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9+ Beautiful charcoal purple hair, flattering skin, hot trend

Do you want to have beautiful charcoal purple hair? Do you like your dark purple hair color to be more flattering than yours? Let’s share with Bedental some beautiful charcoal purple hair dye styles that flatter your skin tone for your reference.

Dyed hair color is not only the soul of the hairstyle but also represents your personality. With this purple-dyed hairstyle, it will enhance your skin tone and femininity. Here are 9 beautiful and extremely flattering charcoal purple hair colors for every girl.

What kind of hair is purple hair?

Purple hair always attracts the eyes of others because of the new, unique and outstanding look of this color tone. To get purple hair, hairstylists will use purple dye or mix it with other colors to create different purple colors and then dye it on your hair. Incubate your hair for about 30 minutes – 1 hour, your hair will have the purple color you want.

Which skin tone is suitable for charcoal purple hair?

Charcoal purple hair is a pretty and impressive hair color, but if you want to choose the right hair color for your skin type, you need to consider your skin color first.

Charcoal purple hair is also suitable for medium and white skin, possibly yellow skin. However, if you have darker skin, charcoal hair will make your face darker and will not flatter your appearance.

It seems very difficult for girls with slightly brown skin to choose the appropriate purple hair color. However, if you really want to break out the style, create impressive highlights and love purple hair, black charcoal purple and red purple will be suggestions for you. To be more impressive, you should choose gentle, pretty clothes that match your hair color.

If you want to avoid the above risks, you should seek advice from a hair expert about choosing the right hair color for your skin type, and you should also experiment with other hair tones such as brown, black or red. to see if they are better suited to your skin type.

9+ Beautiful charcoal purple hair, flattering skin, hot trend

  1. Cool charcoal purple hair
9+ Beautiful charcoal purple hair, flattering skin, hot trend
What kind of hair is purple hair? What color turns purple hair after it fades? How to care for hair after dyeing?

Cool charcoal purple would be a suitable suggestion for young people who are not picky about their skin. It will help you become more beautiful, brighter, more attractive and mysterious.

  1. Charcoal blue hair

You like dark purple but still want something a little more new and attractive. Then try dyeing your hair charcoal purple and blue. Also known as charcoal blue. Although it is a dark tone, the combination of blue and purple will help your hair look extremely youthful, even when walking in the hot sun.

Toc mau xanh tim than
What kind of hair is purple hair? What color turns purple hair after it fades? How to care for hair after dyeing?

This hair color not only helps you become more youthful but also hacks your real age extremely effectively. Thanks to that, your appearance also exudes an extremely luxurious and classy aura. Even if your hair doesn’t need to be styled and is left natural, it’s still extremely luxurious. Especially, if you want purple but don’t like dyeing your hair, this is the best option.

Purple blue hair will help a girl become unique but not lacking in cute sweetness and will be a flattering hairstyle that women cannot ignore.

  1. Dark purple hair

You have black hair and don’t want to completely change your original hair color when dyeing it purple. Then you should dye your hair dark purple. This is a deep tone that is both noble and gentle, very suitable for women who work in the office. Dark purple hair is not only easy to adapt to different skin colors but also not picky about clothing style. Whether going to work or going out, dark purple hair will still help you become active and youthful.

Toc mau tim than den
What kind of hair is purple hair? What color turns purple hair after it fades? How to care for hair after dyeing?

With black hair and deep purple light, it’s enough to attract the eye. At the same time, it also helps your hair become more unique and outstanding than ever. Most girls with this hair color usually look quite calm and gentle. Therefore, office ladies should immediately try this hair color this year.

The combination of purple and black will bring a youthful, cool hairstyle for us to try new hairstyles.

  1. Smoky purple hair

Smoky purple hair is certainly no longer strange to any woman. In terms of personality, the smoky purple hairstyle holds the number 1 position. Not only that, smoky purple also helps the hair become more youthful, dynamic and personality than ever.

nhuom toc mau tim than 4
What kind of hair is purple hair? What color turns purple hair after it fades? How to care for hair after dyeing?

For those who want to F5 their hair and want to have impressive changes in appearance, this is an ideal choice. However, you need to prepare for hair bleaching. Because this is an important step to help your hair have clear and beautiful smoke streaks. After dying my hair smoky purple, my skin also became brighter. This is also the hot trend hair color of this year that you should use immediately.

This is a dye color that many people choose not only for beauty, but smoky purple hair contributes to enhancing the figure, giving off a unique charm while still being gentle and pretty.

