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50+ Best unicorn tattoo ideas, gorgeous unicorn tattoo pictures

50+ Best unicorn tattoo ideas, gorgeous unicorn tattoo pictures. Let’s find the perfect unicorn tattoo ideas for you!

Meaning of unicorn symbol

The unicorn symbol is considered an emblem of life, hope, happiness, and immortality. In folklore and culture, the unicorn has been depicted as a mythical creature with a single horn in the middle of its head. According to legends, unicorns often appear in significant events or in sacred areas. In contemporary society, the unicorn symbol is widely used in various industries, from interior design to clothing and entrepreneurial projects and investments. It is also seen as a symbol of innovation, boldness, and ambition. In the startup and creative economy, the term “unicorn” is used to describe a newly established company with the potential for strong growth and the ability to build a successful brand.

Meaning of unicorn tattoo

A unicorn tattoo is also considered a symbol of intelligence, patience, and luck. The unicorn is a mythical creature in East Asian mythology, depicted as having a appearance similar to a deer, with a head, tail, and colorful feathers.

In East Asian culture, the unicorn is also seen as a mystical creature bringing health and prosperity to individuals and society. The image of the unicorn is widely used in art, both in pictures and sculptures, serving as a symbol of success, kindness, and gratitude.

1. Ancient Japanese unicorn tattoo ideas

Ancient Japanese unicorn tattoos are also one of the tattoo styles that people love because they show bravery and strength. Besides, ancient Japanese tattoos also have many vibrant and eye-catching colors, making the tattooist’s body more attractive than ever.

 Hình xăm kỳ lân trắng đen
Ancient Japanese unicorn tattoo ideas
Hình xăm kỳ lân nhiều màu sắc
Ancient Japanese unicorn tattoo ideas
Hình xăm kỳ lân Nhật cổ
Ancient Japanese unicorn tattoo ideas

2. Mini unicorn tattoo ideas

Most people choose medium to large sized unicorn tattoos and rarely do people get mini tattoos of this mascot. If you like to admire some unique unicorn tattoo designs, please refer to them below.

Hình xăm kỳ lân mini ở tay
Mini unicorn tattoo ideas
Hình xăm kỳ lân nhỏ
Mini unicorn tattoo ideas
Hình xăm kỳ lân mini
Mini unicorn tattoo ideas

3. Unicorn tattoos on back

The back is also the location that many people use when getting a unicorn tattoo. Most people tattoo their entire back with the desire to fully reveal the strong and majestic appearance of this animal. You should get a unicorn tattoo in bright colors or colorful tones to make it look more eye-catching and attractive.

Hình xăm kỳ lân đặc sắc
Unicorn tattoos on back
Hình xăm kỳ lân full lưng
Unicorn tattoos on back

4. Unicorn tattoos on arms

Below is a collection of beautiful unicorn arm tattoos that are worth tattooing for many people. Depending on the size of each person’s muscles and arms, they will choose the appropriate tattoo that can  portray the beauty of gorgeous unicorn.

Hình xăm kỳ lân ở tay
Unicorn tattoos on arms
Hình xăm kỳ lân đẹp
Unicorn tattoos on arms
Hình xăm kỳ lân ở bắp tay
Unicorn tattoos on arms
Hình xăm kỳ lân cá tính
Unicorn tattoos on arms

5. Unicorn tattoos on legs

Unicorn tattoos on legs can be a creative and visually striking choice. The legs provide a larger canvas, allowing for more intricate and detailed unicorn designs. People often opt for unicorn tattoos on their legs to showcase the mythical creature in a dynamic and flowing manner. The placement on the legs offers flexibility in terms of size and style, ranging from smaller, subtle designs on the ankle or calf to larger, more elaborate pieces that extend up the thigh.

Hình xăm kỳ lân kín chân
Unicorn tattoos on legs
Hình xăm kỳ lân ở chân
Unicorn tattoos on legs

7. 3D unicorn tattoos

Have you ever seen 3D tattoos? This is a form of 3-dimensional tattoo with an extremely vivid, attractive effect similar to a real image. To make such tattoos, it requires a lot of time and money, so if you like 3D unicorn tattoos, you should prepare for this!

Hình xăm ký lân 3D
3D unicorn tattoos
Đây là một dạng hình xăm 3 chiều tạo hiệu ứng vô cùng sinh động
3D unicorn tattoos
Hình xăm kỳ lân ở ngực
3D unicorn tattoos

8. Best unicorn tattoo ideas on calves

Best unicorn tattoo ideas on calves
Best unicorn tattoo ideas on calves

The calf is one of the great places for people to get a unicorn tattoo. The bigger the calf and the stronger the muscles, the more beautiful and outstanding the tattoo will be. If you are confident with your calves, you can choose to have a tattoo there

Best unicorn tattoo ideas on calves
Best unicorn tattoo ideas on calves

9. Mini cute unicorn tattoo ideas

This cute mini unicorn tattoo is small, usually about 2-3 cm, with the image of a unicorn made very funny and adorable. This image can be added on your body for example, on the arms, neck, or thighs.

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