teeth over time. In more severe cases, they can destroy the bond between the bridge wings.

Implant-supported porcelain dental bridges

It can be said that this is the most modern and best method of porcelain dental bridges today. Implementing implant-supported bridges brings many outstanding advantages. Because the dentist does not need to grind down the natural teeth, they only need to use implants for support.

The biggest advantage of implant-supported bridges is that they create suitable spaces for the teeth to be cleaned and cared for in the best way. In addition, the lifespan of implant-supported bridges depends largely on the care process, so users need to pay attention to this.

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Are porcelain dental bridges durable?

Are porcelain dental bridges durable? The durability of porcelain dental bridges depends on several factors. If done well, the lifespan of the bridge can be much longer than expected.

According to experts, the lifespan of porcelain dental bridges is usually not guaranteed. Typically, the abutment teeth will gradually weaken after a period of supporting the bridge. Especially in cases where users do not take proper care, the need for adjustments or replacement of the abutments may occur sooner. Generally, the lifespan of porcelain dental bridges ranges from 8 to 10 years.

Is dental bridge implantation painful?

Is dental bridge implantation painful? Dental bridge implantation may cause some discomfort, but the pain is usually temporary and can be treated with pain medication. The process of dental bridge implantation involves placing a small screw (implant) into the jawbone to restore the missing tooth. Here are some notes regarding pain after dental bridge implantation:

  • Post-surgery pain: Immediately after the dental bridge implantation surgery, you may experience a dull ache and swelling around the implant site. This pain can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on the complexity of the surgery and individual sensitivity. The dentist will prescribe pain medication to help relieve the pain quickly.
  • Swelling and bruising: After the surgery, you will experience swelling and bruising around the implant site. This is also a normal reaction and will gradually decrease over time.
  • Follow the dentist’s advice: To minimize pain and maximize the recovery process, it is important to follow the dentist’s advice. This includes maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding foods and drinks that can irritate the surgical area, and taking medication as instructed by the dentist.
  • Recovery process: After the initial pain phase, you will go through a recovery process. During this time, the swelling and pain will gradually decrease, and the implant will fuse firmly with the jawbone. The treatment process may take a few months.
  • Attachment of the dental prosthesis: Once the implant is in place, the dentist will attach the dental prosthesis to the implant. The implantation process is usually not painful and marks the end of the adjustment and implantation process.

Note that the level of pain and individual experiences may vary. Your dentist will provide specific instructions and appropriate pain medication to ensure the most comfortable experience during the dental bridge implantation process.

Should porcelain dental bridges be performed?

Should porcelain dental bridges be performed? You should never let tooth loss persist for a long time as it not only affects aesthetics but also impairs chewing function. On the other hand, porcelain dental bridges offer high effectiveness at a reasonable cost. Therefore, you can consider this method to restore the aesthetics of missing teeth.

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Are porcelain dental bridges durable ?

However, porcelain dental bridges do not replace the tooth root, so if you consider the long term, you should still consider a safer method, which is dental implantation. Only dental implants can prevent bone loss. Regardless of the method you choose, you should remember to take care of and maintain oral hygiene.

How much does a dental bridge cost?

How much does a dental bridge cost? Many people are interested in the cost of porcelain dental bridges. In practice, the cost of a dental bridge is determined by the number of porcelain teeth and the materials used to create them. In addition, the cost may vary depending on the dental clinic.

Currently, there are many different types of porcelain teeth on the market for you to choose from. For example, porcelain-fused-to-metal teeth usually have a metal framework made of an alloy, coated with a layer of Ceramco, and have a reasonable price. Porcelain-fused-to-titanium teeth will have a higher price. Alternatively, you can also consider all-porcelain teeth if your financial condition allows, so you don’t have to worry about whether porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges are good or not.

Bắc cầu răng sứ là gì?
What is dental bridge implantation?

Safe and reasonably priced dental bridge implantation with experts at BeDental

Although the steps of dental bridge implantation are quite simple, if any small step is done incorrectly, it can affect both the effectiveness and aesthetic outcome. Therefore, you should seek a reputable dental clinic like BeDental for support.

