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Numerology and the Meaning of 11 Numbers

Introduction to numerology

What is numerology?

What is numerology? Numerology is a major that studies the signals and vibrational effects of numbers on human life. If she had followed the school of Pythagoras (Pitago), she would have changed the new name for this field to Numerology.

Numerology can be viewed as a form of reading numbers, analyzing the signals that life has brought to each individual person in this world, like Physiognomy, or Astrology…

Why do numbers have special meaning in numerology?

Numbers have special significance in numerology because they are considered symbols of natural principles and laws. According to numerology, each number has a deep meaning and impacts every aspect of life, including personality, career, emotions, health and finances.

Therefore, understanding and applying these numbers can help people find ways to balance life and achieve success and happiness.

In addition, in different cultures, numbers are also considered symbols of special values, concepts and traditions, and are used in many other cultural, religious and spiritual activities. together.

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How to calculate key numbers based on date of birth

According to the Pythagoreans, there is no Master Number = 1. So our Master Numbers will be from 2 to 11. Another special case is that the number 4 created by the total number 22 will be written as 4/22, to distinguish it from other normal numbers 4. Basic number calculation formula:

Adding all the numbers with the same date of birth (solar calendar) will create a two-digit total number. Continue multiplying until the numbers above are between 2 and 11.

Special case: the number 4 created from the number 22 combined will remain the same as 4/22. For example: Your calendar date of birth is: May 27, 1983. Add the above numbers together to get a total number. Specifically: 2 + 7 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 35. Plus 3 + 5 = 8. So the main number in this case is 8.

Meaning of key numbers

Below are the meanings of the key numbers

Key Number 2

This is a special and extremely rare number, because only all 20s make up the Master Number 2. Therefore, in reality, people with the Master Number 2 are much less than those with the Master Number 2. other mainstream. Number 2 is generally sensitive, humble and willing to help others.

so chu dao

Key Number 3

The highlight of Number 3 people is their analytical and reasoning abilities. For Number 3 people, their quick mind, creativity and general flexibility help them easily succeed in life. But when living inactively, Number 3 people easily leave a mark as domineering, autocratic or like to impose on others.

con so chu dao

Key Number 4

Number 4 people tend to be “practical” rather than “hands-on” – they prefer to get started rather than sit and discuss the value it brings. It is this realism that enables Number 4 people to move forward. They are among the most loyal and trustworthy people.

Number 4 people often get immersed in work and forget about things that bring balance to their lives, especially married life.

cach tinh than so hoc
Meaning of key numbers. How to calculate key numbers based on date of birth?

Key Number 5

People with the Ruling Number 5 always tend to want to be freed from constraints, are very sensitive and have a need to express emotions. Most Fives find it impossible to work according to rigid rules. They have extremely good intuition, rich emotions and sharp artistic thinking.

cach tinh con so chu dao
Meaning of key numbers. How to calculate key numbers based on date of birth?

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Key Number 6

We will see Number 6 people excel in a wide variety of fields, from household chores to the international arena. They carry a great responsibility in their work, which requires deep devotion from them.

All Number 6 people have such natural talent, but they are burdened with responsibility that makes them insecure and fearful, and then get stuck in the pressure of work.

th 4 2
What is numerology? Meaning of key numbers. How to calculate key numbers based on date of birth?

Key Number 7

One of the outstanding characteristics of Number 7 people is that they can study in their own way. Not stopping at absorbing basic instructions from others, Number 7 people often go to school through self-experience.

Because of the above characteristics, Number 7 people always have to trade at least one of three aspects of life: health, emotions, and money.

cach tinh nhan so hoc

Key Number 8

People with a dominant Number 8 are people who consider freedom one of the most important things in life. They can be extremely intelligent people, possessing strong personalities, talents, and superior intelligence. But when it comes to showing gratitude and respect, Number 8 people find it very difficult to express.

tinh so chu dao

Key Number 9

Compared to other groups, people with the Ruling Number 9 will triple the factors: ambition, responsibility and ideals. They will put personal factors first. Number 9 people always feel responsible. They are more suited to the arts and other fields than to science or economics.

th 7 2

Key Number 10

The life of Number 10 people has two outstanding characteristics: adaptability and flexibility. Their flexibility can help others very well in adapting to changes in life.

When living positively, they will be extremely friendly and popular people; But when they live negatively, they can be individuals who are lost, confused and stumble on the path of life.

so chu dao la gi

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Key Number 11

The Ruling Number 11 has a particularly powerful field of spiritual energy, allowing those who possess this Ruling Number to have extraordinary potential to develop awareness in the Superconscious State. Unfortunately, most of these Number 11 people are not able to develop that potential.

giai ma than so hoc

Main issue 4/22

This is a rare number, called the “king number” by the Pythagorean school of numerology. People with the Ruling Number 4/22 have almost unlimited potential and easily achieve all seemingly impossible goals.

When you know your dominant number, you will know what your strengths are and what limitations you need to overcome to be more successful in life.

Based on the Birth Chart, Numerology will point out the disadvantages of each Key Number, thereby providing direction for improvement so that each person can live a happier, more joyful life.

What is numerology?

Application of numerology

Numerology has many applications in life such as:

  • Upcoming prediction: Numerology can be used to predict a person’s future based on numbers related to birth date, name or current date.
  • Search information: Numerology can also help users find important information about a person based on numbers related to birth date, name or current date.
  • Determining Personality: Numerology is also used to determine a person’s personality based on numbers related to birth date, name or current date.
  • Finding a Solution: Numerology can also be used to find solutions to difficult problems, applying the principles and laws of numerology to find the right solution.
  • Find the ideal match: Numerology is also used to find the ideal match by comparing numbers related to two people’s birthdays, names or current dates to find the ideal match.
  • Find the right career: Numerology can also be used to find the right career for an individual based on numbers associated with birth date, name or current date.
  • Commercial Use: Numerology can also be used in business to find the right time to carry out business activities and make important business decisions.

In short, numerology has many applications in our lives and can help us better understand ourselves, find solutions to difficult problems and make important decisions.

What famous people say about Numerology

Below is the author’s sharing excerpted from the book “Changing Life with Numerology”

Since learning Numerology and knowing that my main number is 3, I have felt both surprised and excited. The sharing about the personality of people with the dominant number 3 in numerology is quite accurate and almost completely true for me. “- Singer Dam Vinh Hung.”

Before, I often resented myself for having talent but still not being able to achieve what I wanted. Then I realized that in the past I had placed my ego too high in everything and had gone through many incidents but still could not learn any lessons for myself.

It wasn’t until I found Numerology that I had the opportunity to look back at the whole picture of my life. When I realized that I was a person with many numbers 1 and 7 on the same birthday, I began to look at things differently, reflect more and gradually adjust myself.

And up to now, I am living a life with extremely abundant energy. “- Musician Phuong Uyen.”

I am the only son and youngest brother in the family, my parents pamper me so I love to play. I got into drinking, gambling, betting, and fighting. My poor life made my father very sad, even in the last years of his life in his hospital bed.

Thanks to my mother, I learned about Ms. Quynh Huong and Numerology, and thanks to Numerology, my life changed. I understand that the “lands” that the Universe gave me have inspired me to do life differently.

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