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How to Handle 3 Types Of Dental Emergencies While Working Abroad?

Dental emergencies can occur when you least expect them, but because 20% of the population suffers from oral-dental injuries each year, it is essential to be prepared. Always take precautions to shield your teeth from damage, especially while you’re traveling, but if a dental emergency does occur, it’s crucial to contact an experienced emergency dentist immediately. If you’re working overseas, be prepared in case of a dental emergency and seek a qualified specialist who can treat wounds, toothaches, infections, and damage to your dental prosthetics with rapid, high-quality care.

Thing to do during dental emergencies
Thing to do during Dental Emergencies While Working Abroad – Does travel insurance cover dental emergencies?

Preventive Care Can Prevent Dental Emergencies From Happening

Regular dental checkups and cleanings every six months enable for the early diagnosis and treatment of problems that may threaten your health. Make an appointment with your local dentist before you go for any international travel.

Dental and periodontal disease may be identified at their early stages with precise diagnostic imaging, allowing dentists to start treating patients before any discomfort or irreparable harm is done. Additionally, your dentist can give a customized mouthguard to help shield your teeth from harm while participating in sports. Excellent dental health requires more than just brushing, flossing, and a good diet and lifestyle.

Regular dental checkups and cleanings every six months
Regular dental checkups and cleanings every six months

Establish a Plan with a Reliable Dentist

It’s critical to act promptly in the case of dental emergencies, and knowing you can call on your local dentist might be the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Local dentists who offer emergency care and will accept your dental insurance when you move to a new city.

Your local dentist may be able to recommend specialists in the region you’re visiting. Make certain that any new dentist you see may reach out to your primary dentist and collect any essential paperwork. For dental coverage while you are abroad, your insurance company may provide international policies. You may also inquire with your employer about coverage possibilities. If you participate in a volunteer program, discuss your insurance with the group you are working with. You’ll be ready to receive the attention you require immediately if you take the time to go over the procedure for treating dental emergencies.

If you are unable to locate a dentist, go to the nearest emergency room

In addition to being painful, a dental infection or abscess, which is a typical cause of a toothache, can also result in fever, swelling, and the possibility for the infection to spread to other parts of the body. Do not be hesitant to seek medical attention if an emergency dentist who is certified cannot be found.

Your mouth health plays a significant role in your overall health, therefore it’s critical to get treatment for any kind of oral discomfort as soon as possible. A doctor can offer pain relief, prescribe antibiotics, and put you in touch with a nearby dentist who can help with your dental needs.

Dental Emergencies While Working Abroad
Dental Emergencies While Working Abroad

Despite the discomfort and uncertainty of dental emergencies, especially when you’re away from home, having a plan in place may make the situation much simpler to handle. Connect with a local dentist in the city you’re visiting before an emergency occurs. Find a dentist that will give your urgent dental care requirements first priority and who will treat you with prompt, professional care.

Be Proactive

If it’s been awhile since you last visited the dentist’s office, or if you know you have bad teeth, then make sure you visit the dentist before a big trip overseas – especially if you plan on being out of the country for a prolonged period. Similarly, if your teeth have recently become sensitive to cold water and ice cream then take the time to ensure that everything is okay before whatever is ailing your teeth gets worse and becomes a full-fledged medical issue.

Get Dental Insurance with Your International Plan

Many travelers make the mistake of thinking they are covered for medical emergencies by their private or corporate insurance plan, or even by the trip insurance offered through their credit card company; and while they may have some coverage, often additional insurance is needed for full coverage against the unexpected.

Travel medical plans combine the benefits of trip cancellation plans with health coverage. So, whether your flight is canceled, your luggage is lost, or you are in need of surgery for a dental emergency – the right travel medical plan will cover it all!

Travel Health Insurance is temporary (perfect for those traveling overseas for a week to 12 months), but additional Overseas Medical Insurance is available for travelers who plan on being out of the country for a prolonged period. Different insurance providers offer numerous levels of coverage, so start researching insurance well in advance of your trip so that you fully understand your coverage – and to ensure that emergency dental services are included!

Ask For Details About Your Dental Cover

Ask questions of your insurance provider as well as to whoever else can help you familiarize yourself with where you are visiting overseas. Depending on your insurance coverage, many travel medical plans allow you to seek treatment with the hospitals, dentist or doctor of your choice and also offer a deductible up to a certain amount. If you don’t know if your insurance covers this, then it is important to ask questions so that you do know and can prepare yourself either way.

Does travel insurance cover dental emergencies?
Does travel insurance cover dental emergencies?

You may also want to do some research about the country and/or region in which you are traveling to before you depart so that you can familiarize yourself with hospitals, medical facilities as well as reputable dentists in the area (this is especially important for longer stays or if you plan on working or volunteering abroad).


What if you have dental emergencies when you’re overseas?

To help find the nearest dentist who can handle your emergency, you can also contact the ambassador of your country, chat with the front desk staff at your hotel, or consult the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers.

What if I get a toothache on holiday?

When a dentist isn’t right away accessible or during the holidays, look to your medical cabinet for help. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen are typically obtainable at home, and saltwater and an ice pack are very simple to come by. Consider include a few more products in the first aid kit for the house.

What is the best way to prevent dental emergencies?

6 Tips to prevent dental emergencies

  • Practice daily dental hygiene. 
  • Mouthguards, especially if you play contact sports. 
  • Have a proper diet.
  • Regular dental visits. 
  • Consume adequate vitamins.

Does travel insurance cover dental emergencies?

Only dental costs for emergency pain treatment are eligible for coverage under your policy. This means that the therapy will not involve general check-ups, new fillings, or extensive dental work and will be restricted to the quick alleviation of sudden and severe discomfort.

Does travel insurance cover dental emergencies?
Does travel insurance cover dental emergencies?


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