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This article will introduce a favorite and very healthy fruit – red apples. Bedental will share with you the top 12 health benefits of red apples so you have more information and motivation to add this food to your diet. Let’s learn and discover interesting things about red apples in this article.

What are red apples? Its origin

What are red apples? Red apples are a fruit originating from South Asia and are currently grown everywhere on earth. Other names are:, jujube, persimmon jujube, persimmon jujube, red jujube,…

The part used for medicine is mainly the fruit of the tree. Red apples will also be dried or dried and used as medicine. In other cases, the leaves are also used as a medicinal herb.

Táo đỏ là gì? Nguồn gốc của nó
Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

The red apple tree is a nutritious fruit tree that is also a valuable medicinal plant in Oriental medicine. Some general information about this species is as follows:

  • Other common names: jujube, red jujube, red jujube, can apple, sugar apple,…
  • Scientific name: Ziziphus Jujuba Mill
  • Family: Apple (Rhamnaceae)

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Characteristics of jujube

The most outstanding features of this plant are:

  • The tree has an average height of less than 10m and is a small tree.
  • The leaves have short stems and often grow alternately with each other.
  • Each foliage usually has 7 – 8 flowers, yellow or light green flowers and usually blooms in April – May.
  • The fruit is spherical or ovoid when ripe and has a beautiful dark red color. The time when the fruit is ripe is from July to September.

Nutrient content in jujube

In principle, scientists have researched and found that this fruit has low calories but high nutrient content. Every 100 grams of red apples will contain some fiber such as:

  • Energy: 79 Kcl.
  • Fat: 0.
  • Starch: 20 grams.
  • Iron: 10 grams.
  • Vitamin C: 77% of the daily value for health.
  • Potassium: 5% unit.
  • Protein: 1gram.

Benefits of red apples

Benefits of red apples for the heart

Red apples contain potassium and are extremely low in sodium, helping blood vessels circulate and keeping blood pressure in balance. Using 2 or 3 fruits a day helps keep your heart healthy. Besides, it also contributes to lowering blood pressure. Reduces symptoms of atherosclerosis and inflammation in some artery walls.

The benefits of red apples are improving sleep and benefiting the brain

The ingredients in red apples have been tested and confirmed to have good effects on improving sleep. Especially if used regularly, it will bring great benefits in relaxation, reducing stress and improving sleep.

Benefits of red apples – support weight loss

Eating an apple 15 minutes after meals helps reduce calories and soothes the intestines, thereby helping to support weight loss extremely effectively. Due to its high fiber content, it reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.

Benefits help protect strong and healthy bones

This small fruit contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, which help protect bones, prevent problems affecting bones, keep bones strong, and enhance overall bone health. Therefore, you should not be too worried if your bones are not strong or show signs of weakness as you age.

Helps fight bacteria and inflammation

Flavonoids found in red apples are recognized as extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and fungicidal agents. The extract of this small fruit brings great benefits to the anti-infection process. Besides, there is also betulinic acid contained in this fruit which also helps fight some flu viruses.

Has benefits for the skin and aids in hair growth

Using red apples is especially effective for skin problems such as treating acne, stretch marks, melasma, and dark circles. Due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of apples. In addition, it also soothes itching in eczema, prevents and limits the formation of malignant tumors, especially substances that cause skin cancer.

Research on humans shows that after applying essential oil to rats brushing their hair, after about 21 days, the hair appeared more and harder than other groups.

Detoxify the blood

Red apples contain saponins and alkaloids that are closely related to the blood purification process. It helps eliminate toxic substances in the blood, tightens the skin and prevents you from many different blood diseases.

Prevents allergic rhinitis

Red apples have antihistamine properties. It helps stabilize mast cells, which help regulate certain immune system properties and prevent allergies. Studies also show that it has a potential role in the fight against allergic rhinitis.

Regulate blood pressure

This fruit is a great therapy to help maintain blood pressure below a stable threshold. It improves blood flow to the brain by increasing nitric oxide levels and as a result helps lower blood pressure. Furthermore, jujubes are full of potassium and reduced sodium. This aids in the expansion of the vascular system and reduces blood pressure.

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Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

Reduce chronic constipation

The fiber content in pears helps prevent chronic constipation. Fiber acts as a diuretic, helping to improve bowel movements.

This is a proven treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that works by strengthening barriers in the colon and stimulating the AMPK enzyme. It also has antidiarrheal properties with the presence of pectin.

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Helps support the digestive process

As we know, red apples are quite rich in fiber, so they are extremely effective in supporting the digestive system, reducing constipation and indigestion.

In addition, it also helps the stomach and intestinal mucosa to function significantly better, reduces damage caused by stomach or intestinal ulcers, and increases beneficial microorganisms to support the digestive system. From there, it provides good support for the human digestive system.

