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Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling? Considerations when pregnant women undergo dental scaling.

 Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling? Please note that Bedental will share the following information in the article below, let’s find out!

Oral health plays a crucial role in overall health, especially during pregnancy. Some expectant mothers may believe that oral health has no connection to their pregnancy, leading to neglect in oral care and resulting in negative consequences. Research shows that pregnant women are prone to certain conditions such as gum inflammation, bleeding gums, and increased hormone levels that make the gums sensitive and prone to damage.

Among these conditions, the main cause is often the lack of good oral hygiene habits or the buildup of plaque on the teeth, gums, and tooth surfaces due to a diet rich in delicious food during pregnancy.

When it comes to dental scaling, pregnant women often wonder if it is safe to undergo the procedure. To understand this issue better, let’s explore the following article from BeDental for more detailed information!

How is dental plaque formed?

Dental plaque, also known as tartar, is formed at the base of the teeth, gums, and between the teeth due to the accumulation of leftover food particles and minerals secreted in the oral cavity over time. These minerals can be calcium carbonate or, in some cases, tartar is formed by sedimentation from the serum.

Other minerals such as calcium carbonate or, in some cases, dental tartar is formed from the precipitation in the serum.

Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling

Dentists explain that dental tartar mainly accumulates on the tooth surfaces and gum area. It can be divided into two different types: serum tartar and regular tartar. If your tartar is formed from the serum, it indicates that your oral health is at an alarming level and requires the intervention of a specialist.

Furthermore, dental tartar is a haven for hidden bacteria that can cause dangerous dental conditions such as gum inflammation, periodontal disease, tooth root exposure, tooth infections, bone loss, etc., leading to weakened and potentially fractured teeth.

Some effects of dental tartar on the health of pregnant women:

Numerous studies have shown that dental tartar poses risks and significantly affects the health of pregnant women and their unborn babies.

If not promptly addressed, the accumulation of dental tartar over a prolonged period can lead to gum inflammation, tooth decay, bleeding gums, hinder the development of the fetus, and increase the risk of preterm birth. Please see the detailed information below:

Effects on the baby’s development:

Several studies have revealed that pregnant women with a high risk of tooth decay can give birth to babies with compromised digestive systems and weakened immune systems, making them more prone to oral health-related diseases. The quality of the baby’s tooth enamel may also be low.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to oral hygiene and regularly clean the teeth to ensure the optimal development of both the mother and the baby throughout each stage of pregnancy.

Causes of bitter taste in the mouth

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Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling

Increasing the risk of preterm birth:

If dental tartar accumulates excessively and is not properly managed and cleaned by the pregnant woman, it provides an opportunity for bacteria to invade the body and bloodstream, leading to blood infection. At this point, the level of Prostaglandin hormone increases in the body.

Prostaglandin is a biological fluid formed during the process of fetal development in the mother’s body, which helps stimulate the pregnant woman’s body to undergo labor. If the level of Prostaglandin increases too much, it also increases the risk of preterm birth.

This clearly shows the importance and necessity of dental tartar removal during pregnancy. However, you need to know and pay attention to what is appropriate for your health condition when undergoing dental scaling.

Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling?

Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling? In reality, it is recommended that pregnant women limit strong impacts on their oral health, especially tooth extraction or root canal treatment during pregnancy.

As for dental scaling, according to research, there are still many people who hesitate and wonder if dental scaling has any impact on their health or if it is safe during pregnancy. They may have questions such as “Can pregnant women get dental scaling?”, “Does dental scaling affect the health of the mother and baby?”, “When is the appropriate time to undergo dental scaling during pregnancy?”

Some studies around the world show that dental scaling for pregnant women is completely safe and can help reduce certain dental conditions, especially treating periodontal disease in pregnant women.

Dental scaling is actually a simple and minor procedure, not requiring anesthesia or pain medication. Therefore, you can be completely reassured that it will not affect the health of the fetus.

What to eat after dental bonding

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Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling

In addition, dental scaling also helps remove long-standing plaque, reduce the risk of gum inflammation, and helps teeth prevent plaque buildup on the tooth surfaces and roots, preventing bone loss.

In addition to dental scaling, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, and if possible, use an electric toothbrush for optimal cleaning. You can also use saline solution or mouthwash containing xylitol to prevent the formation of dental tartar during pregnancy.

Precautions when pregnant women undergo dental scaling:

Precautions when pregnant women undergo dental scaling: It is not recommended to undergo dental scaling during the first trimester of pregnancy, as the fetus is still very fragile and this is the time for major organ development in the body. It can be said that this is a relatively sensitive period. Experts advise pregnant women not to undergo dental scaling during this time.

In the last 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women should also avoid dental scaling, as the pregnant belly is large and lying on the dental chair can be inconvenient and have a negative impact on the fetus.

The most appropriate time to undergo dental scaling is during the second trimester of pregnancy, as it ensures safety and follows scientific guidelines.

Pregnant women should inform the dentist about their health status and the gestational age of the fetus before undergoing dental scaling, so that the dentist can choose the most suitable methods.

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The appropriate time for pregnant women to undergo dental scaling

During pregnancy, you should pay attention to your oral health and maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing your teeth correctly.

To ensure a safe dental scaling procedure, you should follow the aforementioned recommendations and choose a reputable dental clinic.

