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BRACES WHEN PREGNANCY AND 3 THINGS TO NOTE. The period of using braces lasts 2-3 years, making many girls fear the problem of braces during pregnancy or pregnancy after braces. Do different stages of braces such as X-rays, tooth extraction, interdental expansion or dental expansion… have any effect on the health of mother and baby? Or do hormonal changes during pregnancy affect the braces process? All the questions you want to know will be answered in the article below.

Braces when pregnancy 

Braces and pregnancy are two completely different things. Braces are a solution to help correct misaligned, underbite, sparse, and misaligned teeth. Therefore, today many women choose braces to overcome the disadvantages of misaligned teeth and have a confident smile.

Braces when pregnancy should be noted: What should I do if I wear braces while pregnant? Should you get braces when pregnancy?
Braces when pregnancy should be noted: What should I do if I wear braces while pregnant? Should you get braces when pregnancy?

However, the time to get braces is 2-3 years and when you get braces you will have to go to the dentist for 2-4 weeks to check and tighten your teeth… Because the job requires a lot of communication, many women are afraid or procrastinate. Postpone wearing braces. Some women often wear braces when on maternity leave, but many women also ask the question: Should they wear braces during pregnancy?

Basically, braces are a method of treating teeth that are protruding, growing crooked, or growing in the wrong position in the jaw using devices such as wires and brackets. Teeth move slowly and do not invade or affect other parts of the body. Therefore, braces will not affect the health of the pregnant mother and the baby.

However, the braces process usually lasts at least 1 year, during which time you have to regularly go to the dental clinic to re-check and adjust the tension of the arch wire, so eating and drinking is also quite difficult. difficult so there will be a factor that affects the health of pregnant women and newborns.

What should I do if I wear braces while pregnant?

If you are pregnant while wearing braces, the first thing you need to do is talk to your doctor about your current condition to get appropriate orthodontic treatment.

  • If your health is unstable, you can stop the braces process immediately or consider temporarily stopping orthodontic treatment, reduce the intensity of teeth tightening, and even remove the braces for comfort and convenience. health.
  • If your health is good and your doctor allows it, you can get braces. However, the first 3 months and the last 3 months are sensitive periods, women must pay special attention to get braces safely. And doctors also need to pay attention to tightening teeth more gently, pay attention to nutrition and oral hygiene issues for pregnant women, and limit medication use…
  • To ensure safety for women when wearing braces and detecting pregnancy, you should not take X-rays, delay tooth extraction, or have teeth tightened in the first three months after braces. Because this period is extremely important for pregnant women, any arising reasons will affect the pregnant woman’s body, which also affects the health of the fetus. 

So should you get braces when pregnancy?

So should you get braces when you’re pregnant? Deciding to get braces during pregnancy is still possible, but doctors recommend that you consider it. The average pregnancy time is about 9 months, while braces last from 1-3 years. If you are pregnant and planning to wear braces, consider waiting until your baby is born to start wearing braces.

Braces when pregnancy should be noted: What should I do if I wear braces while pregnant? Should you get braces when pregnancy?
Braces when pregnancy should be noted: What should I do if I wear braces while pregnant? Should you get braces when pregnancy?

Braces when pregnancy should be noted

The first 3 months of pregnancy

When pregnant and undergoing braces, taking care of and protecting oral health is very important, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy. During this period, the body often experiences special hormonal changes, which can affect oral and gum health.

Paying attention to daily oral hygiene is extremely important. You should ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. In addition, you should also use dental floss to clean between your teeth and don’t forget to use alcohol-free mouthwash to keep your mouth clean.

If you feel discomfort or have any problems related to braces during pregnancy, contact your doctor immediately. In some cases, if you feel uncomfortable or encounter any problems, your doctor may advise you to remove temporary braces to ensure safety for mother and fetus.

Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, ensuring the safety and comfort of yourself and your fetus is a top priority. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable with braces, temporarily removing them may be a wise and safe decision. However, remember to discuss with your doctor before making any changes to your braces.

