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STANDARDS FOR EVALUATING BEAUTIFUL MEN’S TEETH. You often hear others compliment a certain guy on his beautiful, masculine teeth. But do you know the standards for evaluating beautiful teeth? Surely you do not know that currently the standards of beautiful teeth in different countries are relatively similar. Beauty salons and dentists all choose these standards to introduce customers. Let’s explore with BeDental in more detail what is the standard of beautiful teeth for men.

STANDARDS FOR EVALUATING BEAUTIFUL MEN’S TEETH: Beautiful, masculine teeth and 5 evaluation standards you need to know

Beautiful and unique male teeth are evaluated based on 5 separate standards. A beautiful set of teeth must be in harmony with the mouth and face, creating the most natural appearance when speaking, smiling, and eating. Here are 5 standards to evaluate beautiful teeth for men.

1.1 – Teeth have beautiful arcs

The arc of the tooth in jaw number 1, passing through the tops of the 4 incisors, canines and premolars, forms a perfect arc with no breaks. The more beautiful the arc, the more beautiful the tooth form will be.

In general, the dental arch is difficult to see. Typically, the rating will be more influenced by the lip, nose or facial muscles.

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1.2 – Teeth have standard size

Beautiful men’s teeth must be of standard size. This size depends largely on the height, width, curvature of the tooth surface, and the curvature of the contact line with the gums. Depending on the race in each place, tooth sizes also vary. Therefore, the standard tooth size is generally considered to be 0.7 high and 0.85 wide.

Teeth with pointed edges, canines, and buck teeth that are not located on the same jaw are not considered beautiful teeth. Although in some countries like Japan, crooked teeth are the standard of beautiful male teeth.

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How to own beautiful teeth? Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

1.3 – Teeth are naturally white and bright

An indispensable standard for beautiful male teeth is naturally bright white teeth. All teeth in both jaws must be white and naturally bright. If there are a few discolored teeth, those teeth are not considered beautiful.

1.4 – Beautiful, masculine teeth must be in harmony with the face

If you have beautiful teeth but it doesn’t seem to match your face, it’s not beautiful teeth. In each country and race, the structure of facial proportions is also different. Therefore, if you have a small face but have large teeth, it will not be in harmony with your face. Therefore, invisibly, those teeth become ugly and no longer beautiful.

Possessing beautiful, masculine teeth is an advantage

First of all, beautiful teeth will help you be more confident in daily communication. Speak confidently, confidently smile and show your teeth without hesitation. And would you believe that a person who smiles and talks happily often has a lot of luck naturally coming to them? From there, they have more opportunities to succeed in life.

Possessing beautiful, masculine, healthy teeth when eating will make it easier to chew food. Thanks to that, the body is also healthier and more energetic. At the same time, strong teeth help them chew food more smoothly, limiting stomach problems, constipation, or misaligned faces due to frequent chewing on one side.

How to own beautiful teeth? Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Besides, according to physiognomy, a beautiful set of teeth signals that the person has a smooth and favorable life. They are all smart, talented, good at communicating and also have compassion for others. People with beautiful teeth are always supported by noble people and loved by people around them, ready to help them when they encounter difficulties in life.

How to own beautiful teeth?

Nowadays, beautiful teeth are not only due to birth, but you can completely intervene with the most advanced methods. BeDental is a facility specializing in dental care and aesthetics, bringing your smile and confidence. If you want to own beautiful, masculine teeth, BeDental is ready to listen, advise and help you realize that dream. Some methods being applied by BeDental include:

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How to own beautiful teeth? Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

3.1 – Porcelain crowns

BeDental will use smile design software to calculate and create porcelain teeth that best suit your face. Your real teeth will be ground a little, then covered with porcelain teeth, which will both look beautiful and protect your real teeth from tooth decay.

3.2 – Braces

If you are unlucky enough to have uneven, jagged teeth. Then use the braces method. Although braces take longer and do not give immediate results, if you are persistent the results will be very satisfactory. You will have teeth that are as even as corn kernels, naturally beautiful and can be completely proud that they are all real teeth.

3.3 – Teeth whitening

This is a simple, economical method for those with discolored teeth. If you have strong, beautiful, even teeth but are still discolored, don’t hesitate to use teeth whitening method. BeDental will use specialized drugs in sufficient doses. After teeth whitening, you will have beautiful, evenly colored teeth as desired.

Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

BeDental cosmetic dentistry was born in 2012. After a period of operation, the center quickly became a reputable address providing dental services to customers and is one of the leading dentists in the field of dentistry. cosmetic department.

With a team of experienced medical experts and doctors, advanced equipment systems, modern technology, BeDental cosmetic dentistry has taken steady steps on the path to becoming a cosmetic dentistry center in Vietnam. 

BeDental was born with the mission “Sow a smile, spread success”, we believe that everyone deserves to have a confident and attractive smile. That’s why we always strive to remove the problems and barriers that are hiding your beautiful, radiant smile. Above all we believe that strong teeth are the foundation of a happy life and a smile is the key to success.

BeDental is constantly striving to become a leading enterprise in the field of cosmetic dentistry, especially porcelain dental restorations in Vietnam with a strategy focusing on developing high technology and updating trends and techniques. modern art.

STANDARDS FOR EVALUATING BEAUTIFUL MEN'S TEETH: Beautiful, masculine teeth and 5 evaluation standards you need to know
How to own beautiful teeth? Prestigious dental address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

With a team of Vietnam’s leading cosmetic doctors in the dental field, BeDental always brings dedication, devotion and dedication to customers like their own family. BeDental is a reputable and professional cosmetic dentistry system with many facilities in large city centers to help customers move conveniently.

Along with that is a modern equipment system imported from foreign countries, certified as safe by the Ministry of Health. 5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing and secure space when experiencing the service.




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