The appropriate time for pregnant women to undergo dental scaling

Once you understand the importance and necessity of dental scaling for women, you need to know the appropriate time for pregnant women to undergo dental scaling. Not every time is suitable for dental scaling. To ensure the health of both the mother and the baby, the best time for pregnant women to undergo dental scaling is during the second trimester.

After the first three months of pregnancy, mothers no longer feel as tired as they did in the early stages. Therefore, when going for dental scaling, you should inform the dentist about your pregnancy status and oral health so that the dentist can choose the appropriate treatment method.

After the first six months of pregnancy, you should not go for dental check-ups or dental scaling because the baby is about to be born, making it difficult to move and inconvenient to lie on the dental chair.

You should be honest and provide information about your oral health and care to the dentist to receive the most appropriate treatment method.

Guidelines for caring for pregnant women undergoing dental scaling

During pregnancy, women often experience changes in their bodies, such as acid reflux, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. Sometimes, they may feel discomfort when brushing their teeth and taking care of their oral hygiene. However, it is important not to neglect this to prevent dangerous dental conditions caused by dental tartar.

Regularly maintain oral hygiene

  • Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and do not apply too much force when brushing your teeth. Only move the toothbrush gently within a narrow range to avoid causing gum bleeding.

Having fever while experiencing toothache

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Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling – The appropriate time for pregnant women to undergo dental scaling
  • To limit the formation of new dental tartar, it is important to thoroughly brush the teeth and gums.
  • Pregnant women are prone to gum inflammation, which can cause discomfort and even bleeding. Therefore, it is recommended to use dental floss to clean the areas between teeth after eating to remove any leftover food particles.
  • In some cases, pregnant women may experience morning sickness, which makes it difficult to brush their teeth properly. In such cases, rinsing the mouth with saline solution or antibacterial mouthwash can help effectively clean the teeth.

Daily diet

  • It is advisable to limit the consumption of starchy and fatty foods such as pastries, sweets, and sugary drinks. Consuming excessive sugar can increase blood sugar levels and impede blood circulation, which can be dangerous during pregnancy.
  • Pay attention to thoroughly chewing food and choose soft, well-cooked meals. Chewing thoroughly in the oral cavity stimulates the production of enzymes, which can effectively prevent dental cavities and help prevent dental tartar.
  • Increase calcium intake for the body during pregnancy, as calcium not only promotes healthy teeth but also strengthens the body.
  • Moreover, pregnant women should consume plenty of green vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as apples, strawberries, and kiwis, as they are beneficial for oral health.

Reputable dental scaling address – BeDental

One of the reputable dental scaling addresses that cannot be ignored is BeDental, one of the most modern dental clinics in Vietnam.

BeDental is a leading and highly advanced dental clinics in Vietnam. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled professionals, they provide top-quality dental care using the latest technologies and techniques.

BeDental offers a wide range of services, including dental scaling, oral health examinations, and treatment consultations. They prioritize patient comfort and safety, ensuring a pleasant experience during every visit. The clinic also emphasizes personalized care, tailoring treatments to meet the specific needs of each patient. With their commitment to excellence and the highest standards of dental care, BeDental is a trusted choice for individuals seeking modern and comprehensive dental services in Vietnam.

At BeDental, ultrasonic devices are used to completely remove plaque around the teeth without causing pain, gum damage, bleeding, and, most importantly, prevent the recurrence of plaque for a long time.

Có bầu cạo vôi răng được không?
Can pregnant women undergo dental scaling

At BeDental, you will receive care according to the most modern and efficient procedures.

Step 1: Free oral health examination and treatment consultation.

Step 2: Carry out the treatment for customers (dental scaling using ultrasonic method takes only 15-30 minutes per session, especially for women).

Step 3: Carefully instruct customers on how to use medications correctly, as well as communicate and monitor their health status.

To receive advice and find the best solution for improving your oral health, BeDental is an excellent choice for you.

Dental scaling prices at BeDental

Here is the price list that BeDental has published for your reference:

Danh mụcGiá thành
Lấy cao/vôi răng (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Tartar Cleaning and polishing (More detail...)
Giá Lấy cao/vôi răng độ 1
Tartar Cleaning and polishing - mild
~ 14$
Giá Lấy cao/vôi răng độ 2
Tartar Cleaning and polishing - moderate
~ 18$
Giá Lấy cao/vôi răng độ 3 - Tartar Cleaning and polishing - heavy600.000
~ 24$
Dịch vụ khác
Other dental Service
Giá Thổi cát cacbonat
Cleaning with Cacbonat sand
~ 39$
Giá Điều trị viêm quanh hàm (bao gồm máng + thuốc bôi) (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Operculectomy - Gumgivitis
~ 59$

These are the prices for dental scaling services at BeDental – one of the most modern dental clinics in Vietnam . For more detailed support and consultation, you can directly contact the clinic at the following address:

With the information we have shared, you now have a better understanding of dental health, especially regarding whether “pregnant women can undergo dental scaling”.

Recognizing the importance of dental check-ups and scaling during pregnancy is crucial in maintaining good oral health for mothers and ensuring the well-being of their unborn child.


Có bầu cạo vôi răng được không?
BeDental – one of the most modern dental clinics in Vietnam

You can be completely assured that dental scaling is completely safe and beneficial for improving oral health during pregnancy.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact BeDental directly to receive support from their experts!


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