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What should do in the first time teeth scaling for beginners? Lack of experience in scaling teeth? Will it be very painful to have your teeth scaled for the first time? Will teeth be sensitive and make it difficult to eat? Will scaling teeth erode tooth enamel? It is these regiments that make those who plan to have their teeth scaled for the first time feel confused. So what’s the truth?

According to the CDC, about 90% of adults over the age of 40 have tooth decay. This is not entirely due to poor oral hygiene. It’s because you don’t pay attention to the formation of plaque and tartar on your teeth. Don’t worry! The good news is that you can be proactive in dental care.

What is teeth scaling?

Tartar is what builds up on your teeth when plaque is not removed. If plaque is left on your teeth for too long, it will harden into tartar and become much more difficult to remove. In fact, you can’t get rid of them with regular brushing and flossing. Scaling is one of the reasons why it’s so important to see the dentist every six months!

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What is teeth scaling? Is the tooth scaling process painful? Can teeth scaling be done at home?

Consequences of tartar

Plaque buildup hardens into tartar, which can then cause tooth decay over time. It can cause tooth discoloration and sensitivity as well as gum recession and periodontal disease. To reduce plaque buildup and tartar build-up, make sure you brush and floss daily. Tartar harms teeth and gums. Not only is it unsightly, it also leads to tooth decay as bacteria accumulate and grow to eat away at the lining of the teeth called enamel.

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What is teeth scaling? Is the tooth scaling process painful? Can teeth scaling be done at home?

Tartar is usually yellow-brown in color and forms when plaque has not been removed from the teeth for a long time. This process takes about two weeks. But some people may experience tartar buildup over a much shorter period of time.

If not treated promptly, tartar will affect your oral health. These include: bad breath, periodontitis, enamel damage, bleeding gums, toothache when eating food that is too hot or too cold, etc. Not to mention plaque and tartar also cause discomfort, making your smile stiff. Therefore, regular dental scaling at reputable dental clinics is extremely important.

Can teeth scaling be done at home?

Can I clean my teeth at home? Unlike plaque, a bacterial film is colorless. Tartar is a mineral buildup that is quite noticeable if it is above the gum line. The most common sign of tartar is a yellow or brown color on the teeth or gums. The only way to detect tartar and remove it is to see a dentist.

Of course, the best solution to prevent tartar is to stop it before it starts. This is done by brushing your teeth twice daily. You need at least two minutes with the brush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth. Make sure to completely brush both sides of each tooth.

Bacteria thrive in foods rich in starch and sugar. Eating cakes, pastries, candy, soft drinks and other items high in sugar has a high risk of bacteria buildup. Be sure to brush your teeth after every meal and rinse with antibacterial mouthwash to clean your teeth and mouth. Drinking plenty of water can also help remove bacteria from the mouth.

Does dental floss help prevent tartar?

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What is teeth scaling? Is the tooth scaling process painful? Can teeth scaling be done at home?

Flossing also goes a long way in preventing the formation of tartar and plaque that lead to tooth decay. Tartar forms not only in easily accessible and visible areas of the teeth, but also in small, hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Flossing is a tried and true method for removing plaque buildup in the gaps between teeth.

Go to the dental clinic twice a year. Regular cleanings and regular dental visits are a great aid in fighting tartar and plaque. It’s important to check for cavities and possible gum disease to detect more serious problems before it’s too late. Most dental care offices recommend scheduled cleanings every six months.

Even if you floss and brush your teeth three times a day, plaque still accumulates and can harden into tartar over time.

Experience in scaling teeth

Is the tooth scaling process painful?

Tartar removal can only be performed by a professional in a clinical setting. During the procedure, the dentist will use an ultrasonic device with a tiny nozzle to target hard-to-reach spots. This device uses ultrasound and vibrations (without damaging tooth enamel) to break up tartar.

Please refrain from removing tartar at home as this can lead to major damage to your gums. Scaling is performed with an ultrasonic device that uses ultrasound waves. The device will remove tartar from teeth or replace teeth without damaging the tooth mass. Tartar and smaller discolorations can be removed with a sandblaster. Manually operated devices can also be used to remove calculus from lower and super teeth. But such interventions occur under local anesthesia.

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What is teeth scaling? Is the tooth scaling process painful? Can teeth scaling be done at home?

After removing tartar, the tooth surface is cleaned smooth using polishing powder containing small particles.

Whether tooth scaling is painful or not depends on the following factors:

  • Patient’s oral condition: If you have sensitive teeth or any disease like gingivitis, periodontitis, you will definitely feel more pain/soreness.
  • Level of tartar accumulation: Tartar accumulated on the tooth surface is easy to remove and does not cause much pain. On the contrary, tartar hardens over time and sticks under the gums, causing inflammation and causing deep pain throughout the procedure. However, the discomfort will disappear after a few days.
  • Dentist’s experience: Experienced dentists with considerable expertise can easily remove tartar without causing you any pain. BeDental, with more than 10 years of experience in the dental field, will bring you the gentlest tooth scaling experience possible. Please contact us when you need to remove tartar.

When do I need to see a doctor to remove tartar?

You only need to see your dentist for a checkup and cleaning twice a year. If you have had gum disease in the past. You may need to see your doctor more often than every 3-4 months.

Sometimes, if it has been a while since your last teeth cleaning. You may need a deep cleaning to restore your oral health, especially if you already have a lot of plaque and tartar.

Cost of teeth scaling service at BeDental

Depending on the level of tartar adhesion, the price of tooth scaling will also vary. How much does it cost to get dental tartar? If you want to know the specific cost, you should visit a dentist. The dentist determines the level of tartar on your teeth. And the advice for you is to get your teeth cleaned regularly. At least once every 6 months, both to protect oral health and to save costs for each treatment.

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What is teeth scaling? Is the tooth scaling process painful? Can teeth scaling be done at home?

Remove tartar/calculus from teeth:

  • NC01 Price for level 1 dental scaling/tartar removal 250,000 VND ~
  • NC02 Price for level 2 tartar/calculus removal 350,000 VND ~
  • NC03 Price for level 3 dental plaque/tartar removal 450,000 VND ~

Things to know after having your teeth removed

No matter how skillful the doctor is with modern tools. After removing tartar, your teeth cannot avoid sensitivity. You will feel slight pain. Therefore, you need to take better care of your teeth in the early days:

  • Do not eat food or drinks that are too hot or too cold. To avoid damaging tooth enamel, which can cause tooth sensitivity during meals.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol, coffee or acidic drinks such as tea, soft drinks…
  • Eat lots of foods that help clean teeth naturally such as apples, pineapples, strawberries…
  • Brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after eating (don’t brush too close to meals). Floss after eating anything to remove plaque.
  • Brush your teeth properly: vertically or in circular motions. Avoid brushing horizontally to avoid wearing away tooth enamel.
  • Regular health check-ups according to your doctor’s instructions.

Hopefully this article has given you the necessary information about issues related to tartar/tartar. BeDental Dental Clinic is always ready to advise you on dental care. How much does scaling cost to keep teeth strong and white? How much does teeth whitening cost? If you are interested in these issues, please contact us immediately. Bedental will help you maintain a beautiful, healthy, plaque-free and stain-free smile!



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