điều trị táo bón
Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

How to use dried red apples

Dried red apples have a flavor similar to red apples, so they are easy to eat as a nutritious snack.

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Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

You can use sliced dried red apples, add a little dried goji berries to make jam. Dried red apple and goji berry tea helps diuretic, treat insomnia, relax, etc… In addition, you should combine dried red apples with many other ingredients when preparing nutritious dishes.

In addition, some people also make dried red apple cider vinegar, dried red apple wine, dried red apple juice, and ginger… to include dried red apples in your meals.

What is taboo about red apples?

What is taboo about red apples? When using red apples, you need to note:

  • You should not use red apples with snakehead fish, tilapia or loach fish because they are incompatible. If you eat these types of fish and then eat red apples (in the same meal), they will oppose each other, leading to spleen and stomach discord, causing heat in the body.
  • Should not be eaten with seafood because they are not compatible with each other. If eaten together, it can lead to back pain or stomach ache.
  • Should not be eaten with green onions, onions… because they are incompatible. If you eat them together, you will have bloating, difficulty sleeping, stomach pain…

What goes well with red apples, what to use with them, what dishes to cook?

If you are confused and don’t know what food to combine red apples with, here are some suggestions for you:

Combining stew with chicken, duck or rabbit meat, goat meat: helps enhance the therapeutic effects of the foods.

Combine soup with pumpkin, season the soup with red sugar: nourishes the body, nourishes the brain, good for people with asthma and tracheitis.

Combining cooking red apple porridge with sticky rice with pork bones (or beef bones, goat bones): helps reduce back pain, knee fatigue, supports people with anemia and nourishes children with rickets. For women with blood deficiency, body loss, fatigue… can also use this dish.

Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

Recipe for red apple chrysanthemum tea?

Take about 10 pieces of chopped red apple and add 4 – 5g of chrysanthemum flowers. Rinse the tea and steep for 15 minutes with 300ml of boiling water. Drink warm or just with crushed ice. It is an excellent source of nutrients with antioxidant properties and many essential minerals and vitamins.

Is it okay to eat a lot of red apples?

However, with additional doses to improve health and increase resistance, you should only eat 5-6 small fruits and 2-3 large fruits a day. Because red apples contain very high levels of sugar and substances, if you eat too much, your body will not absorb it all and it will be wasted, and overuse will harm your health.

If you eat too many red apples in a day, it will lead to bloating and gas. People with poor digestion, bloating, gas, indigestion, and constipation should not eat.

Red apples contain high nutritional content and if abused, they will negatively affect kidney and digestive function, causing constipation.

During the red light period, if women abuse red apples, the phenomenon of water retention will become more serious. In addition, people who have hot flashes should not eat a lot of this type of apple, otherwise it will lead to excessive menstruation, causing blood loss, which is dangerous to their health.

Eating a lot of fresh jujubes can easily cause diarrhea or damage to the spleen. People with colds and bloating should not eat fresh red apples.

Do not use jujubes with vitamin-rich products because they will destroy the vitamin K contained in jujubes, losing its valuable medicinal properties.

After taking fever-reducing medicine, you should not eat red apples because it will cause the medicine to not dissolve but precipitate. After eating foods high in sugar, you should not eat apples to avoid increasing blood sugar.

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Can children eat red apples?

Red apples are a great treat for children. Many medical evidence shows that jujube has very good effects for children, especially supporting the treatment of anorexia and rickets in young children. According to Oriental medicine, it has also been proven that this is a very effective blood-boosting food.

Helps restore and improve the health of sick people and children who have just recovered from illness. There are many delicious and nutritious dishes combined with jujubes.

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Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

Red apples are very good for children. However, in addition to understanding the issue of whether it is good for children to eat red apples, parents should also refer to the following notes to best take care of their children:

  • Parents need to choose to buy red apples of clear origin, ensuring food safety and hygiene, avoiding apples of unknown origin. Parents should only choose to buy red apples from reputable stores so they can buy clean apples, without pesticides and preservatives.
  • You should choose red apples that are not soft to the touch, have no bruises or dents.
  • For children 6 months and older, parents can feed their children solid foods with red apples. Parents should feed their baby mashed red apples every 3 days to check the child’s reaction. If your baby eats well, you can add red apples to your baby’s meals to provide nutrition.
  • Do not overuse the use of apples for children because red apples still have a certain sugar and fat content, especially dried jujubes. Therefore, parents need to be careful to use a sufficient amount to ensure the baby’s body does not have too much sugar.
  • You should blend or mash it thoroughly for your baby before eating.
  • Afternoon is the best time for your baby to eat red apples or mashed fruits. Parents should feed their babies about 1-2 hours before the main meal.
  • In addition to red apples, parents can also consult a specialist before using them in combination with different fruits to have a reasonable supplement of nutrients in their baby’s meals.

