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1 year old child has tooth decay: 5 issues parents need to pay attention to

1 year old child has tooth decay: 5 issues parents need to pay attention to. For 1-year-old children who have grown quite a lot of baby teeth on their jaws, tooth decay in 1-year-old children or other ages occurs a lot. Tooth decay leaves huge consequences for children later. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to the following problems when a 1-year-old child has tooth decay. Let’s learn some useful information about tooth decay in children with BeDental!

Causes of 1 year old child has tooth decay

Dental diseases:

This problem appears when children start teething, which means that tooth decay in 1-year-old children is a phenomenon that can occur and have consequences for children if not detected and treated early.

Due to genetics:

According to the publication of many different studies, tooth decay in young children in general and 1-year-old children in particular is due to enamel defects accounting for a relatively large proportion. This means it is due to the genetic genes of the father or mother. If parents have weaker and thinner tooth enamel than normal, their child will be at risk of having tooth enamel defects, which, when impacted, will easily cause tooth erosion and tooth decay than normal people.

Eating habit:

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Causes of 1 year old child has tooth decay. Methods of treating tooth decay and Measures to prevent tooth decay in 1 year old children

This does not mean that children with healthy tooth enamel are not at risk of tooth decay. 1 year old children have tooth decay because this is the age when they like to snack, eat sweets and drink carbonated water,… but do not know how to clean their teeth and are not aware of oral protection issues.

Baby teeth are teeth with thinner enamel and dentin than permanent teeth, so the risk of tooth decay is higher, even for children with healthy tooth enamel. Giving children too much sweeteners and carbonated drinks without good oral hygiene will cause plaque to stick to their teeth over time, accumulate bacteria and eat into their teeth, causing cavities for 1-year-old children. 

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What are the consequences of tooth decay in a 1 year old child?

Tooth decay in 1-year-old children is a fairly early condition for children, so it leaves serious consequences if parents do not fix it early.

Pain makes children uncomfortable

Tooth decay is always accompanied by prolonged pain. During eating and drinking, tooth decay causes pain. Furthermore, for children with severe tooth decay, eating into the pulp causes diseases. Like pulpitis and gingivitis, it causes more pain for the baby. Leading to conditions such as loss of appetite, lack of appetite, and lack of breastfeeding. Because the pain continues for a long time, it directly affects the health, activities, and development of the baby. And makes parents very tired.

Causes permanent teeth to grow crookedly

If baby teeth are severely decayed, they must be extracted to avoid more dangerous conditions for the baby. Having to extract baby teeth early before the tooth replacement stage will cause the remaining teeth to tend to wander, losing orientation to the permanent teeth. When it comes to the stage of tooth replacement, that is, growing permanent teeth, it will cause the teeth to grow in the wrong place, causing loss of aesthetics. If more serious, the bite can be misaligned.

Hinders the development of jaw structure

The mechanism of action of the jaw structure is due to the stimulation and friction of the teeth on the jaw during chewing. If a baby tooth has decay and must be extracted. At the location where baby teeth are lost, there is no impact on the jaw, causing the jaw bone to not develop and become unstable. Therefore, a 1-year-old child with tooth decay without early treatment requires tooth extraction, which hinders the development of the jaw bone, leading to a misalignment of the jaw bone structure.

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Causes of 1 year old child has tooth decay. Methods of treating tooth decay and Measures to prevent tooth decay in 1 year old children


Issues to keep in mind to overcome tooth decay in 1-year-old children

Problems will be solved if detected in time. When you notice signs of tooth decay in a 1 year old child, parents need to take timely measures. In the early stages of tooth decay, they can be treated. at home like using tooth decay medicine to get into the cavity of the tooth. This is an effective measure for cases where new signs appear. Helps disinfect, relieve pain immediately and limit tooth decay.

Next, parents should take their children to a reputable dental facility for a doctor to examine them. Baby teeth need to be protected until the tooth replacement stage to ensure the ability to chew and speak. As well as protecting children’s future oral health.

