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Dental tourism and 5 common factors influence the price

One of the first Asian nations to provide dental tourism is Thailand, while Vietnam is quickly catching up. According to some, Thailand is the best country in the world for dental care. Because of this, even if the quality of dental tourism is the same between Thailand and Vietnam, the cost of dental care will always be substantially greater in Thailand.

Dental tourism
Dental tourism

With the best dental professionals in Vietnam, BeDental brings devotion and dedication to every customer as if we were family. BeDental is a reputable and professional dental system with various branches in city centers, which helps customers travel easily. In addition, BeDental has the latest imported dental equipment, which is certified for safety by the Ministry of Health. 5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere while experiencing high-class dental services.


In order to better appreciate the differences in dental treatments in these two nations, this blog will analyze the cost of the most popular dental tourism in Vietnam and Thailand.

1. Price comparison of Vietnam and Thailand’s most popular dental tourism:


Thailand (VND)

Vietnam (VND)

Fixed Metal Braces

49.000.000 – 56.000.000

30.000.000 – 35.000.000

Traditional Ceramic Braces

56.000.000 – 63.000.000


Self-ligating Metal Braces

59.000.000 – 66.000.000


Self-ligating Ceramic Braces

63.000.000 – 70.000.000


Invisalign Lite


60.000.000 – 75.000.000

Invisalign Moderate


85.000.000 – 110.000.000

Invisalign Comprehensive



Root Canal Treatment 

5.500.000 – 9.100.000

900.000 – 1.500.000

Cosmetic Dentistry
In-Office Teeth Whitening

7.000.000 – 12.500.000


Take-home Teeth Whitening Kit



Tartar Cleaning and Polishing

2.500.000 – 5.900.000

250.000 – 450.000

Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

1.500.000 – 5.000.000

1.500.000 – 5.000.000

Gum Contouring and Reshaping 

12.000.000 – 21.000.000

500.000 – 15.000.000


2. Which factors cause the price gap in dental tourism?

In actuality, costs are adjustable and depend on a variety of aspects of a dental practice, including geography, facilities, employees, the level of services, brand recognition, technology, and so on. As our facilities and technology have advanced over the past 10 years of growth and development, BeDental has updated our price list. We make sure that our charges are reasonable and adaptable to diverse financial situations. 

BeDental Facilities
BeDental Facilities – Which factors cause the price gap in dental tourism?

As one of the most well-known dental practices in Hanoi, BeDental is dedicated to providing top-notch, affordable dental care. For more than 10 years, a significant number of foreigners have received care at our facilities, which adhere to worldwide standards. As a result, foreign nationals may have faith in our image and personnel.

3. Dental services Price list at Bedental

1. Removable Denture – (See more…)
PH01 Conventional Denture (Each jaw) 1.500.000
PH02 Flexible acrylic partial denture (Each jaw) 3.000.000
PH03 Cast metal partial denture (Each jaw) 2.500.000
PH04 Titanium partial denture (Each jaw) 5.000.000
2. Artificial teeth – (See more…)
PH05 Acrylic resin teeth -made in Vietnam ( Each tooth) 100.000
PH06 Acrylic resin teeth -made in USA ( Each tooth) 150.000
PH07 Porcelain teeth backed with metal ( Each tooth) 1.000.000
Denture occlúion 1.000.000
3. Non-removable denture :
Porcelain teeth backed with metal (See more..)
PH08 Porcelain teeth backed with metal (Ni,Cr) 1.000.000
PH09 Porcelain teeth backed with metal Vivadent France (Cr,Co) 1.200.000
PH10 Porcelain teeth backed with metal Jelenko USD (Cr,Co) 1.500.000
PH11 Porcelain teeth backed with titanium 2.500.000
Non-metal Teeth: (See more)
PH20 Porcelain Veneer Katana from Japan (7-year warranty) 2.900.000
PH19 Porcelain Veneer Venus from Germany (7-year warranty) (See more..) 3.500.000
PH12 Porcelain Veneer Roland from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 4.500.000
PH13 Porcelain Veneer Roland HD from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 5.500.000
PH14 Porcelain Veneer Ceramil from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 6.000.000
PH15 Porcelain Veneer Emax from Germany (15-year warranty) 7.000.000
PH13-1 Porcelain Veneer Htsmile from Germany (15-year warranty) (See more…) 7.000.000
PH15-1 Porcelain Veneer Emax press from Germany (15-year warranty)  (See more…) 8.000.000
PH15-2 Porcelain Veneer Cercon from Germany (15-year warranty) (See more…) 7.000.000
PH16 Porcelain Veneer Nacera from Germany (10-year warranty) 7.000.000
PH17 Porcelain Veneer Lava 3M Plus from USA (15-year warranty) (See more…) 8.000.000
PH21 Porcelain Veneer 3M Lava Esthetic from USA ( 15-year warranty) 11.000.000
PH22 Porcelain Veneer Lisi from Japan ( 15-year warranty) (See more…) 11.000.000
PH18 Porcelain Veneer Diamond from USA ( Lifetime guarantee) 16.000.000


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