Before performing dental bridge implantation, the doctors at BeDental will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine the current condition and whether the patient is eligible for a dental bridge. If eligible, they will provide advice on suitable types of porcelain dental bridges for the patient to choose from. They will also provide a specific and accurate cost estimate.

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The article has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of what porcelain dental bridges implantation is, how much porcelain dental bridgess cost, whether  porcelain dental bridgess are durable, and Is dental bridge implantation painful. If you still have doubts about whether or not to get porcelain dental bridgess, please contact BeDental. We offer free 24/7 consultation to help you resolve any concerns you may have.

Price list for reference:

Danh mụcGiá thành
1. Phục hình tháo lắp - (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Removable Denture (More detail...)
Giá Hàm nền nhựa thường
Conventional Denture (More detail...)
(1 hàm)4.000.000
~ 157$
Giá Hàm nền nhựa dẻo
Flexible acrylic partial denture
(1 hàm)5.500.000
~ 216$
Giá Hàm khung kim loại thường
Cast metal partial denture
(1 hàm)4.500.000
~ 177$
Giá Hàm khung Titan
Titanium partial denture
(1 hàm)6.000.000
~ 236$
2. Răng giả (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
False teeth
Giá Răng giả hàm tháo lắp nhựa nội
Acrylic resin teeth -made in Vietnam
( 1 răng)350.000
~ 14$
Giá Răng giả hàm tháo lắp nhựa Mỹ
Acrylic resin teeth -made in USA
( 1 răng)600.000
~ 24$
Giá Răng giả hàm tháo lắp sứ
Porcelain teeth backed with metal
( 1 răng)1.800.000
~ 71$
Máng nâng khớp
Denture occlúion
~ 39$
3. Phục hình cố định :
Non-removable denture
Giá Sứ kim loại (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain teeth backed with metal
Giá Răng sứ kim loại thường (Ni,Cr)
Porcelain teeth backed with metal (Ni,Cr)
~ 71$
Giá Răng sứ kim loại Vivadent france (Cr,Co)
Porcelain teeth backed with metal Vivadent France (Cr,Co)
~ 71$
Giá Răng sứ kim loại Jelenko USA ( Cr, Co)
Porcelain teeth backed with metal Jelenko USD (Cr,Co)
~ 79$
Giá Răng sứ kim loại titan
Porcelain teeth backed with titanium
~ 138$
Giá Sứ không kim loại : (Tìm hiểu thêm)
Non-metal Teeth
Giá Răng sứ Katana (bảo hành 7 năm)
Porcelain Veneer Katana from Japan
~ 138$
Giá Răng sứ Venus ( bảo hành 7 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Venus from Germany (More detail...)
~ 157$
Giá Răng sứ Roland ( bảo hành 10 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Roland from Germany (More detail...)
~ 189$
Giá Răng sứ Roland HD (bảo hành 10 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Roland HD from Germany
~ 232$
Giá Răng sứ Ceramill (bảo hành 10 năm)(Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Ceramil from Germany
~ 236$
Giá Răng sứ Emax Nanoceramics ( bảo hành 15 năm)
Porcelain Veneer Emax from Germany
~ 275$
Giá Răng sứ HTsmile (Bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Htsmile from Germany (More detail...)
~ 275$
Giá Răng sứ Emax* Press Lithium Disilicate (Bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Emax press from Germany (More detail...)
~ 314$
Giá Răng sứ Cercon (Bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Cercon from Germany (More detail...)
~ 275$
Giá Răng sứ Nacera Pearl Shade ( bảo hành 10 năm)
Porcelain Veneer Nacera from Germany
~ 393$
Giá Răng sứ Lava 3M Premium Plus ( bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Lava 3M Plus from USA (More detail...)
~ 354$
Giá Răng sứ Lava Esthentics ( bảo hành 15 năm)
Porcelain Veneer 3M Lava Esthetic from USA
~ 472$
Giá Răng sứ Lisi Press (bảo hành 15 năm) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Porcelain Veneer Lisi from Japan (More detail...)
~ 472$
Giá Răng sứ kim cương (Bảo hành trọn đời)
Porcelain Veneer Diamond from USA
16.000.000 ~ 629$



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