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What is dental material? Where to buy reliable and quality dental materials?

 What are the commonly used dental materials nowadays? Which type provides a reasonable price and achieves optimal aesthetics for customers? Let’s explore and answer all the questions in this article together with Bedental.

What are dental materials?

Dental materials refer to all the tools used in the process of examining and treating dental issues such as fillings, extractions, root canal treatments, etc. Dental materials also vary in terms of cost.

What is dental material? Where to buy reliable and quality dental materials?
What is dental material? Where to buy reliable and quality dental materials?

Common types of dental materials

Currently, there are various dental material systems available in the market. Each system consists of different types with different names. If you are trying to learn and distinguish them, follow the compilation of the main dental materials below to have a comprehensive understanding.

Dental filling and restoration materials

Dental filling is a common dental technique used to treat cases of tooth decay, chipped teeth, or gaps. There are various dental filling materials, including Composite, Amalgam, gold, porcelain, metals, etc. Each material has its own notable advantages.

Among them, Composite is the most popular dental filling material nowadays due to its high aesthetics, resembling the natural color of teeth. Compared to Amalgam, Composite is more prone to discoloration over time. However, due to its low cost and high aesthetics, it is more preferred.

Endodontic materials and instruments

Endodontic treatment or root canal treatment is a complex and delicate process in general dentistry. Dentists perform treatment on damaged pulp tissues using special materials and require a complete set of dental instruments and materials, including:

  • Endodontic files: made of stainless steel, nickel, titanium, etc. They are divided into three main types: reamers, files, and broaches. Reamers are used to remove the pulp tissue, with various sizes corresponding to the patient’s canal diameter. Files are used to widen and smooth the canal. Broaches are used for canal enlargement.
  • Endodontic rotary machines: automatic machines that control torque and rotation direction, designed for common Ni-Ti files.
  • Root canal length measurement device: using this device significantly increases the success rate of endodontic treatment.
  • Excavator: a tool used to remove deep dentin, pulp tissue, and dental filling materials.

There are many other dental materials involved in completing an endodontic treatment. You can consult with dental suppliers to purchase the most comprehensive set.

Antibacterial materials

Antibacterial materials are used for disinfection and sterilization of instruments before any treatment. Common antibacterial materials in dental practices include disinfectant solutions, sterilization pouches, antibacterial paper towels, etc.

Scabies disease and 3 common treatment methods

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Dental filling material

Medical consumables

Medical consumables include gloves and masks, commonly made of Latex gloves, Nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves, surgical gloves, and medical masks. Additionally, there are head covers, doctor/nurse uniforms, plastic cups, cotton balls, etc.

Dental instruments

A reputable dental facility that meets standards to serve customers must ensure the availability of the following essential dental instruments:

Halogen curing light

The Halogen curing light is a basic dental instrument that aids in the removal of dental plaque and helps the filling material dry and harden quickly. This saves treatment time, facilitates quick restoration of damaged teeth, and restores a uniform and beautiful set of teeth for the patient.

Implant driver

The implant driver is used to screw the implant post into the appropriate position in the jawbone. It can be operated manually or with a machine, and then the Healing cap is placed to ensure quick wound healing.

Surgical suction machine

During the implant placement surgery, the suction machine is used to remove blood, saliva, and debris from inside the tooth. This ensures a clean tooth socket, minimizes the risk of infection, and helps the dentist perform their job effectively.


The excavator is a dental instrument used to remove gum tissue and create a flow channel for the sinus. There are two main types: straight excavators and angled excavators.

Tooth extraction instruments

Tooth extraction instruments include tooth extraction forceps, luxating elevators, dental elevators, etc. Different types of forceps are used for different tooth extraction positions. Permanent tooth extraction forceps may include R3, R5 forceps, 151 forceps, R6, R7 forceps for upper and lower jaws, etc.

Tooth cavities that reach the pulp

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Orthodontic materials

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that helps adjust the position of teeth to the correct alignment in the jaw. It treats conditions such as overbite, underbite, gaps, and misalignment. The most common orthodontic method nowadays is dental braces. The types of dental materials used for braces include brackets, archwires, and trays to move misaligned teeth into their correct position.