If tooth decay is severe. Parents need to be careful not to interfere with any home remedies. But take your child to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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Causes of 1 year old child has tooth decay. Methods of treating tooth decay and Measures to prevent tooth decay in 1 year old children

Methods of treating tooth decay in 1 year old children

The treatment of tooth decay in a 1-year-old child will be different from the treatment of tooth decay in adults because children’s teeth are still developing and are more sensitive. Here are some methods to treat tooth decay in 1-year-old children:

  • Regular dental care: The best way to prevent tooth decay is to keep your child’s teeth clean. Start taking care of your child’s teeth from an early age by cleaning their teeth every day with a wet washcloth or soft toothbrush.
  • Limit the use of sweets: If children eat too many sweets, bacteria in the mouth will thrive and attack tooth enamel, causing tooth decay. Therefore, limit the use of sweets, especially before going to bed.
  • Use fluoride: Fluoride helps protect children’s teeth from cavities. Your dentist may recommend fluoride drops for your child to use.
  • Using restorative materials: If your child’s tooth decay has progressed to a severe level, your dentist may use restorative materials to restore your child’s teeth.
  • Removing cavities: If your child’s cavities are young, the dentist can remove the cavities and place restorative materials to protect the teeth.

However, it is best for you to take your child to a dentist for examination and specific advice on tooth decay treatment methods suitable for the child’s tooth condition.

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Measures to prevent tooth decay in 1 year old children

– To limit cases of children having tooth enamel defects. During pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to supplementing calcium-rich foods. Such as: Shrimp, crab, snail,… Or you can supplement calcium with medicine to help children have healthier tooth enamel. Mothers should also keep a comfortable spirit and avoid too much stress or tension. During pregnancy so that the baby is most comfortable.

– Train your baby in the habit of oral hygiene twice a day from the time baby teeth appear. You can use salt water to rinse your mouth to remove plaque, leftover food, and remaining bacteria. However, there are cases where you clean your teeth very thoroughly but still have tooth decay. The cause is weak tooth enamel due to genetics.

Causes of 1 year old child has tooth decay. Methods of treating tooth decay and Measures to prevent tooth decay in 1 year old children
Causes of 1 year old child has tooth decay. Methods of treating tooth decay and Measures to prevent tooth decay in 1 year old children

– To improve calcium metabolism in children. Don’t forget to let your baby bask in the morning sun so he can best absorb vitamin D.

– During the baby’s eating process, you should not give your baby food or water. Or other objects such as spoons, long spoons in the mouth. This will create conditions for acid production, making it easier for bacteria to attack teeth.

– You should have your baby have regular dental check-ups (every 6-12 months). This is very important for children’s oral health, especially for 1-year-old children. To ensure baby teeth in 1 year old children are fully examined. If there is a case of tooth decay, it will be detected and treated promptly.

BeDental – The most prestigious dental location on the market

Choosing a reputable dental location is quite an important issue. For 1-year-old children who want to maximize the protection of baby teeth, skilled and specialized doctors are needed to have the most accurate observations and diagnoses. In cases where children have severe tooth decay, tooth decay must be extracted, or in cases where milk tooth decay has penetrated into the pulp, root canal treatment must be performed. These issues need to be performed by a skilled doctor to ensure accuracy and safety for the baby’s health and future oral health.

At BeDental, we are always proud to be a reputable dental facility that has been operating in the market for many years. At BeDental, we provide the best dental services, especially with experience in handling cases of 1-year-old children with tooth decay. Or treating tooth decay in 2 year old children,… Guaranteed to not cause unnecessary errors.

Recently, there is content related to the problem of 1-year-old children having tooth decay that has compiled in the most complete and detailed way. We hope that parents with children in the age of teething will take more precautions to protect their children’s oral health so that they can develop the best and healthiest. Thank you for following here!

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