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Should you get porcelain crowns for children? Porcelain crowns are a solution to restore tooth defects by using a porcelain crown attached to a real tooth. This method can fix defective teeth, improve chewing and restore maximum aesthetics. However, not everyone can do it, especially when young. So, in what cases should this measure be most effective?

Should you get porcelain crowns for children?

Normally, 18 years old or older is the most suitable age to get porcelain crowns, because at that time the teeth and jawbone have developed stably. Common teeth problems such as yellowing and discoloration will begin to appear, aesthetic needs are also focused on, so the intervention of cosmetic dental measures such as porcelain crowns will be very appropriate.

Although porcelain crowns have many undeniable benefits, to implement this method it is also necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Porcelain crowns can only be performed when all permanent teeth have grown.
  • At the age of under 18, especially between the ages of 9 and 10, when the jawbone has developed stably, porcelain teeth can be covered to improve tooth decay. However, the prerequisite to proceed that you need to keep in mind is that the permanent teeth have fully grown.

For children who have grown all their permanent teeth and have severe tooth decay or pulpitis, parents should be flexible in taking their children to the dentist for examination. Only after determining the case where porcelain crowns can be performed after root canal treatment can proceed. Children need to be examined thoroughly, the doctor will evaluate the tooth and jaw structure before advising on appropriate treatment.

  • If your child is suffering from health problems such as blood disease, cardiovascular disease, etc., he or she should not have porcelain teeth.

Currently, many parents are confused between the two concepts of “porcelain tooth crowns” and “baby tooth crowns for children”. In essence, baby teeth crowns are a solution to cover baby teeth (usually molars) with metal-ceramic material because of the reasonable cost. This stage is simply to protect the damaged teeth until they are born. be replaced by permanent teeth or are old enough to undergo other restoration methods.

Baby teeth often wear out quickly. Dental crowns at this stage for children help maintain the strength of baby teeth, ensure chewing function for the jaw, protect teeth that have been treated with root canals, and bring beautiful teeth,…

Should you get porcelain crowns for children?
Should you get porcelain crowns for children? Benefits of porcelain crowns and some types of porcelain teeth

Benefits of porcelain crowns

  • Porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers help restore aesthetics in cases of cavities, chipped teeth, sparse teeth, mild underbites, and stained teeth heavily contaminated with antibiotics.
  • The porcelain dental materials used in dentistry are all high-quality porcelain, have the same color, shape, and size as real teeth and have been tested for health safety.

Effects of porcelain crowns on young children

  • Porcelain veneers need to be ground down, but for young children, they will feel more sensitive. Even if the enamel layer is removed too early, it can affect the strength of the teeth later.
  • Children are often afraid of going to the doctor, so they may cry, making it more difficult for them to grind their teeth than adults. In this situation, parents may need to mentally prepare in advance so that their children are mentally prepared when they come for a medical examination and not be too scared.

For the first time after dental crowns, children will have to eat soft foods, so avoid puberty – a period of strong development for children.

Parents, after considering the above issues, should consider carefully when deciding whether to get porcelain crowns for their children or not. Only mandatory cases should be done, the remaining things should wait until the child is old enough to intervene.

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Should you get porcelain crowns for children? Benefits of porcelain crowns and some types of porcelain teeth

Some types of porcelain teeth are suitable

Besides worrying about whether porcelain dental crowns are indicated for children, parents should also learn some information about the types of porcelain teeth suitable for their child’s age. Depending on the material and origin, porcelain teeth are divided into many types with different prices. Please refer to the price list of porcelain crowns at BeDental:


  • Metal Porcelain Price

PH08 Price of normal metal ceramic teeth (Ni,Cr) 40$

PH09 Price Vivadent france ceramic metal teeth (Cr,Co) 48$

PH10 Price Jelenko USA Metal Porcelain Teeth (Cr, Co) 60,5$

PH11 Price Titanium metal ceramic teeth 100$

  • Price of non-metallic porcelain:

PH20 Katana Porcelain Teeth Price (7 year warranty) 117$

PH19 Price of Venus Porcelain Teeth (7 year warranty) 140$

PH12 Price of Roland Porcelain Teeth (10 year warranty) 180$

PH13 Price of Roland HD Porcelain Teeth (10 year warranty) 220$

PH14 Ceramill Porcelain Teeth Price (10 year warranty) 240$

PH15 Price of Emax Nanoceramics Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty) 280$

PH13-1 Price of HTsmile Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty) 280$

PH15-1 Emax* Press Lithium Disilicate Porcelain Teeth Price (15 year warranty) 320$

PH15-2 Price of Cercon porcelain teeth (15 year warranty) 280$

PH16 Price Nacera Pearl Shade Porcelain Teeth (10 year warranty) 280$

PH17 Price of 3M Premium Plus Lava Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty). 320$

PH21 Price of Lava Esthentics Porcelain Teeth (15 year warranty) 440$

PH22 Lisi Press Porcelain Teeth Price (15 year warranty) 440$

PH18 Price of Diamond Porcelain Teeth (Lifetime Warranty) 645$

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Should you get porcelain crowns for children? Benefits of porcelain crowns and some types of porcelain teeth

In children, because there are no aesthetic requirements, mainly to overcome tooth decay and improve chewing function, parents can choose teeth with high durability but also save on food costs. metal porcelain teeth such as titanium teeth, precious metal porcelain teeth. Not only. All-ceramic teeth usually have more outstanding advantages in terms of color, durability, strength, and longevity, but the price is very high.

Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

BeDental cosmetic dentistry was born in 2012. After a period of operation, the center quickly became a reputable address providing dental services to customers and is one of the leading dentists in the field of dentistry. cosmetic department.

With a team of experienced medical experts and doctors, advanced equipment systems, modern technology, BeDental cosmetic dentistry has taken steady steps on the path to becoming a cosmetic dentistry center in Vietnam. Vietnam.

BeDental was born with the mission “Sow a smile, spread success”, we believe that everyone deserves to have a confident and attractive smile. That’s why we always strive to remove the problems and barriers that are hiding your beautiful, radiant smile. Above all we believe that strong teeth are the foundation of a happy life and a smile is the key to success.

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Should you get porcelain crowns for children? Benefits of porcelain crowns and some types of porcelain teeth

BeDental is constantly striving to become a leading enterprise in the field of cosmetic dentistry, especially porcelain dental restorations in Vietnam with a strategy focusing on developing high technology and updating trends and techniques. modern art.

With a team of Vietnam’s leading cosmetic doctors in the dental field, BeDental always brings dedication, devotion and dedication to customers like their own family. BeDental is a reputable and professional cosmetic dentistry system with many facilities in large city centers to help customers move conveniently.

Along with that is a modern equipment system imported from foreign countries, certified as safe by the Ministry of Health. 5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing and secure space when experiencing the service.



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