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Are Cercon Porcelain Crowns Good? Cercon Porcelain Crowns Procedure at BeDental

Are Cercon porcelain crowns good? Cercon porcelain crowns procedure at BeDental. When it comes to cosmetic porcelain teeth, Cercon is the most commonly used type of porcelain, especially in methods of fixing chipped, broken, yellowed teeth, etc. So are Cercon porcelain crowns expensive? What are the advantages of Cercon porcelain teeth? Let’s find out with BeDental through the article below.

What are Cercon porcelain crowns?

Cercon porcelain teeth are metal-free porcelain, with 2 layers: the outer ceramic layer is Cercon Kiss (also known as CAD/CAM porcelain) and the inner frame layer is Zirconia. So what is Zirconia? It is the name of a mineral widely used in the aerospace industry as well as in the jewelry industry.

Especially today, they often appear in the field of cosmetic dentistry to make porcelain teeth. Zirconia is a special type of ceramic, ensuring both hardness, bendability, unique optical properties as well as colorlessness. With its own special advantages, Cercon porcelain teeth are considered the best line of metal-free cosmetic porcelain teeth today.

What are Cercon porcelain crowns? Are Cercon porcelain crowns good? How much do Cercon porcelain crowns cost?
What are Cercon porcelain crowns? Are Cercon porcelain crowns good? How much do Cercon porcelain crowns cost?

Several types of Cercon porcelain teeth

On the market today there are many types of porcelain teeth for customers and patients to choose from such as HT Smile, Titan, Veneer, etc. But Cercon porcelain teeth are always the ideal choice for dental aesthetics. For Cercon porcelain teeth, there are two main types: Cercon Zirconia and Cercon HT.

Depending on each aesthetic need as well as the current condition of the patient’s molars, the doctor will advise on the most suitable type. However, according to the general assessment of most patients who have experienced it and the expertise of dentists, both types of Cercon porcelain help users feel comfortable when using it, in addition to completely meeting aesthetic needs. and chewing function of teeth.

Cercon Zirconia porcelain teeth


  • The inner frame is Zirconia material
  • Outside: Cercon Kiss ceramic coating

Properties: high hardness, compression resistance, abrasion resistance, does not blacken the gum line, does not change tooth color, does not cause allergies to soft tissue in the oral cavity, helps teeth have the most natural beauty.

Cercon HT porcelain teeth

Cercon HT porcelain teeth are manufactured using very modern CAD/CAM software. This is a high-quality porcelain tooth so it has very high precision.

Structure: 2 layers

  • Inner frame: Zirconium dioxide, only 0.5 mm thick
  • Case: Ceram Kit ceramic

Properties: although the frame is thin, the strength is up to 900 Mpa, the porcelain color resembles real teeth, helping patients chew more comfortably and more confidently.

Origin of Cercon porcelain teeth

Cercon porcelain teeth are produced by the prestigious Swiss corporation Ivoclar Vivadent. Ivoclar Vivadent is a large dental corporation, specializing in manufacturing and supplying high quality dental equipment and services throughout Europe. Cercon porcelain teeth are produced by zinc oxide and copper oxide which will be formed into a glass complex to form a porcelain tooth of high quality and purity. The production process of Cercon porcelain teeth is carried out using the sintering method, the most advanced method of producing porcelain teeth to increase the accuracy and quality of porcelain teeth.

Structure of Cercon porcelain teeth

Cercon porcelain teeth are made of high-quality pure porcelain, one of the types of all-ceramic teeth such as Emax porcelain teeth, completely free of metal, so biological compatibility is very high. As for color, Cercon porcelain teeth are very similar to natural teeth due to their ability to transmit light very well.

Cercon porcelain teeth have high precision down to the micrometer and are super thin. Thanks to that, they will limit tooth grinding and best preserve the patient’s real teeth while still ensuring high durability. The reason is because Cercon porcelain teeth are fired at temperatures higher than 1300 degrees Celsius for quite a long time, so the bond level of the porcelain molecules in it is extremely tight.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cercon porcelain teeth

  1. Advantage

It can be said that Cercon porcelain teeth possess special advantages. To choose good porcelain teeth, patients need to pay attention to two factors: aesthetics and chewing function. These are two extremely important factors and always appear together, inseparable. Cercon porcelain teeth are a type of porcelain tooth that not only ensures those two factors but also has many other outstanding features:

  • Ensures good chewing function, durability, and long life

Cercon porcelain teeth at BeDental dental clinic are designed to simulate real teeth, with chewing surfaces and edges for biting food. Therefore, patients can completely bite and chew food like normal teeth very comfortably without scratching or rubbing against soft tissue. When getting Cercon porcelain crowns, you will be guaranteed the longevity and durability of your teeth. Because they are high-quality porcelain, it is not surprising that they have a very long lifespan. If properly cared for, Cercon porcelain teeth can last for about 30 years or the rest of your life.

