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Introduction to 5 familiar dental filling tools

 Dental filling tools are essential devices in dentistry. These tools are indispensable for performing internal dental treatments. However, not everyone knows how these tools impact the dental filling process. Therefore, the following article will introduce you to the different types of familiar dental filling tools.

Functions of dental filling tools

Dental filling tools are designed to support the dental filling process in humans. With these tools, dentists can successfully perform dental fillings quickly and minimize potential risks. Dental fillings bring many benefits, such as improving the chewing function of teeth and enhancing aesthetics. Without these supporting tools, the dental filling process cannot be completed.

Common tools used in dental fillings

The dental filling process follows a specific procedure, and each step requires different tools and equipment. Here are some common tools used in dental fillings and root canal treatments:

Dental drill and handpiece

The dental drill and handpiece are two essential tools that cannot be overlooked. Dental drills are usually made of durable materials like diamond and steel alloys. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit different types of teeth in different individuals.


Excavators are instruments that help dentists remove deep dentin, dental pulp, and temporary fillings. These instruments have two ends, with the front end facing the left and the rear end facing the right.

Endodontic explorer

An unfamiliar term is the endodontic explorer. However, this instrument is used to identify deep cavities in teeth as well as locate root canal orifices. It also has two ends, both sharp and extremely fine. This device is commonly used by dentists during their work.

Root canal files

Root canal files are used for filling root canals after cleaning and shaping. They are typically made of a rubber-like material and come in various sizes to match different root canal dimensions.

These are some of the familiar dental filling tools used in dentistry to ensure proper dental treatments.

dental filling tools

Root canal files are indispensable tools in the dental, maxillofacial, and facial fields. They are commonly made of stainless steel, titanium, or nickel. They are known for their strength and durability, making them difficult to break. Additionally, root canal files can be flexible and have twisted designs with various colors and sizes. Furthermore, root canal files are typically categorized into three types:

  • Gates-Glidden drills are used to remove the pulp from the tooth. They come in different sizes and colors on the handle.
  • Reamers are used to widen and smooth the walls of the root canal. They have a long shank and a twisted shape with various sizes and colors corresponding to the diameter of the hole on the tooth or root canal surface.
  • Files are used to enlarge the root canal. They have twisted designs similar to reamers.

Apex locators

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In order for a dental treatment to be successful, it is essential that the root canal is thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, the use of an apex locator device helps increase the success rate of a treatment. Treating the root canal and dental fillings also become much easier. This is also a dental filling tool used for apex localization.

In addition to the above tools, there are currently many other products used for internal dental treatments. They are divided into different small types. With the support of these tools and equipment, root canal treatment and dental fillings become easier.

Safe and painless root canal treatment at BeDental

Dental filling tools are essential products in the dental, maxillofacial, and facial fields. However, these tool sets are usually produced on closed production lines in Europe. Therefore, dental clinics often find it difficult to acquire them due to their high prices. Therefore, if you want good and effective dental fillings, you should choose BeDental.

Why choose dental fillings at BeDental

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Dental fillings at BeDental

Firstly, it can be said that BeDental is one of the leading aesthetic dental clinics on the list of reputable dental clinics today. With a team of doctors and experts trained abroad, holding high certificates in the field, and extensive experience in dental fillings, BeDental always ensures the most satisfactory results for customers.

Secondly, the equipment in general and the dental filling tools in particular are meticulously invested in, modern, and using the highest-quality devices. This ensures that customers have a peace of mind when coming to BeDental.

Thirdly, the customer care process and the treatment space are always guaranteed in terms of quality. BeDental always strives to provide the best experiences for customers. Therefore, our customer care process always aims to listen and meet your desires when coming to us, and even after completion, we advise you on proper oral care. Moreover, when you come here, you will also relax in a beautiful and modern space.

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Root canal treatment process at BeDental

When you come to BeDental, you will undergo a standard medical root canal treatment process, dental filling. With steps such as:

Step 1: Examination and detailed consultation to determine the oral condition of each individual.

Step 2: Perform oral hygiene using medical antibacterial water and thorough disinfection for the areas that need treatment.

Step 3: Anesthetize and clean the damaged tooth tissue, carry out root canal treatment if there is inflammation or infection.

Step 4: Isolate the teeth that need filling with rubber dam.

Step 5: Begin the dental filling process.

Step 6: Shape and reshape the filling.

At BeDental, we always have a standardized medical process, and in addition, we have different treatment options for special cases and situations.

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Safe Dental fillings at BeDental

The article above provides the most detailed information about dental filling tools that you want to learn about. If you have the need to find a reputable dental filling and root canal treatment address, don’t hesitate to contact BeDental for more specific advice!

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