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Conditions/Procedures for Operating Dental Services (Dental Clinic): Costs of Opening a Dental Clinic

If you intend to open your own dental clinic, you need to pay attention to the business conditions/Procedures for Operating Dental Services to ensure clear legal basis and compliance with the law. So what are the procedures for opening a dental clinic? The following article by BeDental will share all the information about business conditions, procedures, and costs to open a dental clinic for your reference.

4 necessary conditions to open a dental clinic

Before learning about the procedures to open a dental clinic, you need to understand the necessary conditions for opening a dental clinic as regulated by the current law. So what do you need to open a dental clinic?

Regarding the entity opening the clinic

Currently, there are 2 forms for you to open a dental clinic, either as an individual business or a company. Depending on the needs, purpose, and convenience of the entity, choose the form that corresponds to the dental clinic you want to open.

If you intend to operate on a small or medium scale, without the need for a system or diverse branches in different provinces, it is advisable to prioritize opening a dental clinic as an individual business. This will help simplify paperwork and establishment procedures. It also helps streamline other taxes and fees.

If you intend to operate as a large-scale system, it is recommended to choose the form of a company. In the business registration dossier, you will choose the field of business related to medical examination and treatment. With the status of a business entity, you will find it easier to collaborate, exchange, expand your network, and strengthen your brand reputation in the eyes of customers using your services.

Conditions regarding the dental clinic’s facilities

Regardless of the form of the entity opening the dental clinic, you still need to ensure the facilities, including:

  • A clearly separate dental clinic, separate from the owner’s residence. If the location is owned by the clinic owner, it is necessary to prove ownership of the land use rights, ownership of the house, and property associated with the land through certificates. If the location is rented, a lease contract with the owner, along with certificates of land use rights, ownership of the house, and property associated with the land, is required.
  • The dental clinic using radiation equipment such as dental X-rays must comply with the regulations on radiation safety standards.
  • If the business involves dental implantation, the entity must prove that it has a separate area for business activities. In addition, the area must have sufficient space and standard supporting equipment and machinery.
  • A dental clinic that performs procedures, including dental implantation, must ensure a minimum land area of ​​10m2.
  • A specialized dental clinic with more than 1 dental chair must ensure that each chair has at least 5m2.
  • The sterilization and disinfection of medical instruments must be carried out in accordance with the current law. Therefore, the dental clinic needs to have a separate area and modern facilities for the best sterilization. If there is no separate area, the clinic owner can sign a sterilization contract with a third party.

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Conditions regarding medical equipment

When you have the need to open a dental clinic, you need to ensure the standards for medical equipment as follows:

  • Having sufficient medical equipment and devices within the registered scope of activities according to the law.
  • Having an emergency medicine box and full specialized emergency drugs.
  • Ensuring hygiene, safety, and compliance with the law.
  • The dental clinic must have a medical waste bin and a standard area for wastewater treatment.

Conditions regarding personnel in the dental clinic

This is the most necessary and important condition when you have the need to open a dental clinic. Specifically, the personnel need to meet the following requirements:

  • According to the law, a dental clinic can only operate when there is a person responsible for professional matters. Additionally, that person must have a specialty certificate in dentistry.
  • In addition, that person must have a specialization in dentistry certificate.
  • Having a certificate with a minimum of 36 months of practice after obtaining the certificate. And at least 54 months of practice after obtaining the graduation certificate.
  • The person responsible is only allowed to be the named owner of one dental clinic.
  • Other members in the dental clinic must also have specialized certificates. In addition, the limited practice time should be within the scope of assigned work.


Procedures for Operating Dental Services
Conditions to open a dental clinicProcedures for Operating Dental Services

The complete Procedures for Operating Dental Services you should know

The procedures for opening a dental clinic include:

Registering the dental clinic business

This is the first step in the procedures for opening a dental clinic. You need to register the dental clinic business before applying for a license to establish a dental clinic. The procedures for registering a dental clinic business are as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the documents

The dental clinic business registration dossier includes:

  • A business registration application according to the prescribed form by the competent business registration authority.
  • A list of members for a partnership company or limited liability company, or a list of founding shareholders for a joint-stock company.
  • Personal or organizational authentication documents of the business owner, members, and founding shareholders.
  • The company’s charter for a partnership company, limited liability company, or joint-stock company.
  • Valid copies of professional practice certificates of one or more individuals as required for establishing a business in specific industries and occupations according to the provisions of the law and must have professional practice certificates.

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Step 2: Submit the registration dossier

The registration dossier for a business license under the form of an enterprise will be submitted to the Department of Planning and Investment. The processing time for the dossier is about 03 working days, counted from the date of receipt of a valid dossier.

Step 3: Wait for the result

You need to wait for the competent authority to process and issue the completed procedures.

Thủ tục mở phòng khám nha khoa cần phải đăng ký kinh doanh trước
Conditions to open a dental clinic – The procedure to open dental clinics requires business registration in advance.