Talking about bearing capacity, Cercon porcelain can withstand from 1300 -1500 mpa, while real teeth can only withstand 200 mpa. Besides, Cercon porcelain teeth are also very heat and cold resistant, do not cause sensitivity, limit the possibility of cracking,…

  • Outstanding aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, Cercon porcelain teeth are one of the typical types of porcelain teeth. Talking about color, Cercon has a bright white color similar to real teeth, and its optical properties are also high so it is very suitable for making incisors, crooked teeth,…

The most worrying thing about porcelain crowns is the blackened gum line, which is very unsightly. However, when choosing Cercon porcelain crowns, the color will not change, the gum line will not blacken, or it will not oxidize over time.

In particular, it will not stain when eating dark foods, coffee, cigarettes, etc., but the tooth color will be very naturally white. The reason is that thanks to the thinness and fit, it does not reveal dark edges like the situation caused by metal-ceramic teeth on patients. Therefore, actors, singers, artists,… and people working in the cosmetic field always choose Cercon porcelain crowns to make their faces and smiles look more beautiful and attractive.

  • Absolute safety

Thanks to being made entirely of pure porcelain, without any metal, the biocompatibility of Cercon porcelain teeth is very high, causing no allergies or irritation to the patient after being coated. Many patients want to have porcelain crowns but are worried about the tooth grinding process, so they should choose Cercon porcelain crowns.

Their size is very thin so the dentist does not need the doctor to grind the teeth or adjust the shape too much. From there, your real teeth will be better preserved, without affecting too much the size and pulp of your real teeth. Cercon porcelain teeth are not subject to abrasion and do not absorb saliva, so they do not cause bad breath like metal porcelain teeth.

      2. Defect

  • Although by nature, Cercon porcelain teeth are highly durable, but to keep them for a long time, patients need to comply with the requirements for tooth preservation.
  • Must have regular follow-up visits to have the dentist check
  • Because the materials and technology to create Cercon porcelain are expensive, the cost of Cercon porcelain crowns is also more expensive than other types of porcelain teeth, so many patients, even though they love this type of porcelain, find it difficult to restore it. for financial reasons.
  • Because the rib layer is transparent, it cannot cover well if the tooth is heavily contaminated with antibiotics from the inside.

How much do Cercon porcelain crowns cost?

How much does it cost to get porcelain crowns? Is it expensive? This is a question of many patients when they want to have cosmetic porcelain teeth. Normally at today’s dentists it ranges from about 3,000,000 VND/tooth or more. However, depending on many different factors, the cost of making all-ceramic and metal teeth will be different. Specifically:

  • Oral health: if the patient is suffering from dental diseases such as pulpitis, periodontitis, tooth decay, etc., it will cost more. Because those conditions will have to be treated by doctors before porcelain is applied, there will be additional costs for this treatment.
  • Growth position of molars: with problems such as crooked or uneven teeth, the cost will be higher than with teeth that grow evenly and beautifully.
  • Number of teeth that need to be covered with porcelain: the more teeth that need to be covered, the higher the cost will be.
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What are Cercon porcelain crowns? Are Cercon porcelain crowns good? How much do Cercon porcelain crowns cost?

Why are Cercon porcelain teeth priced so high?

Why are Cercon porcelain teeth of good quality? Why is the price so high compared to other types of porcelain teeth? The reason is from 2 important factors below:

The production and implementation process is complex

This is the first factor that affects the cost of Cercon porcelain crowns, which is higher than other types of porcelain teeth. In fact, not every dental clinic has its own lab, so in some cases, after taking the impression, the tooth will be transferred to another lab to make porcelain teeth, so the cost will be higher.

On the contrary, for dentistry with a Labo available, the teeth will be treated by experienced doctors and modern machines, the dental process will be faster, safer, and the cost will also be somewhat cheaper. Therefore, choosing a reputable and professional dentist will contribute significantly to the patient’s cosmetic porcelain teeth process.

Designed using CAD/CAM technology

CAD/CAM is software for designing and manufacturing Cercon porcelain crown. Specifically, CAD stands for Computer Aided Design – a leading, extremely advanced tooth rib design support software. CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacture – production support software. Therefore, the cost of Cercon porcelain teeth is quite high because thanks to those technologies, porcelain teeth are manufactured with great precision. At the same time, Cercon’s aesthetics and load-bearing capacity are also very significant.