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  1. Charcoal purple hair

This is considered a flexible and quite strange color tone, it is a mix of charcoal purple with purple pink and smoky gray. Charcoal purple makes your skin visibly brighter, and if your hair color fades, it won’t be patchy or less sharp at all.

Toc mau tim than ombre
What kind of hair is purple hair? What color turns purple hair after it fades? How to care for hair after dyeing?

Called a flexible color tone, the combination of charcoal purple with a little pink purple and dark gray not only brings personal prominence but also brings a gentle feminine look.

  1. Ombre charcoal purple hair

Ombre is a dyeing technique that many people love. Whether it’s purple or orange, this dye style is still extremely suitable. Not to mention the color combination is also very beautiful and harmonious. Not only does it bring something new and different to your hair, it also helps your hair become softer.

The attraction of hair dye must be said to be super awesome. Color ranges with different shades are combined very harmoniously.

Besides, if you have long or short hair, straight or curly hair, you can easily dye your hair ombre charcoal purple.

Ombre charcoal dyed hair will be a great combination for girls who always like different hair colors but are still feminine and sexy. In addition to combining with black and purple, you can also combine with pink to make you more beautiful and attractive than ever.


  1. Charcoal purple highlighted hair

Hairstyles with gentle but extremely attractive tones will help girls look younger, more beautiful and full of energy.

highlight mau tim than
What kind of hair is purple hair? What color turns purple hair after it fades? How to care for hair after dyeing?
  1. Lavender purple hair

A purple color will give people a fairyland-like beauty. The purple color is not too dark and is mixed with a bit of mint gray to create a mysterious look. Don’t worry that purple will make you pale! It is a very gentle, sweet and a bit luxurious color tone.

Lavender purple will enhance the gentle beauty of girls who love a gentle feminine style. This hairstyle will be the perfect choice for girls who want to become feminine.

mau tim than lavender
What kind of hair is purple hair? What color turns purple hair after it fades? How to care for hair after dyeing?
  1. Cherry purple hair

This trendy hair style will help you become stronger, more active, but also full of loveliness, skin tone and natural beauty.

Do you need to bleach your hair to dye your hair charcoal purple?

Hair colors similar to charcoal purple often require bleaching the hair before dying to get the desired color. The bleaching process can damage your hair if not done properly or not cared for afterward.

To bleach your hair, you need to use a hair bleach such as peroxide or ammonia to remove the natural color of your hair. This process can dry out and weaken hair if not done properly or too many times. Therefore, it is best to go to reputable hair salons for instructions on how to perform this process.

nhuộm tóc màu tím than có cần tẩy tóc không
What kind of hair is purple hair? What color turns purple hair after it fades? How to care for hair after dyeing?

After bleaching your hair, you should protect your hair by using shampoo and conditioner suitable for bleached hair, and not use products containing chemicals that make hair thin and weak.

What color turns purple hair after it fades?

Charcoal purple hair will be created using dark purple or black with a little purple. If your hair has faded, the new hair color will depend on the fade and the original tone of your hair.

If your hair has faded from charcoal to light gray or silver, you should use dark purple or dark purple to recreate the color. If your hair fades to brown or yellow, you should use purple to balance the tones to create a new purple color.

However, if you want to get the best results, you should seek the help of a reputable hair stylist or hair colorist to choose and perform the appropriate hair dyeing steps.


How to care for hair after dyeing

To keep dyed hair color lasting, you should apply the following methods:

  • Use hair care products specifically for dyed hair: You should use hair care products specifically for dyed hair to keep the hair color from fading and the hair is still provided with adequate nutrition.
  • Avoid using too much force: Brushing your hair too hard or using a brush with metal pins will cause additional damage to the hair cuticle and cause the hair color to fade quickly.
  • Avoid exposure to water and sunlight: Sea water and sunlight will cause hair color to fade and make hair dry and weak.
  • Use hair protection before using a hair dryer: High temperatures will make hair dry and weaker, especially dyed hair. Using hair protection products before using a hair dryer will help protect your hair from the effects of high temperatures.
  • Regularly take care of your hair: To keep dyed hair shiny, you need to regularly take care of your hair by using shampoo and conditioner specifically for dyed hair, trim your hair regularly to avoid dry and damaged hair, and take care of your hair. Hair care with natural oils to keep hair smooth and shiny.

Hopefully, the suggestions from BeDental will help you choose the right charcoal purple hair color for you. Helps you be more confident, and more beautiful.

Hopefully with this article you will choose your favorite yellow color from the top 10 above! Quickly refresh yourself with this super hot western blonde hair color!

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