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[Dental Filling Composite] Answering All Questions From A-Z: Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Filling Composite

Dental filling composites are known as a dental method to restore the aesthetics of decayed, chipped teeth, etc. Although possessing many outstanding advantages, composite dental fillings still make many people concerned about safety and durability. durable in use. If you are also planning to fill your teeth with composite, don’t rush through this article. BeDental will provide the most comprehensive view of composite dental filling services.

What is dental filling composite?

What is dental filling composite? Dental composite or dental composite is also known by another name as composite dental filling. This is a safe and advanced dental cosmetic method today that uses dental composite materials to close existing holes or defects in teeth.

So what is composite? Composite is a synthetic plastic made from a number of materials such as: bisphenol A-glycidyl methacrylate (BISGMA), urethane dimethacrylate (UDMA), semi-crystalline polymer (PEX) and silica. The final product creates a white filling material that is 99% similar to teeth. Besides, the composite also does not react with saliva.

What is dental filling composite? How much does composite dental filling cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the composite dental filling?

Dental composite composite work is quite simple. The dentist just needs to shape the filling to fit the location of the damaged tooth. In terms of properties, composite is flexible with a paste form, so the process of shaping or masking tooth defects is not difficult.

Currently, dental composite welding is known as the cheapest dental cosmetic method. Composite tooth filling technique is indicated in specific cases under the consultation of a qualified dentist.

Who should get composite dental fillings?

Dental fillings have long been sought by many customers to restore aesthetics and protect teeth from diseases. However, not all cases are recommended to use composite for dental fillings. Besides, there are also some schools that choose composite dental filling as the most optimal choice, specifically:

Teeth have decay

Tooth decay is a fairly common phenomenon in Vietnam. With the naked eye, you can clearly see black or brown spots on the tooth surface. Even severe tooth decay will reveal large holes.

The cause of tooth decay is due to careless oral hygiene. Or regularly eating unhealthy foods will cause bacteria to thrive. When not treated early, it will accumulate in the tooth socket and cause decay.

In this case, composite tooth filling method is the optimal choice. Thanks to the deep filling layer, the cavities created by tooth decay will be closed. You can preserve your real teeth without affecting your chewing function instead of having to have them removed to stop the cavity from spreading.

Teeth are chipped for many reasons

There are many different reasons why your teeth chip. It may be due to the habit of regularly eating hard foods such as ice cubes, lozenges, etc. Or carelessly biting into something too hard such as crab legs, crabs, grit mixed in food or using your teeth to open bottle caps, causing for cracked teeth. Besides, accidents are also one of the reasons why teeth are chipped.

Regardless of the cause, dentists will advise customers to undergo composite dental fillings to overcome this situation. The composite layer resembles 99% of real teeth, helping to preserve teeth, increase aesthetics and not affect the chewing process.

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What is dental filling composite? How much does composite dental filling cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the composite dental filling?

Teeth are spaced

Gaping teeth will make you feel extremely uncomfortable when food is easy to put in but difficult to get out. When hygiene is not clean, the risk of outbreaks of dental diseases is difficult to avoid.

Therefore, in cases of sparse teeth with gaps less than 2mm, dentists also prescribe dental fillings to prevent food from accumulating. At the same time, ensuring aesthetics for the entire jaw.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the composite dental filling?

Using composite to fill teeth is currently a method favored by many customers. As a high-quality material, 99% realistic and guaranteed to be safe, composite is quickly sought after as a dental cosmetic treatment, creating the perfect smile.

However, no matter how good, composite will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are specific information:

Advantages of composite tooth filling method

Composite dental fillings are a commonly used material in dentistry because:

  • Brings high aesthetics: Composite resin has an ivory white tone that is 99% similar to real teeth. If you only look with the naked eye, it is difficult to distinguish whether a tooth has been filled or not. Therefore, composite is always the top priority choice for aesthetically pleasing incisors and canines.
  • Safe, non-invasive tooth filling: composite materials are improved with extremely strong adhesion. They will stick directly to the tooth crown so the dentist will not need to grind the tooth enamel and then fill it like the old method. Therefore, tooth filling will limit the invasive area. Only the part of the tooth that has the defect that needs filling will be affected. As for the healthy tooth crown, there will be no cutting effect at all.
  • When repairs are needed, it will be very easy: filling teeth with composite will help make the repair process much simpler and easier than with other filling materials. Often when the composite layer is damaged, the dentist does not need to fill it from the beginning but only performs an insertion repair.
  • Health safety: Composite is safe because it does not contain mercury. Therefore, you can feel completely secure when performing dental fillings with composite.
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What is dental filling composite? How much does composite dental filling cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the composite dental filling?

Disadvantages of composite tooth filling method

Although it possesses many outstanding advantages compared to other filling materials, composite still has certain disadvantages such as:

  • Relative durability: according to studies, composite has an average durability of about 5-7 years. Depending on how each person maintains it, the lifespan of composite will vary.
  • There is shrinkage: composite materials have a certain amount of shrinkage, so the dentist must calculate the necessary amount. If misaligned, small holes can be created when the composite shows signs of shrinkage. From that small hole, tooth decay can form.
  • Teeth become yellow: after a long period of use, the tooth filling area will become yellow. In particular, if you do not pay attention to careful hygiene, yellow stains will soon appear.

