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List of essential basic dental equipments that dental clinics should have in Vietnam

The list of basic dental equipments that a dental clinic should have will be shared in the following article for you to explore!

A quality dental clinic must ensure the physical infrastructure and dental equipment, and dental equipments must meet international health standards. Let’s join Bedental and explore the most comprehensive list of commonly used dental equipments to equip your clinic

What are dental equipments?

Dental equipments are specialized devices used to treat dental and oral conditions. Each condition may require specific dental equipments, but generally, there are some basic equipments commonly used.

Dental equipments
Basic dental equipments that dental clinics should have in Vietnam

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Dental equipments and Their Names

Below are the dental equipments, equipment, and their names commonly used in various dental treatments such as tooth extraction, dental fillings, teeth cleaning, root canal treatment, etc.

General equipments:

– Explorer: helps dentists identify cavities in the oral cavity. There are three common types of explorers: #17 explorer for detecting cavities on the side surfaces, #6 explorer for locating cavities on the chewing surfaces (inside and outside), and #23 explorer, which functions similarly to the #6 explorer but also helps locate the entrance to the root canal.

– Mirror: a dental instrument that reflects light onto the teeth, aiding dentists in clear visibility, especially in hard-to-reach areas. It also helps in positioning the patient’s lips, cheeks, and tongue for treatment. There are two common types of mirrors: flat mirror and concave mirror. The concave mirror provides magnification of the image multiple times.

– Tweezers: a tool with two tightly closed tips and a notch for gripping cotton rolls.

– Hand equipments: include excavators and scalers. Excavators come in various types and are used for cutting carious dentin. Scalers are used to remove soft deposits and come in different sizes.

Restorative equipments:

Restorative equipments include dental equipments such as dental burs, impression trays, etc. Specifically:

– Dental burs: are used to shape the tooth for proper fitting of dental restorations. There are different types of burs suitable for specific locations, such as burs for the buccal surfaces, occlusal surfaces, incisal edges, etc.

– Impression equipments: include impression trays and materials like rubber, alginate, etc. Other supporting equipments include rubber dam clamps, rubber dam frame, mixing bowl, spatula, etc.

Extraction equipments:

Extraction equipments assist in the process of removing decayed or damaged teeth. In addition to basic equipments, dentists also use tooth extractor, elevators, and luxators. Specifically:

– Tooth extractor: include permanent tooth forceps and deciduous tooth forceps.

  • Permanent tooth forceps are classified based on the characteristics of the tooth to be extracted. Lower molar forceps have a bird beak shape, slender tips, and do not squeeze tightly. R4 and R5 forceps have a straight neck and no markings. The #151 forceps have a curved, slender shape and can be used to extract all lower teeth.
  • Deciduous tooth forceps: have a similar shape to adult tooth forceps but are smaller in size to accommodate the smaller size of baby teeth.
Bộ kìm nhổ răng bao gồm kìm nhổ răng vĩnh viễn và kìm nhổ răng sữa
Basic dental equipments that dental clinics should have in Vietnam

Set of Levers

  • Upper Jaw and Teeth Levers: straight groove levers, with various sizes depending on the curvature of the tooth.
  • Lower Jaw and Teeth Levers: have a square neck structure. You will often encounter them in 3 sizes: large, medium, and small.

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Gingival equipments

Gingival equipments
Gingival equipments

Gingival disease in Vietnam accounts for a large proportion of oral diseases in general, and the demand for treating gum recession, gum inflammation, etc. is also quite high. Therefore, to meet the needs of patients in the best way, dental clinics need to equip themselves with the necessary gingival equipments:

  • Aesthetic measuring set: includes 3 main equipments: tooth ratio measuring tool, extended bone measuring tool, and biological gap measuring tool.
  • Gingival pocket probe: used to check gingival pockets, measure distances on the mouth, tissue, and membrane. The standard pocket probe must be designed with accurate measurement markings that do not blur after long-term use.
  • Gingival bone bur: used to extract bone by pulling it back towards oneself. Usually used for surface bone positions, 2 small blades are used for curved bone areas.

Gingival bone file: used to smooth the bone surface after extraction. Includes curved bone file (FS9/10S), near or far bone file (FS1/2S), inner bone file (FS3, 4S).

Gum knife: used to trim the gum or shape it in the gingival area. 2 commonly used knives are Orban knife (KO1/2), Kirkland knife (KK15/16) used to remove gum tissue after removing connective tissue.

Dental scalers for gingival pocket: used to clean the tooth surface.

In addition, there are other dental equipments such as surgical forceps, surgical scissors, suture holders, etc. In general, to complete a gingival treatment, dental clinics need a variety of different equipments including Gingival equipments . Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reputable dental instrument supplier to purchase the most complete set.

Surgical equipments

Surgical equipments are usually sold as a complete set. It includes all the necessary dental equipments for surgical treatments such as implant placement, etc.

The surgical instrument set includes: gum separators, bone pushers, gum cutting forceps, Trinovo explorers, 3f inflammation scrapers, etc.


Dụng cụ tách nướu
Basic dental equipments that dental clinics should have in Vietnam – Gingival separator instrument

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Bedental owns a leading modern dental equipments system.

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Above is the complete information about dental equipments in the most detailed way. We hope that you have gained additional knowledge to choose a reputable dental clinic. If you have any questions about our services at Bedental, please contact our hotline: 093 461 90 90 to have our dedicated consultants answer your inquiries.



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