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Is Dental scaling covered by insurance? How much does it cost?

Nowadays, health insurance is considered as healthcare insurance, and when buying health insurance, it is also a form of self-protection for one’s health. In which, participants will be reimbursed by state agencies for a portion or all of the cost of medical examinations and treatments.

Besides, many people wonder if health insurance covers the cost of dental scaling and how much it costs when having health insurance, which is a matter of great concern to many people.

So, does insurance cover the cost of dental scaling? Let’s follow BeDental’s news below to understand more about this issue!

Understanding dental scaling – Is dental scaling covered by insurance ?

What is dental scaling?

Dental scaling (also known as dental plaque) is a long-term buildup of food residue on the teeth that accumulates and forms dental plaque.

Is dental scaling covered by insurance
What is dental scaling? – Is dental scaling covered by insurance ?

Dental scaling is a layer of white or brown plaque that forms due to the process of food residue remaining and sticking to the teeth or gums, causing aesthetic problems and some dangerous oral health issues such as pulpitis, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, gum inflammation, bad breath, etc.

Should dental scaling be done regularly?

Many people confuse regular dental scaling with the idea that the more dental scaling, the better. If dental scaling is done excessively, it can cause serious damage to the teeth and gums. Regular dental scaling, done too closely together, can harm the gums, tooth structure, and tooth enamel.

Therefore, you should only undergo regular dental check-ups as instructed by your dentist, as they will assess the condition of your teeth and schedule dental scaling at the most appropriate intervals.

For mild cases with good dental hygiene and less plaque buildup, dental scaling may be done once every 6 months.

On the other hand, for more severe cases due to habits such as alcohol and tobacco consumption, as well as drinking coffee and tea, which lead to excessive plaque buildup and bacterial growth, dental scaling may be required every 3 months.

To ensure the effectiveness of dental scaling, you should follow your dentist’s instructions and avoid excessive or insufficient dental scaling, as using it as a teeth whitening tool can greatly affect your oral health.

What dental scaling benefits can be covered by health insurance?

In terms of oral health care, dental scaling is essential. And according to your doctor’s recommendation, you will have a certain schedule for dental check-ups and scaling, usually every 6 months, and the cost for each dental scaling session is not too high. However, some individuals with health insurance may have coverage for dental scaling.

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What is dental scaling – Is dental scaling covered by insurance

According to Article 21 of the 2014 Health Insurance Law, health insurance will cover the costs of examination and treatment for patients with dental-related diseases as prescribed by a doctor. This also means that whether dental scaling can be covered by health insurance or not depends on the condition of your oral health at that time.

Cases eligible for support from health insurance when undergoing dental scaling:

For children undergoing dental scaling:

After reaching 6 months of age or when the first tooth erupts, doctors will examine the oral health of the child. At the age of 3-5 years, the child needs to have their teeth cleaned (2 times per year).

Dental scaling for children, when prescribed by a doctor, will be covered by health insurance.

For adults using health insurance for dental scaling:

Whether dental scaling is covered by health insurance or not depends on the condition of your teeth and some specific cases that are eligible for coverage include:

When dental scaling is necessary to treat gum inflammation, bleeding gums, gum recession, tooth impaction, periodontitis, etc. In these cases, the dentist requests dental scaling to support your treatment, and you will be eligible for health insurance coverage.

Regular dental scaling is considered a dental service, so you will not be covered for the cost of regular scaling.

Procedures to enjoy health insurance benefits when undergoing dental scaling:

Step 1: Obtain a medical examination and registration at the insurance-covered clinic

If it is your first visit to the dental clinic, you need to purchase a medical examination book there. Next, go to the registration counter in the area designated for patients with health insurance to get a queue number.

After waiting in line and when it’s your turn, request dental scaling with health insurance from the counter staff. Remember to bring the following documents to receive a referral to the dental examination room:

  • Identification card or passport, driver’s license, etc., for identification purposes.
  • Valid health insurance card.
  • If dental scaling is performed at a non-contracted facility, you will need an additional referral letter from the referring hospital.

