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Signs of crooked tooth growing? How to have crooked tooth?

Signs of crooked tooth growing? How to have crooked tooth? BeDental will share the way to have crooked teeth in the article below, let’s find out!

What is crooked tooth?

What is crooked tooth? Crooked teeth, also known as crooked canines, are a type of tooth characterized by not growing straight and even like other teeth, but instead, they can tilt outward or inward. Many people believe that having crooked teeth increases the attractiveness of a smile.

Usually crooked teeth appear in the upper jaw, and each person can have 1 to 2 crooked teeth. However, in some cases, when crooked teeth grow too high or grow inward, it can ruin the beauty of the smile.

In addition, from a dental perspective, crooked teeth can cause bite misalignments, making it difficult to chew and maintain oral hygiene.

Răng khểnh là gì?
What is the cause of crooked teeth? How to get crooked teeth? Signs of crooked teeth growing? What is crooked tooth?

Besides, crooked teeth, when exposed to external influences, can break more easily than normal teeth. Therefore, the best solution to reduce inconvenience caused by crooked teeth is porcelain crowns, braces or even orthodontic surgery.


What is the cause of crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth are normal and common in everyone. There are different reasons for crooked teeth, including:

  • Genetics: If someone in your family also has crooked teeth, it may be due to genetics
  • Not enough space: If your tooth doesn’t have much space to work, it will grow crooked or find another space.
  • Jaw deviation: If your jaw is a bit wide, it will lead to crooked teeth.
  • Other habits: Habits such as biting nails, sucking on toys or using spoons can also lead to crooked teeth.

Where are crooked teeth usually located?

In fact, they are the third permanent tooth to erupt in children between the ages of 12 and 15. Teeth that tilt outward or inward cause the dental arch to become misaligned.

The crooked teeth are located at position number 3, right next to the incisors number 2 and premolars number 4. They have a long and pointed tip for easy use to chew and grind food.

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What is the cause of crooked teeth? How to get crooked teeth? Signs of crooked teeth growing? What is crooked tooth?

Signs of crooked teeth growing?

At the age of about 12-15 years old, your baby will easily start growing canine number 3. If your baby has the 3 symptoms below, he will most likely grow crooked teeth:

  • Milk canines have not been replaced yet
  • The size of the incisors and molars is too large and does not have enough room for the canine teeth to grow.
  • The narrow jaw does not have enough room for canine teeth to develop.

When the canines begin to sprout, they will lie above the remaining teeth on the jaw. At that time, the child is gradually showing one of the signs of starting to grow crooked teeth.

Meaning of crooked teeth

Crooked teeth are a very normal thing and can have different meanings depending on each person’s personality and beliefs.

In some countries, crooked teeth are considered a beautiful and fashionable feature, a symbol of confidence, personality and style. Many people proactively go to the dentist to have their teeth straightened, which causes crooked teeth.

However, in different regions, crooked teeth are also considered an unlucky and unlucky trait. Many people believe that crooked teeth will bring some troubles in life, such as not having suitable jobs, avoiding contact, and even health problems.

Having one or many crooked teeth is beautiful

Whether having one crooked tooth or many crooked teeth is beautiful depends on their size and position on the jaw. If crooked teeth are placed in the right position for someone’s face and jaw, it will create a very unique beauty and difference.

However, crooked teeth will also cause some problems for oral health, such as inconvenience in taking care of teeth and can increase many dental diseases. Therefore, if you have crooked teeth, you should consult a dentist to find appropriate treatment and oral care methods.

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Distinguish between crooked teeth and canine teeth

Canines and buck teeth are both the number 3 teeth in the dental arch, but the teeth grow differently. Special:

+ Canine teeth will grow parallel and vertical with the roots and crowns hugging teeth number 2 and number 4.

+ Crooked teeth tend to grow crooked or grow inward, with the root on top and the crown on the outside.

Dấu hiệu nhận biết mọc răng khểnh?
What is the cause of crooked teeth? How to get crooked teeth? Signs of crooked teeth growing? What is crooked tooth?

In addition to canine teeth, crooked teeth also make it difficult for many people to distinguish them from protruding teeth. In fact, crooked teeth are fangs that grow outward, making the face less attractive.

How to smile beautifully with crooked teeth?

People with beautiful, graceful buck teeth no longer have to worry about buck teeth and can smile beautifully. But if your teeth are crooked and unattractive when smiling, here are some tips to have a beautiful smile:

  • Method 1: Smile

A gentle smile is the most charming way to smile and is used by many people. Purse your lips and smile softly without showing your teeth. Combine with eyes to attract the other person’s gaze. Let’s practice smiling to look more charming.

  • Method 2: Smile and cover your mouth

This is the same method used by many celebrities as a secret weapon while communicating. Because it has to be more formal, formal and polite on television. Just with this simple smile, you will be able to hide the flaws on your mouth. Try this method and it will definitely help you a lot.

  • Method 3: Smile with your eyes

It’s no coincidence that eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. If you’re not confident smiling with your teeth, try smiling gently and evoking your feelings through your affectionate eyes.

