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99+ Samurai Tattoo Ideas, Inspirational Samurai Tattoo Designs

99+ Samurai Tattoo Ideas, Inspirational Samurai Tattoo Designs

Samurai tattoos are among the most beloved tattoo styles in Japan. Inspired by the brave and resilient warriors of the Land of the Rising Sun, samurai tattoos convey a message of resilience, determination, and courage in life. In this article, we will explore the meaning of samurai tattoos and Samurai tattoo ideas. Let’s get started!

1. Meaning of Samurai Tattoo

Samurai (侍、さむらい) were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan from the late 12th century until their abolition in the late 1870s during the Meiji era. They were the well-paid retainers of the daimyo, the great feudal landholders. They had high prestige and special privileges.

Besides other topics, Samurai tattoos have become a unique tattoo trend for Japanese youth in particular and the world in general. Each tattoo will has a different message and meaning:

1.1. The samurai spirit

Samurai tattoos symbolize the courage of individuals, especially men. According to Rekishi’s history, the samurai figure is transformed into a green dragon – a creature revered by the Japanese.

The image of the green dragon conveys the message of magical abilities, boundless sorcery, and readiness to fight for great purposes. It is because of this belief that the Japanese people say when their territory is invaded, the samurai class will fight with their swords to the end and never surrender.

Meaning of Samurai Tattoo
Meaning of Samurai Tattoo – The samurai spirit

1.2. The righteousness

This is one of the most meaningful messages from the samurai tattoo to the audience. During the Kamakura Shogunate period, samurai were always the protectors of justice, supporting what is good, right, and helping those oppressed in society. This heroic quality of righteousness and integrity has increasingly endeared samurai to a wide audience.

Ở giai đoạn Mạc Phủ Kamakura, samurai chính là những người đại diện cho chính nghĩa
Meaning of Samurai Tattoo – The righteousness

1.3. The compassionate heart

In addition to the majestic and heroic beauty, the tattoos of Japanese warriors also reflect their compassion. In the ideology of samurai warriors, they also take “benevolence, rectitude, and goodness” as the guiding principles of their actions, and they avoid killing people without reason. They often serve lords, specializing in punishing those who commit crimes to ensure peace for the people.

Hình xăm về chiến binh Nhật Bản còn thể hiện sự lương thiện ở con người
Meaning of Samurai Tattoo – The compassionate heart

1.4. Respect

In any competition, samurai warriors always bow to greet their opponents, demonstrating their courteous and polite attitude. If samurai fighters fail to perform this act, they would resemble wild animals only interested in fighting.

Võ sĩ samurai thể hiện sự tôn trọng, lịch sự của họ dành cho đối thủ
Meaning of Samurai Tattoo – Respect

1.5. Honesty

One of the crucial principles in selecting a samurai warrior is absolute loyalty. They would willingly die for their masters, without deceiving or harboring any doubts in any form.

Tuyển chọn võ sĩ samurai là người tuyệt đối trung thành
Meaning of Samurai Tattoo – Honesty

1.6. Demonstration of Honor

Finally, samurai tattoos symbolize the protection of the honor and self-respect of the warriors. No one has the right to insult the honor of the samurai, nor their own.

Hình xăm samurai mang ý nghĩa khẳng định danh dự của võ sĩ
Meaning of Samurai Tattoo – Demonstration of Honor

2. 99+ Samurai Tattoo Ideas, Inspirational Samurai Tattoo Designs

Currently, tattoos about samurai warriors are very popular in Vietnam, let’s find the perfect tattoos with the designs below:

2.1. Demon Samurai Face Tattoo Design

The demon samurai face tattoo depicts an image of a fierce and menacing warrior with an aggressive face featuring glaring eyes, sharp fangs, and red-colored skin. In the ancient Japanese belief, samurai warriors were thought to be intimidating only if they had a fierce and terrifying appearance like this.

Hình xăm samurai mặt quỷ
Demon Samurai Face Tattoo Design – Samurai Tattoo Ideas
Phác họa hình ảnh người võ sĩ có khuôn mặt dữ tợn
Demon Samurai Face Tattoo Design -Samurai Tattoo Ideas
Các võ sĩ samurai phải có gương mặt hung dữ
Demon Samurai Face Tattoo Design

2.2. Ancient Japanese Samurai tattoos

Ancient Japanese Samurai Tattoos are closely associated with symbols such as the Takizawa crest, Uroko, or Sama Komo. In tradition, these tattoo designs often emulate the figure of a warrior with fine, curved lines, conveying masculinity and strength.

Các mẫu tattoo mô phỏng người võ sĩ bằng các nét vẽ dài mảnh
Ancient Japanese Samurai tattoos
Hình xăm samurai Nhật cổ thường gắn liền với các họa tiết điển hình
Ancient Japanese Samurai tattoos
Mẫu tattoo toát lên vẻ hùng dũng, uy phong.
Ancient Japanese Samurai tattoos

2.3. Mini Samurai tattoos

Mini samurai tattoos are also loved and used by many people, mainly Vietnamese youth today. Mini tattoo designs are used in many locations on the arms, neck, back, shoulders, etc. .. Accordingly, even though the tattoo size is small and difficult to see, the song always retains its good meaning and message.

Hình xăm samurai mini cũng được khá nhiều người yêu thích
Mini Samurai tattoos
Các mẫu tattoo mini được áp dụng ở vị trí
Mini Samurai tattoos

2.4. Full back Samurai tattoo

Full back samurai tattoos bring novelty and uniqueness to the user. With a large size and reasonable tattoo position, you can easily express your love for Japanese samurai warriors.

Hình xăm samurai full lưng mang đến nét độc đáo
Full back Samurai tattoo
Bạn dễ dàng thể hiện sự yêu quý của mình đối với các võ sĩ
Full back Samurai tattoo

2.5. Samurai sleeve tattoos

Samurai sleeve tattoos are also popular with young people to show off the beauty of tattoos to many viewers. Because this is an easy-to-see point when wearing a short-sleeved shirt, it creates the strong majesty of the image of a samurai warrior.

Hình xăm samurai ở tay thường được giới trẻ ưa chuộng
Samurai sleeve tattoos
Đây là vị trí dễ thấy khi diện áo tay ngắn
Samurai sleeve tattoos
Tattoo thể hiện hét sự tôn nghiêm uy phong của hình tượng võ sĩ samurai
Samurai sleeve tattoos

2.6. Samurai leg tattoos

The most popular samurai leg tattoos are demon face designs, sword dancing warriors, etc. .. which many people who are new to tattooing love. Because the legs have soft skin, they are less likely to get burned when getting a tattoo. At the same time, the tattoo area on the legs is also large, so you can easily choose your favorite designs.

2.7. Sakura and samurai tattoos

In Japanese culture during the Shogunate, the image of cherry blossoms symbolizes the strength of swordsmen. Therefore, you can easily see two images of cherry blossoms (sakura) and samurai warriors side by side in tattoo works.

Hình ảnh hoa anh đào tượng trưng cho tinh thần của các kiếm sĩ
Sakura and samurai tattoos

2.8. Samurai holding sword tattoos

This tattoo design is not a bad suggestion for men who love a dynamic and healthy style. Samurai tattoo holding a sword represents the bravery and strength of a man. In addition, this tattoo design also reminds of the heroic and tenacious fighting spirit of samurai warriors.

Samurai tattoo ideas
Samurai holding sword tattoos
Tattoo samurai cầm kiếm thể hiện khí thế oai hùng, ngạo nghễ
Samurai holding sword tattoos

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