Brackets come in various types such as ceramic brackets, traditional metal brackets, self-ligating metal brackets, and clear aligners. The choice of brackets depends on each individual’s specific dental condition as recommended by the dentist.

Dental drills

Dental drills and handpieces are essential tools in the clinical treatment process and the work of dental laboratory technicians. The function of these dental instruments is to remove decayed tooth structure while preserving healthy tooth structure. This helps restore the chewing function of the teeth, reduce sensitivity, and prevent pulp damage.

The choice of dental drills and handpieces depends on different dental conditions. Some common types of dental drills include round burs, flame-shaped burs, implant drills, and tapered round burs.

Impression materials (Trays)

Dental impression materials are the initial step in treating cases such as dental implantation, porcelain crown placement, and denture fabrication. Impressions help dentists create molds that accurately match the size of the patient’s teeth. This allows dental technicians to create highly aesthetic porcelain crowns and prevent inaccuracies.

Common types of Dental impression materials include plaster, alginate, and silicone. Plaster has the advantage of being non-deformable, providing durable impressions, and being cost-effective. However, it can cause discomfort to patients during the impression process and requires high technical skill. Alginate is used with varying degrees of fluidity and is suitable for initial impressions in all cases. Alginate use requires less technical skill and produces good surface detail. On the other hand, silicone impression material is a “modern” dental material with adjustable viscosity, suitable for all types of impressions.

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Dental Impression materials

Address for supplying dental materials at good price and quality – Bedental

Finding a reliable supplier for dental materials is the first important step when operating a dental clinic. If you haven’t found a trustworthy supplier, you may consider partnering with Bedental – not only a popular dental clinic but also a provider of high-quality dental materials at competitive prices.

Why should you purchase dental materials and tools at Bedental?

With over 10 years in the dental industry, Bedental is proud to be one of the reputable dental material suppliers, with several outstanding advantages:

  • Partnering with over 100 dental clinics of all sizes nationwide. A crucial partner for many dental hospitals nationwide.
  • Diverse and high-quality products: Dental materials at Bedental are imported from more than 20 leading brands in the field of dental equipment, tools, and materials. Examples include Cerkamed (Poland), Bisco (USA), Vannini, etc. To meet the increasing demands of customers, Bedental continuously improves and updates the most advanced materials. As a result, distributors can provide high-quality products to everyone.
  • Listed prices for distributors nationwide: to avoid price competition, Bedental specializes in supplying products with listed prices, ensuring that all promotional programs are the same for all distributors.
  • Attractive discounts and regular promotional programs: Besides fixed discounts for dental distributors, Bedental always has special promotional programs. At the same time, it supports the strategic expansion of the market for distributors.

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Latest dental material price list at Bedental

To receive the latest price list for dental materials, please contact our hotline: 093 461 90 90 for detailed pricing information and current promotions.

Above is all the information about dental materials and a reliable address to purchase genuine dental materials. If you have any questions about our services at Bedental, please contact our hotline: 093 461 90 90 to have our dedicated consultants assist you.

Danh mụcGiá thành
Giá Kin Gingival 250ml (Kin súc miệng điều trị viêm lợi)180.000
~ 7$
Giá Kin Toothpaste 75ml (Kem đánh răng kin)180.000
~ 7$
Giá Kin B5 Enjuague 500ml (Kin súc miệng hàng ngày)310.000
~ 12$
Giá Kin B5 toothpaste 125ml (Kem đánh răng kin b5)200.000
~ 8$
Giá Sensi Kin 250 (Nước súc miệng chống ê buốt)250.000
~ 10$
Giá Sensi kin gel (Tuýp thuốc bôi lợi chống ê buốt)180.000
~ 7$
Giá Perio kin (Tuýp thuốc bôi viêm lợi) 180.000
~ 7$
Giá Ortho Kin 500ml (Nước súc miệng chỉnh nha)310.000
~ 12$
Giá Ortho Kin toothpaste ( Kem đánh răng chỉnh nha)180.000
~ 7$
Giá Máy tăm nước Procare (Tìm hiểu thêm......)1.850.000
~ 73$
Giá Máy tăm nước Oralpick (Tìm hiểu thêm......)1.950.000
~ 77$
*Bảng giá sản phẩm hỗ trợ điều trị tại nha khoa - không áp dụng khi mua online



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