Step 2: Consultation with the dentist

The dentists will examine your teeth to assess their condition and provide guidance on the appropriate solution for your dental health. They will also instruct you on how to care for your teeth after dental scaling..

Thủ tục được hưởng quyền lợi BHYT
What is dental scaling – health insurance for dental scaling ?

Step 3: Proceed with dental scaling

Based on the initial examination results, the dentists will proceed with dental scaling for you.

Dental scaling is a simple procedure and not as complicated as surgery or tooth extraction. When performing dental scaling, anesthesia or antibiotics are not used, only dental instruments are used to clean the teeth. The process of dental scaling takes about 15 – 30 minutes.

Step 4: Consultation – Payment for dental scaling with health insurance

After completing the dental scaling, the dentist will provide instructions on eating, oral hygiene, and may prescribe medication for you to take in case of tooth sensitivity or gum swelling.

After that, you should return to the payment counter. In addition, you will receive the medications covered by health insurance, and the staff will calculate the total cost for you to check.

The price of dental scaling with health insurance 

Based on the service price list determined by the Ministry of Health in Circular 13/2019/TT-BYT, the services covered by health insurance are as follows:

  • Dental scaling and polishing for both jaws: 134,000 VND
  • Dental scaling and polishing for one area or one jaw: 77,000 VND
  • Normal tooth extraction of tooth number 8: 215,000 VND
  • Tooth extraction of tooth number 8 with complications of impaction: 342,000 VND

According to these regulations, if you undergo dental scaling and tooth extraction as instructed by the dentist, the costs will be covered by health insurance. If you choose to undergo dental scaling and tooth extraction for cosmetic purposes without a doctor’s recommendation, they will not be covered by health insurance.

The price of dental scaling with health insurance depends on the specific category and whether it is within the designated healthcare network or outside the network, as follows:

Price of dental scaling with health insurance within the designated network

Free of charge for certain categories, including police officers, military personnel, individuals with contributions to the revolution, veterans, children over 6 years old, individuals from poor households, and individuals with continuous health insurance coverage.

Price of dental scaling with social insurance within the designated network

95% coverage of costs for individuals receiving pensions, monthly labor loss allowances, and individuals from near-poor households.

Price of dental scaling with health insurance outside the designated network

Patients undergoing dental scaling with health insurance outside the designated network will receive lower costs:

  • 40% reduction in treatment costs at central hospitals
  • 60% reduction in inpatient treatment costs until December 31, 2020, at provincial hospitals
  • 100% reduction in medical examination and treatment costs at district-level hospitals.

Where can you undergo dental scaling with health insurance coverage?

The coverage of dental scaling with health insurance will depend on each hospital. Most large hospitals apply health insurance coverage for dental scaling. Specifically, some hospitals that still apply health insurance coverage for dental treatment and scaling include the Central Odonto-Stomatology Hospital, Military Hospital 108, Bach Mai Hospital, and University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital.

International hospitals such as Thu Cuc, Vinmec, and Hong Ngoc also have policies to implement health insurance for dental diagnosis and treatment. In addition, some private clinics also apply health insurance to ensure customers can use the best dental services while saving costs.

Is health insurance really necessary for dental scaling?

Although dental scaling is supported by health insurance in large hospitals, you may wonder if it is necessary to use health insurance for dental scaling. If you are still undecided, BeDental will list some reasons to have a more objective view of dental scaling services at external dental clinics. You should consider them.

  • Using health insurance procedures can be quite complicated

Before being examined, you are required to prepare your health insurance card, a copy and original of your ID card/passport/resident card/visa, your health insurance examination booklet. If it is your first time using your health insurance card, you need to register to purchase a booklet. When you want to be examined, you need to present your booklet and health insurance card.

If it is a child who does not have an ID card or proof of identity, you need to bring a notarized copy of their birth certificate.