3 months between pregnancy

Braces can be more normal and comfortable. However, to ensure safety and comfort for pregnant women when wearing braces, all orthodontic procedures must be very gentle, preventing gingivitis during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

You also need to pay attention to regular and proper oral hygiene, general treatments such as scaling teeth need special attention to keep your teeth healthy.

Don’t forget to rehydrate with warm salt water after brushing your teeth to remove bacteria, disinfect gums, and prevent problems with gingivitis and periodontitis.

Be careful when using toothpaste or mouthwash that contains a lot of fluoride, as the fluoride content can affect your baby’s teeth. The advice for you is to choose a low-powder toothpaste product or seek advice from a professional to choose the right toothbrush.

The last 3 months of pregnancy

During pregnancy, changes in the mother’s body can make wearing braces uncomfortable or pose health risks. The stents can cause blockage or fall into the trachea during endotracheal anesthesia during cesarean section, which can be dangerous for both mother and fetus. Therefore, removing the racks at this stage is a necessary and safe measure.

However, after giving birth, it is important to re-wear braces and continue orthodontic treatment to ensure that your teeth remain stable and do not shift after pregnancy. Postpartum retainers help limit tooth movement and misalignment, which is important to ensure the final results of orthodontic treatment.

So, once your health is stable postpartum and you are ready, you should visit your dentist to have your braces reattached and continue your orthodontic treatment.

Women often text the dentist: Are braces painful?

Braces hurt? In fact, braces are a technique that uses devices such as wires attached to the teeth, braces or wearing transparent braces or methods such as attaching dental stones and porcelain veneers to treat problems such as overbite, underbite, misaligned teeth and aesthetic problems. These treatment methods help the bite to be in the correct position and the upper and lower teeth to be aligned, even and beautiful.

Braces when pregnancy should be noted: What should I do if I wear braces while pregnant? Should you get braces when pregnancy?
Braces when pregnancy should be noted: What should I do if I wear braces while pregnant? Should you get braces when pregnancy?

According to an oral-maxillofacial specialist, the pain felt during braces is the feeling of tightness and sensitivity during orthodontics.

  • General treatment phase: This is an important phase to have healthy teeth and prepare to enter the braces and braces process. Depending on your condition, the doctor will perform different general treatments, such as: treating gingivitis, periodontitis, filling teeth… After general treatment, you may have toothache. Or bleeding… Don’t worry, if you take good care of your teeth, you won’t have to go through this stage if you don’t have any dental diseases.
  • Space for placing elastic bands: Elastic bands to create space, usually about 2mm thick, are placed in the space between two teeth to create space for tooth movement during the braces process. After the elastic is placed, chewing may feel a bit painful, clumsy, uncomfortable or painful, like food is stuck between the teeth where the elastic is being placed. After a few days, this feeling gradually decreases and disappears completely.

You may feel pain after having a tooth removed to make room for the tooth or when the tooth is extracted. However, the pain is not that great. Basically, when getting braces, you go through many stages, from examination – general treatment – placing interdental elastics – fixing the bracket – tooth extraction (if any) – adjust traction – wear retainer.

Stage of installation of base and wire

Next is the step of installing the bracket and wires. At this stage, areas such as cheeks, lips, gums, and tongue have not yet adapted to “strange” utensils, so they may become confused, uncomfortable, and clumsy when eating, chewing, communicating, etc. After just a few weeks, Once you get used to your “new friend” in your teeth, you will find that wearing braces is completely normal and chewing will become more comfortable. It just makes you tense and a little painful when chewing.

In addition, the “rumor” that braces are “terribly painful” may be because each person’s pain threshold is different, or it may be because they have a low pain threshold, and feel a lot of numbness and anxiety, so you can hardly stand it. Besides, it depends greatly on the dentist’s skill and supporting dental methods, so don’t worry too much about whether braces are painful or not?

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Braces when pregnancy should be noted: What should I do if I wear braces while pregnant? Should you get braces when pregnancy?

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