Steps for filling teeth with technical standard composite

Compared to other tooth filling methods, using composite materials to fill teeth is not too complicated. However, to ensure the highest aesthetics, you should still go to reputable dental clinics with a team of good dentists.

Below are the technical standard steps for filling teeth with composite:

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What is dental filling composite? How much does composite dental filling cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the composite dental filling?

Step 1: General examination and treatment if any

The doctor will conduct a general examination to evaluate the current oral condition. After that, we will clearly consider the reason for needing dental fillings, whether it is due to tooth decay, chipping or spacing, to come up with an appropriate plan.

Next, the doctor needs to measure and calculate the exact size of the area that needs welding. If it is certain that composite dental fillings must be performed, the doctor will provide all information so that customers know what their treatment process is like and what it includes.

In case of tooth decay, the doctor will request an X-ray of the tooth area that needs filling. If the tooth decay bacteria or the pulp area is seriously affected, treatment will be required before performing filling.

Step 2: Anesthetize and clean and dry the area where tooth filling is needed

If it is determined that tooth filling is needed, the doctor will apply local anesthesia at the correct location where the filling is needed. This step will help reduce pain and discomfort for customers during the procedure.

Next, the doctor will perform oral hygiene to ensure sterility and no infection. Besides, cleaning must go hand in hand with drying to be able to perform composite filling with the best adhesion. Commonly performed tasks are: cleaning, removing bacteria and drying with specialized tools.

Step 3: Fill teeth with composite material

The doctor will pour the composite material into the previously cleaned hole that needs to be filled. Next, use blue light from a specialized laser so that the composite can harden in 40 seconds thanks to the photopolymerization reaction created.

The entire process of filling composite fillings to cover tooth defects usually takes about 5 – 10 minutes. Then, the doctor will adjust the solder patch to fit the hole. In this step, it is necessary to focus on removing excess areas and smoothing the welding area so that customers do not feel uncomfortable due to roughness later.

Step 4: Advice on oral care after composite fillings

After performing composite dental fillings, you can go home immediately. The doctor will carefully advise you about diet, hygiene, and schedule a follow-up visit.

BeDental – Top quality dental filling composite address

Performing composite dental fillings is not too complicated, but if done incorrectly, it can bring many problems such as: peeling of filling material, loss of aesthetics, pain, discomfort, etc.

You can easily find many places that perform composite dental fillings. However, not all dental facilities provide quality dental fillings. Besides, the different prices from each place will also make you lose your direction because you don’t know which is a reliable address. So where is the reputable address for composite dental fillings at cheap prices?

You can refer to the composite dental filling service at BeDental. Proud to be one of the reputable quality dental addresses, BeDental is committed to bringing absolute satisfaction when customers use the services here. Whether the tooth is severely decayed or severely cracked, our dentist can fix it.

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What is dental filling composite? How much does composite dental filling cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the composite dental filling?

The tooth filling process takes place extremely quickly with high precision. The material used is 3m composite dental filling with perfect durability and hardness. The team of dentists are all skilled. In addition, understanding aesthetic trends will provide dental aesthetic advice suitable for each customer. In particular, for difficult cases that need treatment before filling, the doctor will also provide a thorough treatment regimen to bring comprehensive results.

How much does composite dental filling cost?

The cost of composite dental fillings is always a top concern. Each dental facility will offer different service prices. To avoid service price increases, you should ask the price before signing the decision to get composite tooth filling. Besides price, you should also go to reputable addresses like BeDental to have it done by a team of experienced dentists.

Dental composite price list at BeDental is as follows:

Service code Dental filling Service price

DT01 Children’s baby teeth filling 4 USD

DT02 Permanent tooth filling 12 USD

DT03 Cosmetic dental filling 20 USD

DT04 Dental neck welding 8 USD

This is the price list of composite tooth filling services listed on the BeDental system. This price list does not deduct current discounts. To receive the most specific price at this time, you can contact directly via Hotline for support. While in Europe, if you get composite dental filling, you may pay 40 – 150 USD.

A few small notes after performing composite dental fillings

What is dental filling composite?
What is dental filling composite? How much does composite dental filling cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the composite dental filling?

After filling teeth with composite materials, you need to pay attention to a few things to increase adhesion and avoid yellowing. How to care for tooth fillings as follows:

  • At first, absolutely do not use foods and drinks that are too hot or too cold.
  • Limit the use of colored foods and drinks such as coffee, turmeric, etc. because they will make the filling layer dull, uneven, and very unsightly.
  • Avoid doing heavy work that can impact the tooth area. For example, using your teeth to open beer caps, untie buttons, etc.
  • Strictly follow proper oral hygiene. Remember, at least twice a day and only brush your teeth gently, do not rub vigorously.
  • Encourage the use of dental floss and saline for comprehensive teeth cleaning.

The above article has helped you have a more general view of the composite dental filling method. To get tooth fillings with composite materials to achieve beautiful durability over a long period of use, you should go to a reputable dental clinic to get it done. In addition, you need to pay attention to future oral care to avoid peeling or discoloration of the filling site. If you have any questions, you can contact BeDental directly for a free consultation.



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