Procedure for applying for a dental clinic establishment license

Step 1: Prepare the application dossier for the license

When preparing the dossier, ensure that the following documents are complete:

  • 1 request for the issuance of the operating license according to the prescribed form.
  • 1 notarized copy of the Certificate of Business Registration or Certificate of Enterprise Registration, or Certificate of Investment for dental clinics with foreign investment.
  • 3 notarized copies of Professional Practice Certificates of the person responsible for professional and technical matters.
  • 1 declaration of infrastructure, medical equipment, organization, and personnel of the clinic according to the prescribed form.
  • 1 proposed scope of professional activities using the available template.
  • 1 contract for medical waste collection.
  • 1 certificate of compliance with fire safety conditions.
  • Additional necessary documents as required by the health department to prove, such as attendance sheets for practical training, invoices for practical training fees, decisions on assigning practice instructors, etc.

Step 2: Submit the dossier

The dental clinic establishment license will be submitted to the Department of Health at the location of the clinic or the provincial administrative center. For business households establishing clinics, the dossier can be submitted to the district people’s committee.

Step 3: Wait for the dossier processing

After verifying the legality and completeness of the dossier, the assigned specialist will return the Acknowledgement of Receipt with an appointment for the result.

If the dossier is incomplete or invalid, the specialist will request amendments and supplementation.

If the dossier is valid, the Department of Health will send a team to assess the actual infrastructure of the clinic.

Step 4: Receive the result

After approximately 45 working days from the date of receiving a valid dossier, and ensuring compliance with the mentioned conditions, the Department of Health will approve the issuance of the dental clinic operating license.

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Thủ tục xin cấp giấy phép lập phòng khám nha khoa phải theo đúng trình tự pháp luật
Procedure for applying for dental clinics establishment license must follow the legal process – Conditions to open a dental clinic

How much does it cost to open a dental clinic?

After researching the procedures for opening a dental clinic, the overall cost is a matter of concern for many people.

Preparing for the cost of opening a dental clinic is important. You need to budget well to ensure that the construction of the clinic goes smoothly and is stable. If the financial plan is not careful, it can result in unnecessary expenses and a prolonged timeline without high efficiency.

The total cost of opening a dental clinic will vary depending on the scale of the clinic, whether it is large or small. In general, it will include:

Salary for hiring staff and personnel

To ensure the smooth operation of the dental clinic, at least the following personnel are needed: dental hygienist, dental assistant, and receptionist. With a larger scale, more staff members will be needed to provide good care for patients.

The average salary of a dentist in a private clinic is around 10-12 million VND, depending on each person’s experience and expertise. There are excellent dentists who can earn up to 50-70 million VND.

However, the amount of salary will depend on the number of staff members at the clinic. But to calculate the budget properly, you need to estimate that staff salaries account for about 25% of the clinic’s annual income.

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Renting a space for the clinic

The clinic’s rental space accounts for a relatively large expense in the procedure of opening a dental clinic. Additionally, you need to remember that the dental clinic must comply with regulations regarding location and area according to the law.

Specifically, a dental clinic must have a treatment and examination room with a minimum area of 10m2. This requirement does not apply to online consultation rooms.

In addition, other regulations must be complied with, such as:

  • Aesthetic dental clinics must have a patient waiting room with a minimum area of 12m2.
  • If using chairs with 3 or more teeth, the minimum area for each dental chair is 5m2.
  • There must be a surgical room with a minimum area of 10m2.
  • Meeting all legal requirements for radiation when using dental X-rays.

Budget for equipment and machinery

The equipment needed to open a dental service is relatively expensive. Typically, a dental chair can be quite expensive. Not to mention the cost of purchasing dental X-ray machines and film processing chemicals, which is also relatively high.

In addition, other systems and machines such as air compressors, pumps, dental drills, computers, laser scanners, dental instruments, etc., are all expenses that need to be paid and are relatively expensive.

This is not to mention the investment in high-tech machinery such as oral cancer screening, laser drilling, digital X-rays, CEREC single-tooth crown machines, which are extremely high.

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Laboratory costs, insurance, permits, and other expenses

The laboratory costs depend on the number of patients, so calculating this expense can be relatively difficult. However, it can be estimated at 10% of the annual income.

Other expenses include: risk insurance, renewal of dental practice licenses, dental association fees, etc., which need to be paid annually.

Chi phí mở phòng khám nha khoa bao nhiêu tiền phụ thuộc vào nhiều yếu tố khác nhau
The cost of opening a dental clinic depends on various factors. 

Should you consider a dental clinic franchise or partnership to optimize costs?

It can be seen that the procedures for opening a dental clinic are relatively complex and require a significant budget. Therefore, dental franchise or partnership options are of great interest to many people.

A dental franchise can help you save a lot of time and effort. In addition, business direction, dental clinic setup, preparation of documentation, etc., are all supported by the franchisor.

In particular, choosing a dental clinic partnership can allow you to immediately start your business with the existing patient list of the clinic. With a stable customer base, the ability to recover capital is often quick and stable.

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Bạn có thể tham khảo hình thức nhượng quyền nha khoa để tiết kiệm chi phí và đảm bảo kinh doanh ổn định, nhanh thu hồi vốn
You can consider dental franchise options to save costs and ensure stable and quick capital recovery in your business.

The article has provided you with detailed information about the procedures for opening a dental clinic, including requirements, prices, and step-by-step procedures. It also helps you explore the option of dental clinic partnership through the franchise model. To receive more detailed advice on your dental franchise plan, please contact BeDental for support.



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