Crooked teeth are a very special type of teeth that anyone who owns them, many people believe that if they own crooked teeth, they will have good fortune. So are crooked teeth in physiognomy good or bad?

Crooked teeth are ugly or beautiful?

Whether crooked teeth are beautiful or ugly depends on each person’s shape, structure, face and mouth. So there will be people with bad teeth, and there will be people who are very beautiful and attractive, both male and female.

Are boys with crooked teeth good or bad?

Crooked teeth in men will be beautiful, as long as a man’s crooked teeth are slightly misaligned, the remaining teeth on the jaw will be beautiful. On the contrary, if teeth grow too long, it not only affects the appearance but also causes difficulty in chewing.

Dấu hiệu nhận biết mọc răng khểnh?
What is the cause of crooked teeth? How to get crooked teeth? Signs of crooked teeth growing? What is crooked tooth?

According to physiognomy, boys with crooked teeth on one or both sides are talkative and always care about others. Therefore, they are often very flamboyant and loved by many people. However, many people believe that boys with buck teeth tend to be unfaithful.

They are often quick-tempered people, so their work is not very popular. To be successful, you need to work hard and dedicate yourself.


What happens if a girl has crooked teeth on one or both sides?

The buck-toothed girl is lively and talented in speaking, so she is loved by many people around her. In love, they always treat each other frankly, proactively and sincerely

According to physiognomy, girls with crooked teeth on one side are often irritable, hot-tempered, or bullies but behave well and don’t often offend others. But in life and work, if you don’t work hard, you can enjoy first and suffer later.

có răng khểnh
What is the cause of crooked teeth? How to get crooked teeth? Signs of crooked teeth growing? What is crooked tooth?

A girl with crooked teeth is like a thermos, cold inside and out, unable to express her emotions, so communication is limited.

Girls with crooked teeth sometimes have a hard mouth, don’t tell the truth, are suspicious, think too much, and are smarter than others. Such people are often very compatible with Taurus men, so both sides will compensate for each other’s shortcomings and create a close family for each other.

Girls with crooked teeth are often hot-tempered and upright, suitable for round-faced boys born in winter, and such girls will not pay too much attention to cooking to please their husbands.

Most Oriental people like to own crooked teeth because according to traditional aesthetic concepts, this is a hidden charm, a highlight on the face, making the owner more impressive and different. and has a bright, charming and lovely smile.

Whether male or female, having crooked teeth is still a strong point that helps you become more charming and attractive if your teeth are beautiful. Otherwise, it will make you less aesthetic and affect your appearance. your chewing process.

có răng khểnh What is the cause of crooked tooth?
What is the cause of crooked teeth? How to get crooked teeth? Signs of crooked teeth growing? What is crooked tooth?

How to get crooked teeth

To have crooked teeth, you need to see a dentist and discuss oral care methods with him. Here are some commonly used methods:

Late extraction of milk teeth

Extracting baby teeth is also one of the ways to help crooked teeth grow naturally at home. Because baby teeth are still present, permanent teeth do not grow straight and tend to grow crowded, forming crooked teeth.

This method is used by many people because it is highly effective. However, there are also cases where fangs grow deep inside, causing the teeth to loosen and lose their inherent charm.

Practice the habit of pushing your tongue against your canines

Pushing the tongue against the canines is also a natural way to help crooked teeth grow that can be done right at home. Teeth are also fixed on the jawbone with the roots firmly attached to the inside of the jawbone.

However, when there is an impact, the teeth will also move. When permanent teeth first grow, you can use your tongue to push them from the inside to help them grow outward instead of growing straight.

This method will take a lot of time but is much more effective than late extraction of baby teeth. To be most effective, you need to be careful to only push the canine teeth and absolutely not push the neighboring molars. After a few months to a year, the fangs will grow outward, creating a very charming natural crooked teeth.

Ways to grow crooked teeth naturally are often effective when done when permanent teeth first grow (about 6 – 8 years old). Older people’s teeth are also harder, so the above methods are almost ineffective.

Make crooked teeth by applying Composite

With this way to have crooked teeth with natural beauty, new teeth will be made similar to old teeth with Composite material and placed right on the canines.

According to the survey, the method of straightening crooked teeth is being practiced by many people because of its simplicity and perfection in a short time and at low cost. At the same time, this way of having crooked teeth is not painful and does not destroy or damage real teeth. Customers can also remove the Composite piece themselves if they no longer need it.

Also according to tooth structure, the durability of this method is not high, teeth can fall out due to daily use and chewing.


Currently, implants are considered the most advanced method of creating crooked teeth. The implant has a structure consisting of a titanium post, an abutment joint and a porcelain crown.

Not only is it very sturdy and has a natural appearance and guaranteed chewing function like real teeth, the above method also has the outstanding feature of not needing to grind teeth, helping to preserve them like real teeth.

