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How to deal with loose dentures ? 6 effects of loose dentures

How to deal with loose dentures? And 6 effects of loose dentures. Due to the relatively low cost, many people choose removable dentures to restore missing teeth. However, many people find them very inconvenient to use because they become loose and easily fall out while eating, speaking. So, what causes this? How to deal with loose dentures? Let’s find out in the following article with BeDental.

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The impacts of loose dentures. Why do dentures become loose and easily fall out? What should you do when your dentures are loose?

Why do dentures become loose and easily fall out?

Removable dentures are used when multiple teeth or all teeth in the lower jaw are missing. Dentures consist of a plastic base attached to a plastic or porcelain denture designed to fit and adhere closely to the gums to ensure a snug fit.

Dentures are custom-designed to fit the patient’s jaw structure. However, after a period of use, dentures can become loose and easily fall out during use. The reasons for loose dentures are:

The plastic base becomes distorted during use, either due to impact or exposure to hot and cold environments. As a result, the denture no longer fits snugly and hugs the gumline as before. In such cases, the denture will no longer be as tight and closely fitted to the gumline as before. There are various reasons for the distortion of the plastic base, such as improper denture storage, improper denture care, improper oral hygiene, or denture breakage during use.

A common cause of loose dentures is the deformation of the gums and jawbone. This is a condition of bone resorption that occurs in most cases of tooth loss, causing the jawbone and gums to recede. This is a common cause experienced by many patients, resulting in loose dentures that easily fall out.

A few cases of loose dentures are due to incorrect proportioning, where the denture does not fit the patient’s jawbone and is prone to falling out. This can stem from improper denture shaping for the patient or errors made by the dentist, resulting in the denture not aligning with the dental arch. Therefore, when trying on dentures, you need to carefully check the snugness with the jawbone and perform several jaw movements to assess the stability of the denture.

In normal cases, after using removable dentures for about 3-5 years, due to changes in the jawbone structure, there will be signs of looseness, and the dentures will no longer be as firm as before. If you continue to use such dentures in the long term, the gums will be seriously damaged, leading to the risk of developing oral diseases. To remedy this, it is best to visit a dentist for oral examination and timely treatment.

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The impacts of loose dentures. Why do dentures become loose and easily fall out? What should you do when your dentures are loose?

The impacts of loose dentures

Loose dentures can have negative impacts on the health and daily life of the wearer. Here are some main impacts of loose dentures:

  • Difficulty eating and drinking: Loose dentures can cause difficulties in chewing and eating. This can make the wearer feel uncomfortable and hinder their ability to perform daily activities related to eating and drinking.
  • Loss of confidence: Loose dentures can cause a loss of confidence in the wearer. The instability of the dentures can make them hesitant to speak, smile, or even participate in social activities.
  • Pain and infection: Loose dentures can cause pain or discomfort in the mouth. If not treated promptly, using loose dentures can lead to inflammation, infection, and oral health issues.
  • Imbalance of the bite: Loose dentures can cause an imbalance of the bite, making the upper and lower jaws not align properly. This can lead to various issues such as difficulty in chewing, jaw and tooth pain, and improper biting.
  • Limited functionality: Loose dentures can limit the ability to speak, bite, and chew properly. This can affect communication, food digestion, and the overall quality of daily life for the wearer.
  • Psychological impact: Loose dentures can have negative psychological impacts such as stress, anxiety, and self-consciousness. The instability and discomfort from loose dentures can reduce the quality of life and self-confidence of the wearer.

What should you do when your dentures are loose?

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The impacts of loose dentures. Why do dentures become loose and easily fall out? What should you do when your dentures are loose?

If your dentures are loose or falling out, you should immediately visit the nearest dental clinic to have the dentists examine the cause and evaluate the condition of your oral health in order to determine the appropriate treatment method.

Replace dentures that are deformed or cracked. In cases of gum pain and infection, proper treatment must be done before considering denture placement or other restoration methods.

In cases where dentures are loose due to complications from missing teeth that cannot be corrected with removable dentures or dental bridges. If the bite is misaligned, the face is asymmetrical, or the adjacent teeth are damaged, dental implants (combined with jaw bone grafting surgery) may be necessary to restore the missing teeth. However, this method is not suitable for older adults. Therefore, dentists will have timely methods to fix loose dentures.

In fact, removable dentures are only recommended for elderly individuals who cannot have dental bridges or dental implants. This method does not prevent complications from missing teeth, especially facial deformities caused by jaw bone resorption.

Note that loose dentures can cause discomfort and affect chewing and speaking abilities. Therefore, if this looseness persists or recurs, consult a dentist for advice and appropriate treatment.

Tips for increasing the durability of dentures

Removable dentures should be used long-term to avoid the issue of loose dentures. Proper oral care and correct denture storage should be planned. However, many people are unsure of how to properly care for and maintain dentures. Here are some proper denture care methods to increase durability, which you can refer to:

Oral hygiene should be practiced at least twice a day, in the morning and evening, and don’t forget to clean the removable dentures to prevent bacterial spread in the mouth. Many people mistakenly believe that dentures do not require care like natural teeth. However, this is a misconception. Regular and thorough denture care will help reduce bacteria in the mouth and prevent bad breath. This is also a way to maintain the durability of dentures, preventing them from becoming discolored.

Brush the teeth, gums, tongue, and oral cavity each morning to promote oral tissue circulation and remove plaque. It is important not only to brush the teeth but also to clean the surrounding areas such as the gums, tongue, and oral cavity, ensuring that the environment inside the mouth is completely clean.

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The impacts of loose dentures. Why do dentures become loose and easily fall out? What should you do when your dentures are loose?

Using appropriate denture care products, avoiding regular toothpaste or strong cleansing agents, as this can lead to denture erosion. You can refer to denture care products on e-commerce websites or seek advice from dentists. Choosing the right denture care products is also a way to maintain the durability of dentures.

Unlike natural teeth, where brushing and mouthwash are sufficient for oral hygiene, dentures require an additional step. You should remove and soak the dentures before going to bed, soak them in saltwater or diluted vinegar solution, preferably using white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly with water after removing to avoid the unpleasant sour smell of vinegar. You should maintain this daily or at least every other day to ensure that the dentures are always clean before putting them back in your mouth.

When using dentures, they need to be carefully stored, avoiding dropping them, placing heavy objects on them, or storing them in places with excessively high or low temperatures. Keep them out of reach of children to prevent unfortunate accidents. Dentures that fall and break can affect the structure and durability of the jaw. Therefore, dentures should be carefully stored to avoid breakage.

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The impacts of loose dentures. Why do dentures become loose and easily fall out? What should you do when your dentures are loose?

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