Có thực sự cần bảo hiểm để lấy cao răng
Is dental scaling covered by insurance
  • The amount received from social insurance is not significant.

The cost of dental scaling at external dental clinics and public hospitals is generally low. The price for a dental scaling procedure starts from 150,000 VND. Therefore, health insurance can cover a few tens to a few hundred thousand VND for you.

  • Not all hospitals apply insurance policies.

Health insurance for dental scaling is usually only applicable at some large public hospitals, which can be time-consuming. If you go to large hospitals and wait in line for hours just to get a dental scaling procedure at a cost of a few hundred thousand VND, is it worth it?

Currently, some public hospitals are overloaded, which can lead to unprofessional attitudes from staff, causing discomfort for patients.

When researching whether dental scaling is covered by health insurance, there are many inconveniences. This hinders dental scaling and increasingly affects oral health.

Therefore, a better way to receive timely treatment is to directly visit reputable dental clinics with professional dental teams to receive attentive and modern dental care. Dental scaling is no longer a cause for concern for you.

BeDental – A reputable dental clinic for dental scaling without worries about insurance.

In general, the cost of dental scaling is not too expensive, but health insurance procedures can be cumbersome, especially in large hospitals where it is always crowded. Not only do you have to wait in line early, but the procedures are also complex and involve multiple steps. In addition, there are cases where staff members have unprofessional attitudes, making the dental examination and treatment process uncomfortable.

Furthermore, not all hospitals invest in modern painless ultrasonic dental scaling technology like the Cavitron BP 8.0. The cost at private dental clinics is also quite competitive.

BenDental - Địa chỉ lấy cao răng uy tín
The price of dental scaling with health insurance

At BeDental, anyone can choose to self-pay for dental scaling services without going through the cumbersome procedures of health insurance claims, as the price for dental scaling here ranges from only 150,000 to 300,000 VND.

Furthermore, you will receive comprehensive dental care from A to Z, including overall oral hygiene, painless deep ultrasonic dental scaling, and teeth polishing to prevent plaque buildup.

Moreover, BeDental regularly offers discount programs to help you save on costs.

Price list for reference:

Danh mụcGiá thành
Giá Kin Gingival 250ml (Kin súc miệng điều trị viêm lợi)180.000
~ 7$
Giá Kin Toothpaste 75ml (Kem đánh răng kin)180.000
~ 7$
Giá Kin B5 Enjuague 500ml (Kin súc miệng hàng ngày)310.000
~ 12$
Giá Kin B5 toothpaste 125ml (Kem đánh răng kin b5)200.000
~ 8$
Giá Sensi Kin 250 (Nước súc miệng chống ê buốt)250.000
~ 10$
Giá Sensi kin gel (Tuýp thuốc bôi lợi chống ê buốt)180.000
~ 7$
Giá Perio kin (Tuýp thuốc bôi viêm lợi) 180.000
~ 7$
Giá Ortho Kin 500ml (Nước súc miệng chỉnh nha)310.000
~ 12$
Giá Ortho Kin toothpaste ( Kem đánh răng chỉnh nha)180.000
~ 7$
Giá Máy tăm nước Procare (Tìm hiểu thêm......)1.850.000
~ 73$
Giá Máy tăm nước Oralpick (Tìm hiểu thêm......)1.950.000
~ 77$
*Bảng giá sản phẩm hỗ trợ điều trị tại nha khoa - không áp dụng khi mua online


In conclusion, when it comes to the price of dental scaling with health insurance, it is important to consider the overall value and convenience. While health insurance may offer coverage for dental scaling, the associated procedures and limitations can make it a cumbersome and time-consuming process. On the other hand, opting for self-payment at a reputable dental clinic like BeDental ensures a straightforward and cost-effective experience.

With transparent pricing and comprehensive dental care, BeDental allows individuals to receive high-quality dental scaling without the hassle of dealing with health insurance procedures. By prioritizing patient satisfaction and offering competitive prices, BeDental provides an alternative option that maximizes both affordability and convenience when it comes to dental scaling.



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