The way to naturally have crooked teeth is to get cosmetic porcelain crowns

The cosmetic porcelain crown method to help straighten crooked teeth is a method of covering crooked teeth on the outside of the tooth area intended to shape crooked teeth. According to the technique, tooth number two, the tooth below the crooked tooth, will be ground shorter and made larger.

At the same time, at the replacement tooth number two, the doctor will also fix two double crowns to the replacement tooth crown when tooth number two has been ground down.

For the remaining tooth crown, the doctor will stick it to the top of the first porcelain crown with a position on the jaw with an outward lifting motion. Thanks to that, the patient has a set of crooked teeth with certainty and high and firm grip.

In addition, the method of making porcelain crooked teeth also brings high aesthetic value with bright white color and natural shine no less than real teeth.

Besides, customers can also feel comfortable in their daily activities and their chewing movements are not uncomfortable and sticky. Customers were able to have a naturally beautiful set of crooked teeth through just two visits to the dentist and the porcelain crown method.

However, when choosing a safe, natural way to make crooked teeth beautiful, customers need to have their real teeth re-ground because the price is higher than filling. The method of creating naturally beautiful crooked teeth through porcelain crowns also requires tooth grinding, which can lead to pain when touching real tooth tissue.

Therefore, when implementing a safe, natural way to have beautiful crooked teeth, customers need to choose a reputable dental clinic with a team of highly specialized doctors with advanced equipment and tools to limit long-term sensitivity.

How to remove crooked teeth

If the crooked teeth are in a good position and bring a radiant and bright look to your smile, then removing the crooked teeth is not necessary. However, you need to pay special attention to eating and taking care of your teeth to best protect your teeth.

And vice versa, if crooked teeth cause loss of aesthetics and affect the jaw angle, the patient should choose crooked teeth braces to help the teeth return to proper function. Currently, there are many braces methods to help you choose the appropriate one for your health as well as economic conditions.

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Get rid of crooked teeth by removing crooked teeth

Extracting crooked teeth is only used in cases where crooked teeth have problems such as tooth decay or cause gingivitis that is difficult to preserve and can potentially affect other teeth.

If crooked teeth can be preserved, it is best not to extract them, but you should fix the problem by extracting crooked teeth. This method requires time as well as a relatively high cost to optimally preserve crooked teeth.

In cases where tooth extraction causes damage to surrounding teeth, it is best to have it removed to minimize potential risks. Furthermore, crooked teeth do not have any effect on the ability to chew, so removing crooked teeth does not have any harmful effects on the entire jaw.

Removing crooked teeth is actually just a minor surgery and is not at all dangerous, so you can completely trust that the above method will not cause any additional harm to the body.

In addition, before tooth extraction, doctors also conduct x-rays to better understand the structure and development of the tooth to ensure the extraction takes place easily and smoothly.

At the same time, tooth extraction technology through ultrasound waves, plus local anesthesia, will make you no longer feel any pain or discomfort. Therefore, you can completely rest assured and use the above method at the dentist.

Eliminate crooked teeth with braces

The orthodontic industry not only considers surgery, but along with braces, bite correction is extremely necessary.

The criteria for a standard bite include strong teeth, but when braces still keep crooked teeth, it is clear that your bite is not standard and will cause problems such as dental disease, chewing disease and even cosmetic problems. beautiful face.

Besides, crooked teeth also reduce the ability to chew, which reduces the results of the braces process. For the above reasons, experts recommend that you should not keep your crooked teeth intact when getting braces.

Therefore, dentists advise you not to keep your crooked teeth intact when getting braces to avoid negative effects. If you still want to keep your crooked teeth intact with braces, you need to go directly to Bedental dentistry so the doctor can examine you specifically and find the most appropriate treatment method.

Why should you choose BeDental to correct crooked teeth or remove crooked teeth?

If you want to have aesthetic teeth and be more confident when communicating, come to our Bedental Dental Clinic for free examination and consultation. Bedental Dental Clinic is trusted and chosen by many people. is one of the No. 1 prestigious dental clinics in Vietnam.

Modern facilities

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BeDental puts its heart and soul into every dental practice. The facility system is qualified to meet the needs of dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry of customers. Bedental always updates the leading advanced dental technologies from around the world.

From there, the application serves customers better. Helps customers reduce pain during dental treatment and cosmetic procedures, shortening the time to have beautiful, even teeth.

BeDental is known as a famous place for porcelain crowns, with a system of modern equipment imported from abroad. Safety facilities are certified by the Ministry of Health, as well as facilities that meet international standards. To create a relaxing space for customers and a feeling of peace of mind when experiencing the service.

Dedicated and skilled professional team

At BeDental, you can rest assured that you will experience cosmetic dental services at the hands of skilled and dedicated doctors.

Doctors here are trained from basic to advanced levels with standard practice certificates. In addition, the staff here are very dedicated and enthusiastic to help you regain your confident smile.

Other services at BeDental

In addition to services such as dental fillings, fillings, etc., BeDental  also has other beauty services such as porcelain veneers, dental stones, etc. to help you add personality and aesthetics to your teeth. So, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our BeDental to find yourself a White, Healthy, and Beautiful smile.



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