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What are Roland porcelain dental crowns ?

Roland porcelain teeth are made from pure Zirconia, imported from German and manufactured through the modern CAD/CAM technology to ensure accuracy and fit with the customer’s crown. After using Roland, clients don’t have to deal with some complication such as gingivitis or crown falling off

Roland porcelain teeth

Roland porcelain veneers’ feature.

Hardness and compatibility as well as aesthetics reasons – these are some factors to consider “Should I use this porcelain tooth?”

  • Good durability: Roland porcelain teeth made from zirconia oxide, which is a material in dental technology, has ability to endure force
  • Same as other alloys in dentistry, zirconia has high durability and bending force, up to 500 Mpa, prevents and reduces cracked porcelain teeth while chewing. Moreover, with modern dental technology, Roland porcelain teeth help you to reduce the ability using invasive therapy
  • Modern technology with cost optimization: Manufactured through the modern CAD/CAM technology, Roland porcelain teeth optimize cost, make it easier to access more clients

Chewing function won't be affected 

Type of Roland porcelain teeth. How much for a Roland tooth ?

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  • Roland porcelain teeth: Is the first line produced by Roland, German. Completely ensuring the aesthetics and chewing function for customers, after being CNC cut, porcelain artisans will cover 2-4 layers of porcelain ( depending on customer’s demands). At BeDental, a Roland porcelain tooth costs 4.500.000 vnd and has warranty time 7 years
  • HD Roland porcelain teeth: Is the premium line of Roland porcelain teeth. Not only upgrade the hardness and compressive strength but it is also extra thin, making it possible for porcelain artisans to coat more porcelain layers (4-6 layers). A HD Roland at BeDental costs 5.500.000 and has warranty time 10 years
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Where can you get the service ?

On the market, there are myriad dental clinics that supply Venus porcelain dental crowns. However, there are also many places that supply low quality ones.

You should consider prestigious dental clinics to have porcelain teeth to avoid complications such as gingivitis, inflammation,…

BeDental is one of the most reputable clinic in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city with advantages:

  • Free X-ray and consulting for clients
  • Qualified doctors with many years experience, specialize in the dental field.
  • Clear and reasonable fee,having contract between patient and doctors
  • Well-equipped clinic, sterilization rooms meet the Ministry of Health’s standards
  • Modern dental equipment which is imported from foreign countries, certified for safety by the Ministry of Health.
  • Roland and HD Roland porcelain teeth imported directly from German
  • Warranty card for different porcelain teeth


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