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What are rat teeth? 2 ways to fix rat teeth

What are rat teeth? How does it affect oral health? “Rat teeth” will cause the structure of the teeth to be damaged. Rat teeth are not difficult to recognize because they seem to be nothing special, but in reality, they are not. We would like to provide you with some basic information about this tooth and effective treatment methods for your reference.

1/ What are rat teeth? How does it look like?

What are rat teeth? Rabbit teeth are long and pointed teeth similar to human teeth. Therefore, people often call these teeth rabbit teeth. The rabbit’s favorite location is the front of the upper jaw. In other locations, there are often no similar teeth.

Rat teeth are smaller and much shorter than other teeth. The growth position is not straight but is curved and has gaps with the neighboring molars.

The unusual feature of mouse teeth is the size of the pulp chamber. The rabbit’s medullary chamber is as small as the medullary chamber of other species. Sometimes rabbit teeth have dentin blocking the entire root canal and there is almost no pulp chamber. That is the feature that makes this type of rabbit teeth more durable even without daily care.

What are rat teeth? What kind of person is a person with rat teeth? How to fix rat teeth
What are rat teeth? What kind of person is a person with rat teeth? How to fix rat teeth

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2/ What kind of person is a person with rat teeth?

In books about horoscopes, it is said: “People with rat teeth are usually not very happy people. Even though they are smart, they will still have to face countless difficulties in life to achieve success. There are even many unlucky cases who will always be in a state of misery, poverty and unable to raise their heads. In addition, this tooth appearance also implies that this is the type of person who should not be too trusting, they will take advantage of trust and have tricks to sneak attacks behind your back.

Người có răng chuột là người như thế nào
What are rat teeth? What kind of person is a person with rat teeth? How to fix rat teeth

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3/ How to fix rat teeth

There are two ways to overcome the “rat teeth” phenomenon: porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns.

Making porcelain veneers is a method of using a flat surface placed in front of the mouse’s tooth to cover this tiny tooth. This method can only cover from the front, the other side of the mouse’s teeth cannot be exposed. Therefore, the above method is only medically meaningful.

Porcelain crowns are a method of using a new porcelain crown with a shape similar to the shape of the real tooth at the position where the denture is placed. The new tooth crown will completely cover the real tooth crown on most sides of the tooth and is highly aesthetic after restoration.

In addition, the new tooth crown is also quite strong and will support chewing functions similar to real teeth. With porcelain crowns, the process will be gentler than conventional restorations because the rat teeth themselves are small and the wear rate when shaping as a fulcrum for the rabbit teeth is negligible.

Phương pháp trên chỉ có ý nghĩa về mặt y học.
What are rat teeth? What kind of person is a person with rat teeth? How to fix rat teeth

To restore good mouse teeth, whether making veneers or covering rabbit teeth, you can use Nano 5S Porcelain Teeth technology to do it. When reconstructing this type of tooth with Nano 5S Porcelain Technology, rat teeth achieve the following 4 advantages at the same time:

  – Restore teeth that match real teeth in all aspects in terms of size, ratio and grooves on the crown

  – The tooth color is beautiful and bright white, in harmony with the color of real teeth, has a natural clarity and shine equivalent to real teeth, eliminating cases that dental techniques often encounter such as wear, blackening of tablets, gaps,…

  – Teeth are durable, chew well, do not break often, and have high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  – Restoration time is minimized thanks to the use of a modern, error-free restoration machinery system. Teeth are maintained for a long time on the jaw.

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4/ Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

BeDental cosmetic dentistry was born in 2012. After a period of operation, the center quickly became a reputable address providing dental services to customers and is one of the leading dentists in the field of dentistry, cosmetic department.

With a team of experienced medical experts and doctors, advanced equipment systems, modern technology, BeDental cosmetic dentistry has taken steady steps on the path to becoming a cosmetic dentistry center in Vietnam. 

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What are rat teeth? What kind of person is a person with rat teeth? How to fix rat teeth

BeDental was born with the mission “Sow a smile, spread success”, we believe that everyone deserves to have a confident and attractive smile. That’s why we always strive to remove the problems and barriers that are hiding your beautiful, radiant smile. Above all we believe that strong teeth are the foundation of a happy life and a smile is the key to success.

BeDental is constantly striving to become a leading enterprise in the field of cosmetic dentistry, especially porcelain dental restorations in Vietnam with a strategy focusing on developing high technology and updating trends and techniques. 

With a team of Vietnam’s leading cosmetic doctors in the dental field, BeDental always brings dedication, devotion and dedication to customers like their own family. BeDental is a reputable and professional cosmetic dentistry system with many facilities in large city centers to help customers move conveniently.

Along with that is a modern equipment system imported from foreign countries, certified as safe by the Ministry of Health. 5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing and secure space when experiencing the service.




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