However, all types of machinery, equipment, and production materials are imported directly from abroad, specifically Germany and the US. For the above reasons, when compared to other high-end porcelain teeth on the market, Cercon porcelain teeth have a higher price. However, with the advantages it has, the cost the patient spends will be completely worth it.

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What are Cercon porcelain crowns? Are Cercon porcelain crowns good? How much do Cercon porcelain crowns cost?

In what cases should Cercon porcelain crowns be applied?

Real teeth are always best. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally beautiful teeth, so in some cases there will be intervention with cosmetic dental methods. Below are cases where Cercon porcelain teeth should be covered:

  • Teeth are yellow and severely discolored and teeth whitening methods are completely ineffective.
  • Teeth are slightly misaligned, no need for braces
  • Missing teeth, missing teeth and patients wishing to have a porcelain bridge made
  • Deeply decayed teeth cannot be restored with fillings
  • Incisors and molars are broken or chipped and can no longer be filled

Thereby, it can be seen that Cercon porcelain crowns are applied in a variety of cases. However, choose a reputable dentist to ensure quality and commitment to responsibility when making porcelain teeth and receive a warranty.

Are Cercon porcelain crowns good?

Are Cercon porcelain crowns good? The answer is yes. This will be a perfect method to help patients overcome tooth defects, helping them have beautiful teeth but still chew normally. However, because the cost of Cercon porcelain crowns is quite expensive, it depends on the patient’s cost situation to choose it or not. At the same time, currently, dental clinics also have many incentive programs for patients when choosing porcelain dental packages. Choose a reputable dentist to be assured of the quality of Cercon porcelain teeth.

Cercon porcelain crowns process at BeDental dentistry

Check and compare the color and shape of teeth

Choosing a color that is most similar to natural teeth is an extremely important factor to help teeth look more beautiful and natural after porcelain crowns. In addition, doctors will also observe and record tooth shape and facial features to create the most suitable Cercon porcelain teeth for the patient.

Porcelain tooth design

Designers will begin designing and manufacturing porcelain crowns at the Labo room according to the correct size, color, shape and the doctor’s requirements after checking in the above step.

Make porcelain crowns for teeth

After the process of making porcelain crowns, doctors will attach it directly to the real tooth base and adjust the porcelain part and the real tooth to fit tightly together.

Of course, during the dental examination and fitting process, doctors will clean the patient’s oral cavity and fully disinfect to ensure patient safety.

How to care for teeth after Cercon porcelain crowns

Although Cercon porcelain teeth have good durability, can withstand high chewing force, and are long-lasting in aesthetics, to best protect porcelain teeth, patients should be advised to comply with the following measures:

  • Brush your teeth regularly and gently (at least twice a day). When choosing a brush, you should use a soft, light brush with thin bristles.
  • Limit drinking coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks, etc.
  • Don’t bite down on hard foods or use your teeth to open bottle caps. Even though Cercon porcelain teeth are hard, doing so can potentially chip, scratch, damage, etc.
  • Instead of using a toothpick, you can use dental floss after eating to clean leftover food stuck in your teeth.
  • Regular check-ups every 6 months so the doctor can monitor and check the condition of your teeth after recovery.

Reasons to choose BeDental for Cercon porcelain crowns

The team of doctors is highly professional and reputable

When coming to BeDental dentistry, patients can be completely assured of the team of doctors. The doctors here have high professional qualifications and many years of experience in the field of porcelain tooth restoration and aesthetics. Therefore, during the examination, patients will be thoroughly consulted about their current dental condition and whether they should choose Cercon porcelain crowns or not?

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What are Cercon porcelain crowns? Are Cercon porcelain crowns good? How much do Cercon porcelain crowns cost?

Modern machinery technology

At the dental clinic, all machinery and equipment meet quality standards and are extremely modern. With strong support from machines, it not only ensures accuracy but also helps the Cercon porcelain crown process go faster, making patients more comfortable.

Strictly sterile

This is one of the factors that helps patients have more confidence in BeDental dentistry. Dentistry complies with sterilization and sterility criteria in the clinic, avoiding cross-infection between patients.

Modern porcelain tooth manufacturing technology

The process of taking the size, shape and color of teeth is performed by doctors with high precision. This helps the tooth fabrication process to match and match real teeth better. The porcelain creation process is carried out very professionally, meticulously and quickly. Cercon porcelain teeth at BeDental always make patients satisfied.



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