Can pregnant women eat red apples?

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Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

Red apples are a nutritious food that helps improve health, is very good and safe for both pregnant mothers and the development of the fetus. Not only are they good for pregnant mothers, they are also good for all ages from children to the elderly.

Even though it is a very good food, pregnant mothers should eat it in reasonable doses and in moderation. To maximize the benefits of red apples, when using them, mothers should pay attention to the following notes:

  • Red apples are a good and beneficial food, but if pregnant mothers eat too much, they can lead to bloating and indigestion.
  • Red apples are often dried or seasoned with sugar. Therefore, the sugar content will be very high, pregnant mothers using it too much can cause gestational diabetes and excessive weight gain.
  • You should choose quality apples with clear origins to ensure the health of both mother and fetus.
  • When using dried red apples, pregnant mothers should wash them to remove dirt and use them like fresh ones.

Note when using

You should not eat red apples with radishes because jujubes contain copper ketones. When eaten with copper ketone radishes, it will react with cyanogen acid in the radishes, causing this disease.

If you are taking venlafaxine or other medications commonly used to treat epilepsy, do not eat jujubes. Both fresh and dried red apple juice are very nutritious, however this type of drink contains higher sugar and calories so you need to use the right amount.

If you have certain diseases such as diabetes or are taking epilepsy medication, you should limit the use of red apples.

You should use large, moderately dark red apples, do not choose brown or hard apples.

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Distinguishing different types of red apples

The most popular on the market today are Xinjiang red apples and Korean red apples

Basically these two types are quite similar, but there are some differences as follows:

lưu ý khi dùng
Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples
  • Type 1 Xinjiang red apples are nearly 1.5 times larger than Korean apples
  • In terms of quality, Korean red apples are more flexible, fragrant and sweeter than apples in Xinjiang
  • Korean red apples are firmer than Xinjiang apples
  • Korean red apples are darker in color and more wrinkled than Chinese apples

How much does 1 kg of dried red apples cost?

Usually, dried red apples will cost between 120,000 VND – 190,000 VND depending on the size of the apple and depending on the season.

Where to buy genuine red apples?

Big supermarkets all have this item: Big C, Aeon mall, Lotte, Metro (now Mega), Vinmart, some Mini Marts and convenience stores,…

In addition, consumers can find and buy red apples online. Be sure to research the brand in advance and carefully read reviews of these suppliers to be able to find the best quality seller.

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Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

Who should not eat dried red apples?

Who should not eat dried red apples? Dried red apple is also a medicine with its own medicinal properties, so if used indiscriminately, without paying attention to physical condition, it will not only fail to promote health improvement effects but also cause side effects. reverse. It is especially important that the following people should not eat or should not eat apples.

People with low conversation

Symptoms of those people are thick tongue, mucous mouth, lack of appetite, often feeling the stomach is tense, people with severe disease also feel dizziness and headaches, nausea and vomiting, and face swelling.

Because apples are slimy, they increase moisture, making the above symptoms even more severe. People with this type of condition should eat foods that promote low spleen benefits such as bo bo, red beans, yam, and luffa.

People on fire

This type of person’s body is a bit hot, often constipated, has bad breath, swelling in the throat, teeth and gums, and apples have a sweet and mild taste, if used in large quantities, it is like adding fuel to the fire.

New person has a cold

People who are not used to colds often have their bodies infected with the evil energy of cold or hot winds. Now, eating a lot of apples also means increasing the body’s sticky and mucous characteristics, making it easier for evil energy to accumulate. In turn, it is harmful to health recovery.


Apples have a lot of sugar, eating too much increases blood sugar, making the disease worse. That’s why people with high blood sugar should not eat a lot of apples.

Is it okay to swallow dried red apple seeds?

Jujube seeds have 2 sharp ends, they can cause damage to the digestive tract including scratches, bleeding, punctures, and getting stuck causing inflammation and abscesses. Therefore, if you swallow this seed, do not try to vomit it because it can cause damage to the throat and esophagus. Instead, a stomach endoscopy should be performed to remove the seeds.

In cases where the seed has been pushed into the duodenum and small intestine by the stomach’s contractions for more than 2 hours, it can only be monitored and hoped it will be pushed out of the digestive tract safely. Normally, the seeds will be excreted in the stool without any intervention, unless there are abnormalities that require intervention.

Can dried red apples be eaten raw?

Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Although dried red apples can be eaten raw without cooking, however, to enhance its flavor, we can combine them with other ingredients to take full advantage of the nutritional value of red apples. 

benefits of red apples
Can pregnant women eat red apples? Can dried red apples be eaten raw? Benefits of red apples

With the amazing benefits of jujubes, add this fruit to your healthy diet! Hope this article provides you with useful information about the top 12 health benefits of red apples.



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